Stars Of Yesterday And Where Are They Now

When you are a fan of the entertainment industry, be it in TV shows, films, or stage performances, you can’t help but wonder what has become of your favorite stars that wowed audiences during their time. While some of our old favorites are still in the latest movies with credits to their name, some are comfortably in their retirement. As their star-shining days, one can only expect them to retire in style and glamor or living their past roles. Regardless, these are the famous stars from decades past who can say for sure how they have thoroughly enjoyed the fruits of their success and the stunning net worth accumulated from their careers.


Morgan Freeman remains to be one of the most bankable actors in the world to this day. Since July of this year, he ranks fifth-highest box office star with combined total box office gross of $4.522 billion for all his film credits in the industry. Who can still remember his 1970’s debut performance in Who Says I Can’t Ride a Rainbow! a family drama starring Jack Krugman? How about who can’t recognize him in numerous blockbusters that he is a part of to this day?

His recent film was 2019’s Angel Has Fallen which he plays the role of Flanders Galen Trumbull. It seems Freeman’s retirement is still about a career and net worth that can’t help but go from strength to strength as he is now said to be worth a whopping $250 million and growing with movie projects coming in for the reel.


Gene Hackman is a retired award-winning actor, who has two Academy Awards, four Golden Globes, a Screen Actors Guild Award and two from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA). His first film credit was in the 1964 film Lilith. From then on, his movie performances had just been nothing but something to look forward to and note. His final film before his retirement was the 2004 comedy film, Welcome to Mooseport.

Today, though he is no longer seen in the limelight of cinema, as he is sure of his retirement from acting, he remains to be in the industry of entertainment as he now writes novels and already has five books to his credit. He has written several historical novels named Wake of the Perdido Star, a sea adventure of the 19th century, Justice for None, a Depression-era tale of murder, and Escape from Andersonville which is a story about a prisoner who escapes during the American Civil War.


Ali MacGraw is one of Hollywood’s biggest success stories of all time. She started from being a production assistant, who later on was noticed for her striking looks and given the opportunity to land in film project roles. From her humble beginnings, she is not one who remained to be just a face. She made sure that she showcased her talents in every role she was entrusted with. Her performances in classics like The Getaway and Love Story were her most notable film credit roles.

Yet despite her success in the industry, her career was soon disrupted by personal struggles. Fortunately, she discovered yoga to help her cope up. Up to this day, she remains to be an avid practitioner. In addition, she co-produced a yoga video with yoga masters, which is very popular and influential. As some would say, it’s probably the secret behind her still youthful look.


Norman Lloyd, who is considered as a living legend, is a Hollywood actor with over 60 film credits to date. The last movie he did was in 2015, Trainwreck. With this actor’s age, he is one who has weathered many historical moments, seen most changes happen – if not all – and worked with different iconic figures of all ages in Hollywood. To name a few, he has had a great time working with fellow legends Orson Welles, Alfred Hitchcock, and also good friends with Charlie Chaplin.

As an artist, he also had the knack for exploring all opportunities in the industry. He has been on the stage, screen, and even as a director and producer. As to this day, he has been around in the industry for eight decades and people may think that he’s probably got enough of it. Watch out for him, though, as he currently stars in the TV show, Fly.


Known for his ring name as Lex Luger, this former WWF professional wrestler is actually a mellow guy. In the ring, though, he is sought for the tactics he would come up with to intimidate his opponents. In wrestling, he is the character that sets the thrills in the ring to the degree that it solicits different reactions from the audience. His career in the limelight began when he played football for the NFL team, the Miami Hurricanes.

However, he has booted off the team. It was in 1985, in a celebrity golfing event, where Luger met Bob Roop, and the opportunity opened for Luger to try out possibilities in the professional wrestling world. After a long and fruitful career as a wrestler, he took some time off and emerged in 2011, coming out of his semi-retirement to work on the WWE Wellness Policy and club, which promotes healthy practices among its athletes.


Terry Moore is a film and television actor from the ‘40s. She worked as a child model when she was young. She’s been known for her credit roles in films, Mighty Joe Young and Peyton Place. Her performance in Come Back, Little Sheba earned her a nomination for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Her career has developed rapidly because she joined Columbia Pictures and signed long-term cooperation.

