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Stars Of Yesterday And Where Are They Recently


Mildred Kornman is a child actor from the silent film era who also had a series of successful films and a career in modeling as an adult. The opportunities Kornman had at the time were unlike most of her fellow child actors who mostly faded into obscurity soon after the credit role stints. She has also seen some success in the industry when she worked under contract with 20th Century Fox and associated herself as a model under the moniker Ricki VanDusen.

In all her years in the industry, we would all agree that she is an absolute professional and even manage to make a legacy that only Mildred Kornman could ever achieve. Together with her success, she has been given great opportunities to earn and manage her investments. As such, she is spared of bankruptcy news even to this day as she retires comfortably. Indeed, success would come to those who worked for it.