Anyone who follows these two on Instagram will agree that they are one of the cutest couples in Hollywood. Their theatrics on social media are simply hilarious, and they don’t infrequently get the kiddos involved in it, too, which adds another layer of allure to their already inspiring bond. The two are, to a huge degree, inseparable. They proposed to each other in 2006 but kept the whole thing under the radar until the Marriage Equality Bill that legalized same-sex marriage was passed in 2011.

They tied the knot in 2014, and have turned into the epitome of what the hashtag “Relationship goals” is all about. Harris once told Out magazine about meeting Burtka in 2004, “I just stammered around him. I couldn’t take my eyes off him.” Harris and Burtka both proposed to each other at different times. Burtka first proposed to Harris on the street corner where they first met, Harris told Out. A year later, on Valentine’s Day, Burtka proposed to Harris in Santa Monica, he told Out in 2012.