During the period, she participated in the production and appeared in some movies. It was only in the ‘60s that her career started to slow down when she appeared in a string of B-movies. Despite the slowdown, her early successes in the industry were enough for her to be recognized and honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. To date, she walks as one of the surviving stars of Hollywood’s Golden Age.


Loni Anderson is most remembered for her iconic credit role as the receptionist in the sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati. The show run from the late ‘70s to the early ‘80s and earned Anderson a number of Golden Globes and Emmy nominations. Though popularly identified in her receptionist role, it was actually a decade before that she debuted her career in show business in an uncredited role in the 1966 film, Nevada Smith.

To this day, she is still visible in television acting, most recently appeared in the pilot of the Amazon series, Love You More. However, she is more focused on her advocacy against lung diseases. She has witnessed the serious effects of COPD, which is usually caused by smoking, and her parents are typical cases. She became the spokesperson of COPD in 1999, and during the COPD education campaign, she became acquainted with her future husband Bob Flick.


Julie Andrews is an English actress, singer, and author. She was a child actor and singer who started her career and rose to prominence in Broadway. There is no question of doubt of what Julie Andrews can do, and to say that she is a gifted actress is an understatement. With her debut in her iconic role and performance in the wildly popular 1964 movie, Mary Poppins, she made sure that it would hit and count. It was for this film credit that she won her first Academy Award for Best Actress.

Today, after many years of entertaining generations of fans, the art of acting has not left Julie, as she too remains active in the industry. At her age, she has adapted other fields such as voicing credits for characters in animated movies, Shrek and Despicable Me 3. Although there may be signs of slowing down, fans should know that there is no stopping this award-winning actress.


Jacqueline Bisset is an English-born, multi-awarded actress from the mid-’60s. At the age of 75, she is still very active in the industry to this day, but mostly in the foreign film niche. Her career began when she received her credit role in a Roman Polanski film, Cul-de-sac, in 1966. Since then, she’s been cast in numerous iconic characters, including a Bond girl stint in the James Bond satire Casino Royale. At the peak of her career, she became famous in the United States with The Deep.

Some scenes in which she wore a white T-shirt and appeared underwater are particularly impressive. Some of other roles also gained popularity because of her outstanding performances. On other news, she is one of the few in the industry who never married, let alone, had a divorce, despite stories of her high-profile relationships through the years. But she has also had excellent boyfriends, many of whom are real estate tycoons, actors, etc.


Denise Austin is known to be one of the faces of fitness in the late ‘80s to early ‘90s. She was seen regularly as a fitness instructor in her longest-running fitness show on ESPN2, Getting Fit with Denise Austin. She is now succeeded by her daughter, who is also into fitness and owns her own fitness brand, Get Fit with Katie. She even has her own fitness app. In addition, she is also a fitness trainer like her mother and has her own YouTube channel.

To those who are missing Austin, reruns of her fitness show are still aired on TV despite it ending years ago, or you can even catch her every now and then on social media for some of her updated fitness tips. Most of her fitness programs are motivating. At the age of 63, she seemed to be one who won’t need a health insurance plan.


Actress Rhonda Fleming was referred to as the “Queen of Technicolor” when Technicolor was first introduced in television and films, because of her bright red hair and fair complexion that stood out. Fleming’s most notable performance is known from her big break in an Alfred Hitchcock film credit, Spellbound. In all her services, she was able to make more than 40 Hollywood film credits to her name.

When she officially retired as an actress, she became a strong advocate of her charity works, especially with healthcare and medical insurance. She, together with her then-husband, Ted Mann, established the Rhonda Fleming Mann Clinic For Women’s Comprehensive Care at the UCLA Medical Center. In 1960, she had gradually withdrawn from film and television and began to invest in real estate.


Jack Nicholson is known for his wide range of starring and supporting roles, which include comedy, romance, and darkly comic portrayals of anti-heroes and evil characters alike. Although he was last seen in his 2016 TV credit, The Fight Game With Jim Lampley, Nicholson has never officially announced his retirement from acting. So whether it may seem that he already retired, simply resting or merely just taking time with his family, we owe that time away to him and rightly so as he has been in the business since 1953.

