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Here’s What Your Favorite Stars Look Like Lately


Bern Nadette Stanis was called the ‘first American TV darling’ after winning the hearts of the American people for her character, Thelma, on the hit sitcom Good Times. She also had great opportunities such as her credit and star roles in the shows The Cosby Show, The Love Boat, and even The Wayans Bros. Stanis seems to have settled into retirement somewhere around 2015 to e2016.

Although we do catch her on the red carpet from time to time, there are so many who wish to see her in the movies and TV shows, too. But her fans eventually respected her decision and just support her in whatever she plans to do with her life. Now at 67, she still has enough strength to pursue different careers if she would like to, and since she is a well-known personality filled with eventful experiences, she would surely succeed more in life.