Celebrity Kids Who Look Like Their Parent In Stunning Fashion – Don’t Think That These Are Throwback Photos

They say it takes a village to raise children, so raising a famous child may take a little more than that. From their birth, the world knew their names and their appearance, making sure that fame was all they knew. Of course, having a famous father has many benefits, but these famous children never asked to be famous, they just inherited it. Growing up in the spotlight, we watched these kids go through all stages of their lives, but what is everyone like growing up?

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! As famous children grow up in front of the public eye, we see their first smiles, footsteps, and sandcastles. And just like our own children, they grow up before we know it. From birth to high school graduation, watch the transformation of famous kids. These celebrity parents, like Cindy Crawford, Jennifer Garner, and Tom Hanks, all share striking similarities – and features! – with their cute kids. Click through to see these stars (and more!) and their look-alike children!