At 83, Nicholson is also remembered to have risen to fame with the 1969 road drama, Easy Rider. His other iconic film credits include Terms of Endearment and As Good as It Gets. Nicholson is a collector of 20th century and contemporary art, including Tamara de Lempicka, Henri Matisse, Andy Warhol and Jack Vettriano.


irginia Patton is an actress from Hollywood’s Golden Age. She was a student at the University of Southern California when she would audition for acting parts and role in plays and films. It was only after a series of small credit roles that she became a familiar face to this day. Patton was the only one signed on into contract by no other than Capra, for her first significant credit role as Ruth Dakin Bailey in the all-time favorite film, It’s a Wonderful Life.

Such a movie is still being watched today, especially in holiday seasons. However, retirement from the business came early for Patton, as she decided to quit the film industry to concentrate on raising a family after her marriage in 1949. To this day, in her senior years, she still gives interviews, especially if it is about popular movies.


Joanne Woodward enjoyed a six-decade-long successful movie career – a rare feat that very few get this lucky in the industry. This is the reason why she is one of those referred to be legendary in the business. Over the years, Joanne earned many major movie and TV awards, especially in her excellent performances in The Three Faces of Eve, Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams, and Mr. and Mrs. Bridge, among other movies.

Given her age, it comes as no surprise that she is now in her retirement. Her last project was a movie credit of her incredible voice in the 2013 comedy-drama, Lucky Them. In the area of family, she lived a happy and harmonious marriage to a fellow actor, Paul Newman, who she married in 1958. Woodward served as the artistic director of Westport Country Theatre from 2001 to 2005. In addition, she has also served as an executive producer of film programs.


Dame Joan Collins started as an aspiring actress at the age of 9 in the very prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA). Her time in RADA eventually led to a very illustrious and successful career on stage. It was when she moved to Hollywood that she was given film credits as a leading lady in the films, The Girl in the Red Velvet Swing and Rally Round the Flag, Boys!, to name a few.

But she returned to her first love, the stage, in the ‘80s when she took the lead roles in The Last of Mrs. Cheyney, Private Lives, and many more. At the age of 85, Joan Collins focuses on her charity projects, owing to her English title, Dame, which was given and appointed to her in 2015 by Queen Elizabeth II. Collins has delivered a speech on the necessity of increasing funding for neurological research and achieved good results.


Julie Kavner is known during the ‘70s and ‘80s for her credits in many TV series and movies. Her big break on TV came when she starred in the show, Rhoda, which ran for four years. It was in this show that Kavner got noticed for her performance. It was for her voice credit in the movies that led her to such a memorable portrayal as Marge Simpson and her twin sisters, Patty and Selma Bouvier, on The Simpsons, among many others.

She also lent her voice to video games and continues to do so. Despite being a public figure, she remained privy about her personal life. It is the reason why we only knew a few of what she is up to these days. Julie Kavner attaches great importance to the protection of privacy, and she rarely shows up in public and refuses to be photographed at work, so the media knows very little about her life.


Veteran actress Linda Hunt, who is known in the front of theater, TV, and movies, is widely celebrated for her award-winning performances. Though not many know, she is the first person to win an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for portraying a male character on the screen in the movie, The Year of Living Dangerously!

Over the years, she had a fantastic career in film, which includes credits in films, Silverado, Kindergarten Cop, Yours Mine and Ours, If Looks Could Kill, Pocahontas, Rain Without Thunder, and Stranger than Fiction. Meanwhile, she also does voice over for the character of Lady Proxima in the 2018 Star Wars franchise; Solo: A Star Wars Story. Linda Hunt has made certain achievements in both TV and dubbing work, and has won two consecutive awards for the TV series NCIS: Los Angeles whicn she portrayed Henrietta “Hetty” Lange on.


Former actress Betty Lynn used her voice as a ticket to penetrate Hollywood. Being born to a mezzo-soprano for a mother, Lynn, who was only five years old, was enrolled in Kansas City Conservatory of Music to study singing. Before her Broadway musicals and film credits, she was first introduced to radio acting. The films she starred in were the blockbuster hits, Sitting Pretty, June Bride, and Cheaper by the Dozen.

