50 Breakfast Food Nutritionists Do Not Approve Of

While everyone thinks that porridge for breakfast could be a real angel, wait till you get deep in this read. Breakfast is regarded as the most important meal of the day and known to jumpstart the metabolism to fuel our body’s needs until lunchtime. However, if breakfast isn’t made right, it could easily take a toll on our body’s nutrition and weight control. Credits to the revered nutritionist and weight coach, Pippa Campbell, the following breakfast food we thought healthy might actually be red flags that may hurt our health. And if you find yourself consuming most of these, fret not, but eat and drink in moderation as a way to get on to your most healthy lifestyle.


White toasts for breakfast is probably the easiest breakfast to prepare, but it sure is not the healthiest either. Having white bread to start your day will not make you feel full longer than the brown ones. Studies show that white bread contains more additives and is low in fiber. If you must know, fiber-rich food are given some credits to maintain bowel movement that reduces bad cholesterol in your body. On the other hand, when choosing the brown bread over the white ones, make sure to check the labels, so you’ll know you’re buying the ones that are actually 100% whole wheat or wholemeal flour.


Frying for breakfast may look like the ideal option, but it can be calorific! Greasy fry-ups usually use vegetable oils that become unhealthy when heated. There’s a way to make this breakfast healthier, though, and that’s by opting for poached or scrambled eggs instead of fried eggs. Also, add fiber-rich veggies like mushrooms fried with coconut oil in low-degree heat. If meat is a must, try grilling the bacon instead of frying them. Warning to lovers of ketchup, they are usually highly processed and mostly sugar. If you can, skip the fried bread too as they have no nutritional value to add anyway.


Smoothies for breakfast sounds very healthy, but if you are just blending fruits, you have to know what you are actually taking in. Fruits contain natural sugars, which is actually good. However, they become free sugars, and they can be bad for your teeth, degree of energy levels, and if you are doing it to lose weight, it may actually be a bad idea. Even if you add kale or spinach into your fruit smoothie, they don’t necessarily eliminate the amount of sugar in one serving. So if you will, try keeping the fruits at a minimum and put in more greens. To add protein, try also mixing in a scoop of plant-based protein powder to help you feel fuller longer throughout the day.


Especially for those who are trying to lose weight, you have to realize the degree of importance of having a healthy breakfast. It is so important to have a good one for you to maintain your blood sugar levels, which will then minimize your snacking later on and still fuel your body to help you function for the rest of the day. So if you’re banking on sugary cereals, it will raise glucose levels in your bloodstream, resulting in a short burst of energy that will only last for a short period. Worse, it’ll leave you feeling more sluggish than you were before.


Porridge is a healthy and nutritious option for us to start our day. However, if we are getting the ones that are pre-flavored and instant, we may be on a highway of sabotaging our healthy diet. An instant flavored porridge gives a harmful amount of sugar in your body that can become a bad health investment over time. If you find yourself not having time to stand over the cooker and stir your oats, at least opt for the instant plain ones and give your porridge fix some nutritional boosts with real blueberries or slices of bananas added on. That should be good.


By now, you’ve probably noticed already how fiber is given credit as an essential component in rendering a breakfast good or bad. As you should all know, packing on bagels for breakfast can be quite a treat. Keep in mind, however, that it is made of refined wheat flour -stripped off of fiber and the nutrients that come from the whole grain. Also, bagels are so dense that they are actually high in calories compared to most sliced bread. Instead, nutritionists suggest choosing rye bread as it has a low glycemic index and is less likely to spike up your blood sugar and insulin levels.


Cereal bars are as easy as grabbing one from the fridge or your storage, but it is packed of sugar that may, again, boost your energy levels to probably a great degree but only for a short time and then still leave you sluggish. So, there’s not really a short cut to eating healthy and losing weight. It’ll require time and preparation than you are used to before. Well, that’s way better though than having to pay for it later. So if you’re happy thinking you’re healthier now that you opt for cereal bars over chocolates, think again because it’s actually not the case.


Coffee is how mornings should start for many, but one with flavored syrup to your coffee might turn bad for your health. It doesn’t matter, actually, whether it’s pumpkin, vanilla or hazelnut flavor — with syrup and the artificial flavor or colors — they just made your coffee unhealthy. How to make sure our coffee is as healthy as it is as possible? Have it black. However, should you crave for more flavor, you may add some pure powdered cinnamon. Or if it’s vanilla you’re craving for, opt for vanilla extract. This way, without spiking sugar levels to a high degree, you still get your flavored-coffee fix.


