50 Breakfast Food Nutritionists Do Not Approve Of

While everyone thinks that porridge for breakfast could be a real angel, wait till you get deep in this read. Breakfast is regarded as the most important meal of the day and known to jumpstart the metabolism to fuel our body’s needs until lunchtime. However, if breakfast isn’t made right, it could easily take a toll on our body’s nutrition and weight control. Credits to the revered nutritionist and weight coach, Pippa Campbell, the following breakfast food we thought healthy might actually be red flags that may hurt our health. And if you find yourself consuming most of these, fret not, but eat and drink in moderation as a way to get on to your most healthy lifestyle.


White toasts for breakfast is probably the easiest breakfast to prepare, but it sure is not the healthiest either. Having white bread to start your day will not make you feel full longer than the brown ones. Studies show that white bread contains more additives and is low in fiber.

If you must know, fiber-rich food are given some credits to maintain bowel movement that reduces bad cholesterol in your body. On the other hand, when choosing the brown bread over the white ones, make sure to check the labels, so you’ll know you’re buying the ones that are actually 100% whole wheat or wholemeal flour.