It was later on in her career that she found her way into television shows. Her biggest break was when she got cast to play Thelma Lou on The Andy Griffith Show. Betty Lynn has never been married, but she once said that she was engaged, but the outside is not very sure about her marriage. At 93, Lynn now has retired from acting and spends her days in her home at Mount Airy, North Carolina.


Actor and martial artist Chuck Norris just turned 80 years old earlier this year. It was after Chuck was discharged from the Air Force in the late ‘50s when he started making a name for himself in martial arts. He also tried his luck in what eventually became a very successful acting career with roles in movies like Way of the Dragon and Missing in Action to his credit, as well as the titular character in the long-running series, Walker, Texas Ranger.

Though Chuck is nowhere near retirement, he has not only created his own martial art, Chun Kuk Do but has also published non-fiction books and advertising commercial trucks for sale. His literary works include his autobiography Against All Odds: My Story. This man, no matter his age, doesn’t stop trying out new things, even to the degree of writing.


Argentine actress Olivia Hussey is the star for the credit role of Juliet in 1968 Romeo and Juliet. The character earned her international acclaim and also a Golden Globe. However, a semi-retirement followed her feat for the next two years, when she developed severe agoraphobia. After recovering from the illness, she went on to ride the trajectory of being a rising star by starring in more projects like Black Christmas, as well as in the TV production of Jesus of Nazareth.

Olivia Hussey has also served as a voice actor and was nominated for work in DC animation. She has also served as a role in the multi-person online role-playing game Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, with a wide range of development directions. Now at the age of 69 years old, Hussey married in 1991 to musician David Glen Eisley. One of their children is actress India Eisley, who starred in the series, The Secret Life of the American Teenager.


Max Baer Jr. is known for his credit role as Jethro Bodine in the famous TV show, The Beverly Hillbillies. The show is said to be the most famous TV show in all television history and well defined by its long-run from 1962 to 1971. Baer became the last living cast member of the show in 2015 when Donna Douglas passed away. He is also known for his other credit roles in other TV shows, such as Vacation Playhouse, 77 Sunset Strip, and A Time for Killing.

While his role in The Beverly Hillbillies is proved to be the highlight of Baer’s acting career, he also tried his shot in writing, directing, and producing. He found success in his first film direction, Macon County Line when it hit top-gross per dollar invested that period. In 1999, he received yet again another success in film directing, The Blair Witch Project.


Jackie Mason is a well-known American humorist and film and television actor from the ‘50s. With his long entertainment career, he ranked as number 63 on Comedy Central’s 100 Greatest Comedians of All Time. He also appeared on countless Broadway shows. Thus, it is not surprising that Mason has accumulated millions of dollars in his bank account and could continue living his luxurious life right now despite retiring his 47-long run in the entertainment industry.

He certainly made a name for himself and is recognized most notably for his one-man show The World According to Me, which won him a string of awards and recognitions. For his many successes and accolades in the industry, we are convinced that he is one who has made investments and plans and would receive unending support from his fans and his loved ones—whether it is inside or outside of the industry.


Christopher Plummer is a Canadian actor who rose to fame for his role as the beloved Captain von Trapp in The Sound of Music. Indeed, throughout his journey in the industry, he created a legacy that only he can attain. Christopher is best known for his amazing talent in acting, which has not diminished for almost seven decades. He had achieved numerous awards, some of them include an Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award, an Emmy trophy, and so much more.

Seeing all of his achievements, it’s astonishing to know that he wasn’t even supposed to become an actor in the first place. During his early years, he was trained to become a concert pianist before he decided to pursue acting. Luckily for us, he chose wisely. Because even at 91 years old, he continues to thrive in the limelight, and we could all see that he has enough strength to conduct more projects if he would like to. This tenacity assured him not only personal but financial success.


Barbara Eden is one the most endearing and enduring that ever graced the silver screen. She is best known for her iconic title credit role in the hit TV series I Dream of Jeannie. It was Eden who elevated the titular role of Jeannie to prominence and made the character a true female icon. Today, Eden is still active in the entertainment industry, having appeared in the 2019 film My Adventures with Santa.