Granola is a healthy breakfast option, but only when you prepare your own because most of the ones bought in the grocery were already dipped in syrups and loaded with chocolate chips and dried fruits. That being the case, those shop-bought granola becomes a bowl of sugar that will spike up your sugar level to a high degree. There are also the ones with less sugar options, but they’re also the ones with lesser protein content as well. So it’s always best to prepare your own and use xylitol or a small amount of maple syrup as a sweetener. Also, it’s always better to use fresh fruits for added flavor.


While blueberries are really healthy options for breakfast as they are rich in antioxidants and lowers risk for heart diseases, getting ones in muffins basically just turn into sugar, fat, and calories. If you must have them, though, then at least get the ones that are true to its name credit — ones with real blueberries. Some brands use fake blueberries or just actually use artificial flavorings. So in cases when you’re craving one for breakfast, at least make sure you’re getting the health benefits of real blueberries. Or best to get just the blueberry and ditch the muffin.


The classic OJ will take quite a prep, so others tend to go get the concentrated ones, which is sadly more of processed food. The ones off the shelf are actually stripped off the nutrients that come from the real fruit, and it’s the same with all juice concentrate. It becomes so because of the evaporation that happens throughout the filtration process. In the end, most of the nutrients have already evaporated. Juice concentrates naturally contain fructose, which shoots up sugar levels to a great degree, so it is not good, especially for those trying to lose weight. In the end, eating a whole orange fruit would be best!


Breakfast sandwiches not prepared by you are usually the ones you really have to be more conscious about. You have got to look into the contents that they have put in your fix. Usually, they contain lots of fat, sugar, and salt, and yes, gotta watch the mayonnaise! In the end, food prepared at home should be your most excellent. These should be meals with a reasonable degree of quality. That is so because you know the contents you’ve mixed in together. You control the amount of salt, and you make sure you use the ingredients that work well with you. So preparing your own breakfast sandwich is still better than anything bought outside.


If you’re struggling with weight, breakfast time is not the problem, so skipping it would actually do more harm than help you lose weight. See, the break from food when you sleep actually has given your digestion process a rest, but delaying food intake may cause you to overeat on the next meal. Now that already sets a great degree of a red flag. Another one would be, if you delay your eating, you’ll probably end up eating food late at night that would be stored up as fat anyway as it won’t be anymore used for the energy you need throughout the day.


Pancakes and waffles for breakfast are just a few of the popular choices. Some would have these at home or would even go to their favorite weekend breakfast diners. Yes, it just gets to that degree for some when it comes to this popular American breakfast. However, they’re not really the healthiest ones. Sorry guys! Pancakes and waffles contain flour, eggs, sugar, and milk. They are cooked differently to get that distinct shape and texture. While these two breakfast ideas may contain more protein to last you through the day, they are however, made of refined flour.


Another of those quick and easy breakfast fix are these pastries going straight into the toaster. The thing about them is their ingredients are anything but healthy like this pop tart, which is made of white flour that is just eating white bread with all its additives. They also come with brown sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and soybean oil. That is just all sugar in there and can ruin your healthy diet to lose weight. Although some give it health credits for coming with real fruits, still this doesn’t make up a healthy breakfast for you. Best to go with the real grain and real fruit.


Yogurt can easily be any fit woman’s favorite breakfast. They sometimes go with the smoothie, or in the bowl of granola. Sometimes they just go in a bowl with lots of toppings. However, a container of fat-free yogurt with sugar-sweetened fruit turns into a bowl of sugar. In fact, a study went to a degree of saying that it contains more sugar than a container of ice cream would have. While fat isn’t such a bad thing as we would sometimes need it, it becomes so when they become too much, and we aren’t able to turn them into energy. Also, it triggers the release of the hormone cholecystokinin (CCK), which isn’t really nice.


Gluten-free diets sound really healthy. However, these processed ones aren’t. While there’s nothing wrong with avoiding gluten, these processed ones, though, may cause problems in the future. Usually, for this prep, they mix a combination of rice, potato, and tapioca flours instead of wheat. These flours have a high glycemic index to shoot up blood sugar to a high degree and result in weight gain. If people, especially those who are staying fit, know about this, they will surely stop patronizing these kinds of prep. This is, of course, is the same with gluten-free pancakes, muffins, and other gluten-free baked goods.


