Kevin James has always been known as one of those actors with the “big size” and he wasn’t really bothered about it. Of course, you can’t request for personal loans without cogent reasons. Nevertheless, after he was tipped to play the role of a teacher in the movie “Here Comes the Boom” he opted for a protein-rich diet combined with tight fitness schedule.

This move was more of a miracle for the popular actor as it gave him the best physique he has ever had. His remarkable breakthrough physique didn’t last quite much as he gained weight back after playing his role in the movie. Currently, the actor is a little bit lighter but surely not as much as his perfect size which he had during the Here Comes the Boom movie. But at least, his weight is not as bad as it was during the early periods of his career. But the credit would still go to the movie that made him realize that he has the potentials to become physically fit whenever he is ready.