A lot of people were also amazed when she was awarded an honorary degree as Doctor of Law by the University of West Los Angeles in 1990. Being an amazing actress and singer, Barbara maintains her image very well. Because of her perseverance, diligence, and love for her work, she is a winner in life. I bet everyone is super excited about what more she can do and what project she could make in the future.


Arlene Dahl is a retired American actress from the ‘50s. She rose to fame as a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) contract star and is considered to be one of the surviving stars of the Golden Age of Hollywood. At her prime with MGM, she was able to star in several successful and profitable films for MGM, except for quite a few that flopped. Perhaps her most successful film was her lead role in the 1959 adventure film Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Following her hiatus from show business for more than 20 years, she has been seen in a weekly column on papers for her take on beauty and attending to her investments in her lingerie business. Arlene does not captivate her followers based on her physical appearance and talents alone, but also her proficient skills in business and investments. Indeed, she has still maintained the elegance and femininity that was always within her.


John Astin is an American actor who has appeared in hundreds of television series and numerous movies. He is one of those actors who ventured out to directing and voice artistry later on in their careers. He is widely known for playing the credit role of Gomez Addams of the ‘60s film The Addams Family. His frequent reprisal of the role in this movie became a significant part of his career and made him a household name for decades to come.

As an actor and a director, we are certain that his net worth is a catch as his entire career has been financially rewarding. He is also known for his larger-than-life version of the Batman villain, The Riddler, from the ‘60s series, together with Adam West. Today, at 90 years old, John still hasn’t retired from Hollywood and has even worked in the 2017 Justice League Action. Thus, we could expect to see him in numerous projects in the future.


Robert Wagner is best known for his acting credits in successful TV shows such as Hart to Hart and It Takes A Thief, along with numerous other television and film projects. Some may also remember him for his role as Number 2 in the Austin Powers film trilogy from 1997 to 2002 and his recurring roles in the hit TV series Two and a Half Men and NCIS. As one who does not want to pass over good roles,

he is still accepting movie projects and is willing to create a more lasting legacy in the industry, even at the ripe age of 90. With the countless awards that he gained while working passionately, he does not have to prove himself to the modern generation. Indeed, he is still popular all over the world. We just genuinely hope that he continues to take care of his health and his financial investments so that he could enjoy the fruit of his hard work.


Janis Paige is an American singer and actress who started her exciting career in Hollywood in the early ‘50s. Her screen name was inspired by Elsie Janis but her real name is Donna Mae Tjaden. Later, however, she took on Broadway shows to compensate for her early failures in Hollywood. She later returned to filmmaking with a film credit in Silk Stockings. Although she had been away from the spotlight for quite some time,

she made headlines in the early 2000s for a damaged vocal cord, of which she later recovered. In 2017, she hit the news headlines again when she wrote a guest column for The Hollywood Reporter, at age 95. Now at the ripe age of 98, she still managed to maintain the youthful and glowing look that other people admire about her. We genuinely hope that she also preserves her strength and invest in sustaining her health and needs.


George Richard Chamberlain is the most in-demand heartthrob and one of the most handsome men in the late 1960s. He is popularly known both for his phenomenal acting skills and as a producer in the industry, wherein he accomplished numerous awards in both of his specialties. Perhaps having the “prince charming” character helped him to gain the trust of the public.

Richard had been in dramatic roles in many serious films and a ton of experience on the musical stage. In 2005, he ranked number 7 in the TV Guide List of TV’s 25 Greatest Teen Idols. He is also the first singer to record the extremely popular song “They Long to Be Close to You” in 1963. Based on his talent and hard work, it is safe to assume that Richard Chamberlain has guaranteed his financial stability and a sound insurance plan for his health and his family. And regardless of what he plans to do in the future, Richard would definitely rock it all off.


Richard Wayne Van Dyke or commonly known as Dick Van Dyke starred in popular musical films such as Mary Poppins, Dick Tracy, and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Because of his accomplishments in these films, he became a household name all over the world. At some point in his illustrious career, it is no surprise that he achieved huge awards under his name.

He was even given his self-titled show, which further lends credibility to both his acclaim and net worth. I bet everyone would agree that over the decades, Dick Van has already created a lasting legacy and people would know how a phenomenal actor he is. Now at 95 years old, with a few investments here and there, he recently appeared again for the sheer love of acting in the movie Mary Poppins Returns. His family and children must be very proud of him.