Toasts topped with margarine may seem to be a repeat of what we’ve mentioned up top, but here, we’re dedicating it fully to facts about margarine as toast can be any other bread that is made of refined flour and is essentially unhealthy that also goes without any other nutrients. However, your breakfast toast can be made of healthy bread, but if you still top it with margarine, you can just totally forget that you’re eating healthy food. Margarine is trans fat to a harmful degree. It is the most unhealthy fat you can possibly eat as it is very bad for your health and considered highly inflammatory, which may eventually lead to risks of diseases.


Scones are more like dessert than it is a breakfast meal. They are usually served with jam and cream on top. But if you look into its content, it is actually a mix of refined wheat flour, butter, and sugar, which is on top of the sugar of the flavorings you still have to add. The mix of dough is then shaped into small rounds and baked. The end result of this is a high-calorie, sugary breakfast, although it may also contain a little amount of fiber and protein. A sugary breakfast fix like this isn’t really a healthy option, especially for those who are maintaining sugar levels and trying to be fit, although this may be taken as a dessert once in a while.


If you’re the type to bake something up for breakfast or simply take something out of the oven as your meal starter for the day, do mind what you put in there first. Some companies would try to convince all the mindful eaters that these ready to bake pastries have high fiber. Pretty sneaky, yes, but if you’re trying to lose weight, fiber is the game changer with that breakfast cookie or fiber-rich muffin. Just know that they’ll give you gas problems by midday and that they actually do not offer anything else when it comes to nutrition.


We’ve discussed this above, but let us stress these important words “instant” or “Quick cook” to mean one thing – processed. Processed food is close to being qualified as artificial, plus all the added sugar, salt, and even food coloring. Steel-cut or rolled oats are great, but not when you go for the instant ones that sometimes go in packets. Instant oatmeal is actually rolled oats that are cut into small pieces and pre-cooked by steaming. To add flavor, it is usually prepared with sugar-rich fruity flavors such as apple strudel or brown maple sugar. That is why nutritionists and health coaches don’t recommend instant oats as part of the diet. Quick-cooking oats are also known to have a higher glycemic index that shoots up blood sugar levels to quite a harmful degree in our health. Oh no.


Some breakfast recipes include cottage cheese in them as they’re really good and usually healthy. That is why some love cottage cheese-based meals and even snacks on them. A serving is known to be packed with protein that is actually important, especially in the morning, for those who are trying to lose weight. However, adding five-gram fiber to cottage cheese should be taken as bad credit as it is making it a heavily-processed product. It is in the end much better to use the basic cottage cheese, the ingredients of which should just plainly be cultured milk, cream, and salt. Top it off with real fiber-rich berries to complete your healthy treat.


Some people are fond of meals that come in a box. Examples of these are macaroni and cheese or even breakfast meals with rice and viand. Although they may taste okay and can be a good to go meal, especially in the morning rush, they can be one of the most unhealthy and deadliest meals. Other than containing starch, some meals are loaded with preservatives to keep them well-preserved. Snacks that come in the same box-like taco kits contain many of the same problem ingredients as well. So if you’re feeding on preserved breakfast meals in a box or any comfort meal or snack for that matter, know for certain that these are no better health investments than their homemade versions.


If you’ve read through here, you’d already know that we’ve already established pancakes and waffles as unhealthy breakfast even if you’ve had it in a popular high-end breakfast diner. So here, we’ll explain how its pancake syrup is too. A lot of people would use pancake syrup with whole other things. Some would go as far as dripping it over the avocado fix. It’s important to know, though, that these pancake syrups are considered as exclusively high-fructose corn syrup. Unless you are using the real authentic maple syrup, which at least has some trace of mineral, you’re just filling your pancakes with a massive degree of bad sugar.


It’s not a surprise at all how many people nowadays opt for pre-mix, instant, or meals in a box. As the world continues to move fast pace, more and more people settle for the convenience of prepared food boxes tossed in the microwave oven. But there are also people who are health conscious and practice mindful eating. For them, healthier options may be the best investments, but would still not have enough time to prepare some of them such as the applesauce. Most brands of prepared applesauce contain mostly sugar. Well, unless you are careful enough to check out the other brands containing less sugar in them and the ones made from organic Apple.


