Check Out The Homes And Cars Owned By These Famous Celebrities

Brooklyn Beckham

House: Beverly Hills | $10.5 Million

Car: Mercedes Benz GL 63 AMG | Approximately $140,779

With his dad being the famous footballer David Beckham and his mom the Spice Girls singer-turned-fashion-designer Victoria Beckham, it’s safe to say Brooklyn Beckham now has plenty of money. Not just from his parents, though, but also from his career both as a photographer and model.

Around 2018, Beckham was spotted cruising the streets in his MG Convertible. The car alone is already quite a treasure to own, but that isn’t the only four-wheeled wonder in his collection. He has a Jeep, a Land Rover, and two Mercedes-Benzes, one of which is the GL 63 AMG that he bought for around $140,779. Besides these, the model/photographer also recently spent some investment money on a Beverly Hills mansion worth $10.5 million. Along with its gorgeous modern aesthetic, the property has plenty of amenities to keep Beckham and his soon-to-be wife Nicola Peltz entertained. This includes a yoga and gym room, a healing room, and a saltwater pool.