Jerry Lee Lewis is a renowned pianist and singer who became popular in the late ‘50s. He is often referred to as The Killer for his wild antics on stage. He started playing the piano when he was only nine years old and after years of practice, he became who he is today. Indeed, he is considered to be a pioneer and one of the most influential artists in Rock & Roll.

At the peak of his career, he made several huge hits such as “Good Golly Miss Molly,” “Great Balls of Fire,” and many more. Later, his career went to a halt as he dealt with some personal matters. To his credit, he eventually bounced back, although his career never went the same way as it did before. We’re confident, however, that he made a great investment and probably living his best life despite his roller-coaster career.


Gene Reynolds was an American actor, screenwriter, director, and producer, whose crowning achievement is being the co-creator of the hit TV series M*A *S*H. The show with co-creator credits to his name won him several Emmy awards throughout its decade-long run. As an actor, though, he saw some early success in the early ‘30s with films such as Love Finds Andy Hardy and Captains Courageous.

With his undeniable set of skills and talents, the fruits of his hard work must have been stored away in the bank and he must have enjoyed how much he’s worth. Life was so good for him. But since everyone will have the chance to meet our creator, Reynolds together with his wonderful memories were cast away following his death on February 3, 2020. Hopefully, his fans and family will always have a place in their heart that is only dedicated to the great Gene Reynolds.


Susan Dey rose to fame for her credit role as Laurie Partridge in the beloved TV show The Partridge Family. She was only 17 years old with no acting experience when she joined the cast, proving her natural talent for acting. She also had another notable credit role as the lawyer Grace Van Owen in the drama series L.A. Law, for which she won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role.

Today, however, she is rarely seen on TV as well as in cast reunions, as shared by her former co-stars such as Shirley Jones—the actress who played The Partridge Family matriarch. So, there’s little to know about how she is doing now. Regardless, she may have already retired in 2004, but we could only assume that at the age of 68, she did enjoy the fruit of her hard work and still strong enough to face all the circumstances that would come to her life.


I bet everyone would believe that she indeed created a legacy in the acting industry that only she could achieve after years of dedicating most of her life working. The British actress, dancer, pianist, and singer Glynis Johns’ decades of entertainment career have earned her more than enough for a comfortable retirement. Over the years in the entertainment industry, Johns enjoyed plenty of success both in Hollywood and on Broadway.

She became well known for her tandem with Stephen Sondheim in A Little Night Music – a play for which she was awarded a Tony. As an actress for the screen, she received various awards for her credit roles in the drama musical Mary Poppins and the 1960 technicolor film The Sundowners. Needless to say, Johns never has to worry about earning more money as she now enjoys a comfortable retirement together with her children and deserves to have a hassle-free life.


Clint Eastwood is an American actor and director who is nothing short of a cultural icon. Although he is widely known for his role as the antihero cop Harry Callahan in the five Dirty Harry films, Eastwood also starred in a handful of equally iconic characters played over the decades in the industry. Needless to say, Eastwood has accumulated numerous awards both as an actor and as a director. One of which is being the top 2 in Empire UK Magazine under the “The Top 100 Movie Stars of all time” Additionally,

he’s one of the few directors best known as an actor to have an Oscar for Best Director. Aside from his numerous honorary degrees, he also received the Golden Lion Award from the prestigious Venice Film Festival, honoring his lifetime achievements. Thus, that could be the reason why he is considered one of the most in-demand directors of his generation. With all his investment money, it is undeniable that it gave him prosperity in life that he and his family could enjoy.


Sophia Loren is a name that easily commands admiration and esteem upon mention. Indeed, she is considered to be one of the most beautiful and most important female icons the silver screen has ever produced. Beyond the obvious allure of her looks, however, is an unparalleled talent that won her numerous awards throughout her illustrious career, including the most coveted Oscar. Loren also has successful musical credits to her name that led her to win a Grammy.