Most breakfasts are made up of fruits and less with vegetables. However, nutritionists recommend incorporating more vegetables into your meals for breakfast as they contain more protein and vitamins your body needs for the day. Of course, when it comes to buying vegetables, no one goes looking for pesticides and herbicides on it, but just in case you don’t know this yet, they’re actually present in many store-bought finds. In fact, Dirty Dozen lists many of the vegetables we consume topping the list. The culprits are actually those that contain neonicotinoid pesticides, shown to be endocrine disruptors, and sometimes also contain glyphosate, which the World Health Organization has given the credits to cause cancer in 2015.


The old aphorism “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” has been proven true for centuries, but most nutritionists today have this to say: “not when it’s conventional!” There’s no telling how many Americans are aware of the 2020 Dirty Dozen list and how apple ranks no. 5 on the list. Apparently, most store-bought apples are one of the most highly contaminated fruits on the market today. So are the grapes which rank at no. 6 and the other fruits that we all love to eat. Blueberries rank 17th in the ratings, despite being credited as the darling of the healthy food world. Guess it’s always best to grow your own organically.


If you’re one doing the low-fat dairy diet, we hope you’re giving this a second thought and review everything you allow your body to consume. In as much as this diet might seem like a healthier option, know that most low-fat foods credit this specific content to make it indeed lower in fat content. A lot of times, most often than not, most companies add sugar. Sugary food doesn’t only ruin your weight control but is also a deadly cause for critical illnesses in the future. Well, if health conditions aren’t something that bothers you, just be sure you have a very good health insurance policy prepared.


The working and busy people would sometimes grab a fruit and go by it at the top of their morning. Sure, no problem. Only that, to some degree, they have to start thinking if that’s really a virtuous choice? Much more if they are a parent. Yes, fruits are healthy, rich in minerals, and antioxidants. However, the problem there is if you’re an on-the-go person or thinking student, your body will need protein. Your brain will need much protein to function. Going just by a fruit doesn’t provide much, and as a result, you’re probably wondering how you are distracted an hour later with hunger, needing a desperate trip to grab something to eat. You got it bad.


This breakfast is just like your smoothie fix only served in a bowl and topped with all the grains, nuts, and dried fruits from the grocery. Here’s the thing about this breakfast: it’s Instagram-famous by itself, you’re willing to spend time to make it, and you get to be rewarded after it. These are great things that can really boost our mood to high degree energy for the day. However, please pay close attention to the details of it. Don’t be deceived. Your smoothie is probably made from Dirty Dozen fruits, coconut milk from the can, and topped with sugar-glazed toppings, with fewer nuts than should be in a fix. Probably served with low-fat yogurt or worse, already flavored ones. This is a recipe to sabotage your healthy eating goals.


When we’re in a rush, we skip breakfast at home and grab a quick prepped one by the fast-food drive-thru. Sure, it can fill you with the breakfast sandwich worth the drive-thru, but it’ll give you roughly 300 extra calories compared to when you have breakfast at home. Multiply that extra calorie to 3 times a week if it becomes your usual morning habit, and that’ll get you eight pounds a year, and that’s just for your unhealthy morning habit alone. Nothing compares to the good credits from having home-cooked meals.


Just like the OJ concentrate is mostly high-fructose sugar, chugging other fruit juices like apple juice and all the others out there in one sitting will only add more calories and sugar in your mass. Even with the label stating 100 percent fruit juice, it still only is a high-calorie and high-sugar drink. What’s missing in this breakfast is always the protein you need for the day and the fiber that comes from the real organic fruit. So, really, it’s a much better health investment to eat three apples in one sitting with lots of veggies and nuts to complete this breakfast meal.


So you buy only the organic veggies and fruits, and you juice them as your breakfast meal. No problem, it’s all good. But if an hour later, hunger bothers to the degree that you desperately run to the store for prepped food, don’t get too frustrated with your diet. It’s bound to repeat that cycle day in and out as green juices lack enough protein to keep you full at least until your next meal, which should be lunch. Green juice is a great source of getting the necessary vitamins, minerals, and nutrients for your body. However, this fix doesn’t include the energy you need to fulfill your tasks and get yours through the day. Still best to complete this fix with protein and fiber to achieve a balanced meal.


There are those health-conscious ones who wouldn’t even use the egg yolk in their morning egg meals, but nutritionists say it’s time to put the sunshine back in your eggs. Egg yolks are known to be rich in omega-3, which credits them to lower cholesterol and LDL in the blood. They’re also a great source of fat-burning choline and vitamin D, and if you must know, reducing belly fat can be linked to having daily eggs. Eggs can spice up your mornings with the many ways to make them, making you excited to consume them every time. Enjoy!


