50 Breakfast Food Nutritionists Do Not Approve Of

While everyone thinks that porridge for breakfast could be a real angel, wait till you get deep in this read. Breakfast is regarded as the most important meal of the day and known to jumpstart the metabolism to fuel our body’s needs until lunchtime. However, if breakfast isn’t made right, it could easily take a toll on our body’s nutrition and weight control. Credits to the revered nutritionist and weight coach, Pippa Campbell, the following breakfast food we thought healthy might actually be red flags that may hurt our health. And if you find yourself consuming most of these, fret not, but eat and drink in moderation as a way to get on to your most healthy lifestyle.


White toasts for breakfast is probably the easiest breakfast to prepare, but it sure is not the healthiest either. Having white bread to start your day will not make you feel full longer than the brown ones. Studies show that white bread contains more additives and is low in fiber. If you must know, fiber-rich food are given some credits to maintain bowel movement that reduces bad cholesterol in your body. On the other hand, when choosing the brown bread over the white ones, make sure to check the labels, so you’ll know you’re buying the ones that are actually 100% whole wheat or wholemeal flour.


Frying for breakfast may look like the ideal option, but it can be calorific! Greasy fry-ups usually use vegetable oils that become unhealthy when heated. There’s a way to make this breakfast healthier, though, and that’s by opting for poached or scrambled eggs instead of fried eggs. Also, add fiber-rich veggies like mushrooms fried with coconut oil in low-degree heat. If meat is a must, try grilling the bacon instead of frying them. Warning to lovers of ketchup, they are usually highly processed and mostly sugar. If you can, skip the fried bread too as they have no nutritional value to add anyway.


Smoothies for breakfast sounds very healthy, but if you are just blending fruits, you have to know what you are actually taking in. Fruits contain natural sugars, which is actually good. However, they become free sugars, and they can be bad for your teeth, degree of energy levels, and if you are doing it to lose weight, it may actually be a bad idea. Even if you add kale or spinach into your fruit smoothie, they don’t necessarily eliminate the amount of sugar in one serving. So if you will, try keeping the fruits at a minimum and put in more greens. To add protein, try also mixing in a scoop of plant-based protein powder to help you feel fuller longer throughout the day.


Especially for those who are trying to lose weight, you have to realize the degree of importance of having a healthy breakfast. It is so important to have a good one for you to maintain your blood sugar levels, which will then minimize your snacking later on and still fuel your body to help you function for the rest of the day. So if you’re banking on sugary cereals, it will raise glucose levels in your bloodstream, resulting in a short burst of energy that will only last for a short period. Worse, it’ll leave you feeling more sluggish than you were before.


Porridge is a healthy and nutritious option for us to start our day. However, if we are getting the ones that are pre-flavored and instant, we may be on a highway of sabotaging our healthy diet. An instant flavored porridge gives a harmful amount of sugar in your body that can become a bad health investment over time. If you find yourself not having time to stand over the cooker and stir your oats, at least opt for the instant plain ones and give your porridge fix some nutritional boosts with real blueberries or slices of bananas added on. That should be good.


By now, you’ve probably noticed already how fiber is given credit as an essential component in rendering a breakfast good or bad. As you should all know, packing on bagels for breakfast can be quite a treat. Keep in mind, however, that it is made of refined wheat flour -stripped off of fiber and the nutrients that come from the whole grain. Also, bagels are so dense that they are actually high in calories compared to most sliced bread. Instead, nutritionists suggest choosing rye bread as it has a low glycemic index and is less likely to spike up your blood sugar and insulin levels.


Cereal bars are as easy as grabbing one from the fridge or your storage, but it is packed of sugar that may, again, boost your energy levels to probably a great degree but only for a short time and then still leave you sluggish. So, there’s not really a short cut to eating healthy and losing weight. It’ll require time and preparation than you are used to before. Well, that’s way better though than having to pay for it later. So if you’re happy thinking you’re healthier now that you opt for cereal bars over chocolates, think again because it’s actually not the case.


Coffee is how mornings should start for many, but one with flavored syrup to your coffee might turn bad for your health. It doesn’t matter, actually, whether it’s pumpkin, vanilla or hazelnut flavor — with syrup and the artificial flavor or colors — they just made your coffee unhealthy. How to make sure our coffee is as healthy as it is as possible? Have it black. However, should you crave for more flavor, you may add some pure powdered cinnamon. Or if it’s vanilla you’re craving for, opt for vanilla extract. This way, without spiking sugar levels to a high degree, you still get your flavored-coffee fix.


Granola is a healthy breakfast option, but only when you prepare your own because most of the ones bought in the grocery were already dipped in syrups and loaded with chocolate chips and dried fruits. That being the case, those shop-bought granola becomes a bowl of sugar that will spike up your sugar level to a high degree. There are also the ones with less sugar options, but they’re also the ones with lesser protein content as well. So it’s always best to prepare your own and use xylitol or a small amount of maple syrup as a sweetener. Also, it’s always better to use fresh fruits for added flavor.


While blueberries are really healthy options for breakfast as they are rich in antioxidants and lowers risk for heart diseases, getting ones in muffins basically just turn into sugar, fat, and calories. If you must have them, though, then at least get the ones that are true to its name credit — ones with real blueberries. Some brands use fake blueberries or just actually use artificial flavorings. So in cases when you’re craving one for breakfast, at least make sure you’re getting the health benefits of real blueberries. Or best to get just the blueberry and ditch the muffin.