She is named as one of the 100 Sexiest Stars in Film History and also one of the 50 Most Beautiful People in the world way back in 1991. And as if that’s not enough, she was also ranked as 21st in the American Film Institute’s 50 Greatest Screen Legend. Yes, you heard that right. Sophia did achieve all of that. With her phenomenal talent, all her success in the industry made her investments and retirement fund grow that will last her comfortably with her loved ones.


Olivia de Havilland was one of the last living jewels of Hollywood’s Golden Age until she peacefully died on July 26, 2020, at the age of 104. To the very end, she was still the gem that she was to many people decades before. Though she is best known for her credit role as Melanie Hamilton in the extremely iconic movie Gone with the Wind, she is also the long-time romantic interest of Errol Flynn in several movies they co-starred together.

Some of those film classics include Captain Blood, The Adventures of Robin Hood, and Dodge City. Throughout her long and exciting career, she has accumulated numerous awards and nominations for her most beloved roles, as well as a star in Hollywood’s walk of fame for all her contributions in the industry. She won numerous battles and now, we would all wish that she may rest in peace.


Sidney Poitier is a Hollywood legend known for his enduring performance in Lilies of the Field. His performance in the movie earned him an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award and made history as the first black actor to win an Academy Award for Best Actor. But his influence never faded as Sidney ranked number 20 on the list of the “Greatest Movie Stars of All Time” in 2005.

For over five decades, he remained a beloved actor not only in Hollywood but in other countries as well. It was when he was appointed to be Bahamas’ ambassador to Japan and UNESCO that he decided to retire from the show business. It became an accomplishment that added to his already high-degree of respectability and acclaim. Moreover, Sidney is the first black actor who has placed his autograph, handprints and footprints in the cement of the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. He is indeed a veteran.


Cara Williams is one of the most prolific stars in the ‘50s. She earned credit roles to star in films like Pete and Gladys and The Defiant Ones. However, as successful as her film performances were, her personal life had been quite different. Finally, after a series of romantic problems, she married for a third time to Asher Dann, a businessman with massive investments in real estate.

Williams, eventually, quit show business to pursue a career in interior design instead. This only shows that no matter which road she’d like to take, she will shine through it. And at the age of 95, it is clear that she was able to overcome all the burdens that she bore. She even created a wonderful and prosperous life that her family would enjoy. We genuinely hope that she will also invest some of her strength in her health so that she could continue to inspire more people.


Mildred Kornman is a child actor from the silent film era who also had a series of successful films and a career in modeling as an adult. The opportunities Kornman had at the time were unlike most of her fellow child actors who mostly faded into obscurity soon after the credit role stints. She has also seen some success in the industry when she worked under contract with 20th Century Fox and associated herself as a model under the moniker Ricki VanDusen.

In all her years in the industry, we would all agree that she is an absolute professional and even manage to make a legacy that only Mildred Kornman could ever achieve. Together with her success, she has been given great opportunities to earn and manage her investments. As such, she is spared of bankruptcy news even to this day as she retires comfortably. Indeed, success would come to those who worked for it.


Johnny Crawford is an American actor, singer, and musician who started early on his career with Disney’s The Mickey Mouse Club. From his distinction of being a Mouseketeer, Crawford also starred in the popular ABC show The Rifleman. Even though he was just a teenager, his performance in the show was already recognized and earned him an Emmy nomination. Before that, his first-ever TV exposure is with Chuck Connors who was his close friend for many years.

With over seven decades of acting experience and a string of song credits to his name, he lives a good-natured retirement with his accumulated investments. Therefore, it is safe to assume now that perhaps he is enjoying the fruit of his success while playing his favorite sport which is baseball together with his children and grandchildren. Being a veteran in the industry, he deserves all the good things in life.


Sally Bliss is a former film and television actress known by her screen name Carla Balenda. She started to be recognized when she became Mickey Rooney’s on-screen love interest. Following the tandem, she enjoyed a relatively successful TV career and had some projects such as The Adventure of Dr. Fu Manchu, Hey Mulligan, Wagon Train, Lassie, and Perry Mason. Her final credit role was for the 1966 drama Seconds.

After the movie, she retired from the industry with all her earnings as her investment money. Since retiring from the limelight, nothing significant was heard of her again. But we all hope that she had some financial advisor that would help her to maintain living the comfortable life that would be beneficial for her today. Many of her fans would wish to see her more on the screen but regardless, we all respect her decision to enjoy her private life.