For our home-cooked meals, it’s always a great idea to cut back on our salt. Most of our favorite breakfast options are loaded with salt, especially ones prepared outside our home. Salt or sodium in our food causes water retention in our body and leaves us feeling bloated at the start of the day. Most prepared food already is also high in this content, and ignoring this may lead you to a bad health credit in the future. It’s time to cut the salt already and stop ignoring the sodium content in the food you buy in the grocery and even when you dine out in your favorite fast food or restaurant.


In this part, we’re going to dedicate more time explaining how our coffee creamer can easily make our cuppa coffee or tea unhealthy. A cup of pure coffee is rich with antioxidants your body needs. However, what we mix it with can contribute a pound to your body if you add sugary, fatty creamers. Like those on-the-go lattes and frappes, some would swipe off from their credit cards. Worse, by making it your daily fix, you are risking more than just your weight but even your health. Instead, we recommend you try sugar-free soy milk, hemp milk, almond milk, or oat milk to pair them with. The taste will have to be something you adjust to, but you still get your usual fix free from calories, health-harmful sugar, and fat.


So if you’re the type to start your day with an energy drink, you should know that it’s not only a can of flavored drink but also full of chemicals and sugar water. You can use coffee as a healthy alternative as it is a natural wake-me-up drink that could also help you start your day. Finding the perfect tea for the perk you’re looking for would be just as great as a healthy investment if you are not a coffee fan. Matcha is excellent, in case you don’t know that yet. It is potent green tea and should also be good at keeping your body in shape. You can also turn them to smoothies if you like that better. Just lose the can of sugar.


Coffee lovers love their coffee to the degree that they raised the bar to the blend of bulletproof. However, here’s the thing about it. It messes up your waistline! Coffee is already a diet-friendly morning fix containing caffeine that could help you work out harder and burn a few more calories. But switching to trendy coffee, such as bulletproof, supplies you a few nutrients and blasts up your calorie intake to around 400. What’s more, it clogs up your arteries with saturated fat. However, some workout coaches recommend them as a substitute for breakfast. But then again, what this fix is missing is fiber and protein, which is essential for your breakfast.


Some people are probably just too addicted to it that it’s the easiest thing for them to do in the morning: grab their breakfast soda. The caffeine and sugar in the drink are given the credits for the quick perk needed to start the day. However, this drink is entirely devoid of nutrients. There’s no ounce of fiber nor protein in there, so this is not the fix for breakfast and is not the first thing one should consume either. The sugar and caffeine per serving are enough to shoot sugar level up high, leading to overeating throughout the day. Also, drinking soda on an empty stomach is not a healthy practice as it can irritate your tummy and cause troubles like indigestion leading to ulcers.


There are days when after a party we have the night before, we just get too tired and lazy to get up and cook something up. So we resort to the most convenient thing to do: search for leftovers to heat up, eat, and go. Whether the leftover is pizza or a piece of cake, or something, just avoid this. Do what you usually do for breakfast, and that’s to cook fresh food. Allowing yourself to consume leftovers from your party food will make you bloat too early in the morning. This practice may cause you to save some money by stretching your time until your next grocery from your credit card, but this will give you all the salt, fat, and sugar to make you bloat and cause you fatigue blows of sugar up and down.


We know we’ve stressed so much how lack of protein can be a no-no for a start-of-the-day meal. But allow us to tell you why that is so based on what nutritionists have to say. For sure, no one wants to be passive about this vital macronutrient. Loading Carbohydrates is as easy as getting all your bread in for breakfast. Who doesn’t like bagels, croissants, and cereals for breakfast? All do, I believe. But protein in your breakfast meals is given credit for satiety and maintaining blood sugar stable for longer periods. If you compare a high-carb meal to a high-protein one, you’ll see the difference in its association in its effect on blood sugar levels, where a high-protein level blood sugar stays for up to three hours post-meal consumption.


So your salad is all leafy and pretty. Taking your salad fix for breakfast doesn’t only make you look good but also makes you feel really good. It’s light and assumed to provide a mix of good carbs and protein our body needs. But do look closely and pay attention as looks can be deceiving, and so do our feelings. Ranking 15th in the Dirty Dozen list is your most dominant ingredient, which is the lettuce. It is considered highly contaminated, especially if it’s one bought from the store and not grown organically. Also, check on your salad dressings that are given credit for preservatives to maintain its long-lasting taste. Not to mention, serving the salad with fried croutons and gobs of cheese.


It may seem that we’ve shifted to breakfast habits at this point in the read, but before you drift off, get this important point. Water is life to our body, and three to four days without it, a person may not be able to make it. That said, water is just so important not only for our body but also for our health and wellness. Water dissolves minerals and nutrients, so it becomes easy for our bodies to absorb them. It is also given a lot of credits for so many more benefits to the body. This includes weight loss, as well as for skin hydration and the boosting of all our internal organs. So, if there should be something you should do first before the real breakfast, it’s this – drinking water.


Milk is a staple for most breakfasts all over the world. And some people overdo this dairy in one meal. They love pairing their milk with cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products to guzzle down. Doing this, though, will not help you with your weight loss diet and just bloat you with gas in your stomach. Here is a dieticians’ advice: ditch the dairy for breakfast. If you need to, though, for your smoothie or cereal bowl, go for hemp, almond, soy, or cashew milk instead. These milk alternatives will avoid the inflammatory effects of dairy and lead you to a healthier lifestyle and away from long-term weight gain and other health issues.


It comes to the point that you eat the same food over and over again. You become bored and eat your food in a mood. Eating is one of our life’s greatest pleasures and having it in less fun is a red flag. Add some spice to it by adding more variety in your food choices. Cook your eggs in different ways, take other choices, and add more colors into your salad that should do it. Give your eating time more healthy investments by taking the time to plan your menu. Nutritionists recommend trying tunas with your breakfast avocados or eggs on top of your black beans.


Here’s a typical example of some people overdoing their protein fix. Don’t get us wrong, it’s true, and a lot of nutritionists, dieticians say that nuts are good for you. But not to the degree that it is all you eat. Your grocery bag is all nuts, and you’re all happy because you know you feed your brain and make you lean. Here’s the thing though, your brain and body need carbohydrates too. While nuts are healthy and have all the minerals, vitamins, and good fats, they still lack the carbs the brain and muscles are fueling from. Ever wonder why you’d sometimes feel exhausted like you need to nap? Check on your carb consumption, because you might be running low. A little sugar will do!


Food authority may classify them as generally safe. Artificial sweeteners are still in truth, synthetic and unnatural. If you must know, anything synthetic is a bad investment for the body as it is not recognized by it. It is, therefore, not digested but instead stored away as toxins. That’s what artificial sweeteners are, and it has a lot of unknown negative health effects in our bodies. Instead of crediting your fab drink to these kinds of sweeteners, go for the all-natural one – real sugar. It may taste way less sweet than the artificial ones, but it’s healthier and contains some nutrients needed by your body. Of course, consume in moderation still.


Also, here’s another fact about your nuts. We love them so much, to a degree, we have them on butter and is ever-present in our pantry. However, this read cares so much about what you take in, and so for our usual peanut butter spread, there’s no need for you to go for the lower fat version of it. Whether you like it creamy or crunchy, peanut butter is good for muscle-building and a good source of protein, too, especially after your morning sweat fest. Please don’t fall for the low-fat label for this one as going for it means you’re going for the processed kind that is loaded with added sugars and unhealthy oils. Natural ones are always better and can be added to your smoothie too.


Eating your healthy breakfast on the run will not do your diet good. Good food takes a real dose of investment of time for preparation and eating too. Rushing through your breakfast meal and having it literally on the go will lead you to more harmful effects. Scenarios are, even if you have a good healthy breakfast on hand, you’ll rush through it by missing to chew your food properly. Hence, not all will be digested. Also, since it’s not digested, you’ll tend to eat more. It will also lead to shooting up in your sugar levels, which will eventually lead to a type of diabetes. Whatever it is, at least take time to chew your food mindfully for better health.


Breakfasts are meals that set you up for the day’s work. The food you take is an essential investment for the energy levels, stable blood sugar, and all the things you control in your health throughout the day. Yes, the food we take also has much to do with the mood we have during the day. To keep our meals healthy is a must and will help us be the best version of ourselves, not just for the day but for the long haul. On the other hand, bad choices for meals won’t only make us hungry faster but would also cause bad effects on our hormones and health. So to avoid future health problems, we could actually start by keeping our breakfast meals healthy. After all, it is still the most important meal of the day.

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