Marcy McGuire started her career when she was only 16 years old. She signed a contract with RKO Pictures and landed her first credit role in Seven Days’ Leave – a movie starred by Lucille Ball. She also received a credit role, along with Frank Sinatra, in Higher and Higher, and had several successful films after that. Her talent and hard work were paid off by the numerous awards and recognition that she achieved throughout her career.

But since nothing is permanent in this world, she eventually retired after her final movie with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis in Jumping Jacks. As we look back at her successful career, one will notice how she held on to her opposite stars like Sinatra and Ball. She was able to do 11 films before entirely devoting her time to her husband, actor Wally Cassel. Aside from being a phenomenal actress, she is also a loving wife.


Bob Newhart is a veteran in comedy. He is widely credited for starting the comedy style called “deadpan.” His claim to fame was his very own hit stand-up monologue in the ‘60s, titled The Button-Down Mind of Bob Newhart. When he was already in his 90s, he still made an appearance in his credit role as Professor Proton in the popular series The Big Bang Theory. He is also active in its spin-off Young Sheldon.

Until today, these shows are currently in demand by the younger generation, and so it is safe to assume that despite his old age, he is still popular and sought after in the industry. I guess there will be no real retirement from what is natural to you, which in his case: comedy. If you love what you are doing you will have the privilege to enjoy the goodness of life just like Bob Newhart did with his career.


Sean Connery was one of the most recognizable and successful actors in Hollywood. Though he was not born with a silver spoon, he was able to make it to the top and remained humble despite the stardom he attained. His career spanned for over five decades, which earned him so much respect and even a well-deserved nickname of “The Greatest Scot”. He used to be a milkman, laborer, and even a coffin polisher before he became one of the cinema world’s greatest talents.

It’s no wonder then how his legion of fans badly missed him onscreen after his retirement. But at least there’s a consolation in the fact that his retirement afforded him a comfortable life which was, of course, brought to him by his investments from his earnings in the industry. However, after living a glorious life, Sean Connery reported meeting his creator at the age of 90. People would miss him more today as well as his family.


Kim Novak started her career in the entertainment industry as a commercial endorser for a refrigerator company. Her face was the center of its advertising campaign. As a result of successful advertising, she soon earned movie credits and stepped into a successful career in films that lasted for many decades. Kim Novak especially rose to fame when she signed with Columba Pictures. Eventually, however, her career slowed down in the late ‘50s.

For many years, she would only take on occasional acting jobs until the early ‘90s when she finally retired from show business for good. After living her roller-coaster life in the industry, it’s still safe to assume that at the age of 87, she managed to maintain her financial stability that her family would enjoy. Kim Novak would always be the living proof that a quick spotlight is enough if you are knowledgeable to handle bravely the way.


Dawn Wells is a hugely successful American actress who created a legacy in the entertainment industry that only a few could attain. She is widely known for her credit role as the doe-eyed beauty named Mary Ann Summers in the TV comedy Gilligan’s Island. Later on, her role in the TV series earned her reappearances several times in the show’s reunion telecasts. Wells was also crowned as the 1959’s Miss Nevada,

proving that she is more than just a beauty but also one with wit and intelligence. Growing old in the industry made her a regular guest in various shows, and the last one she did was in 2019, in the animated TV series The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants. With her phenomenal talent and undying beauty, we could all assume that we would still see her doing projects in the future and would continue to glow in the industry.


Katharine Ross is an American film, stage, and television actress who became popular for her award-winning starring roles as Elaine Robinson in the 1967 film The Graduate and as Etta Place in the 1969 film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. In 1975, she earned a credit role as Joanna Eberhart in the famous movie The Stepford Wives, which was followed by another award-winning performance in the 1976 film Voyage of the Damned.

These were just some of her most unforgettable on-screen characters, which proved to be rightly so because of the awards and nominations she accumulated. After deciding on slowing down in the industry, Ross last appeared in the 2017 movie The Hero, with her husband, Sam Elliott. And now, at the age of 80 years old, she is winning in life together with her family and would enjoy the fruits of her hard work after working over the decades in the industry.


Harry Belafonte is widely considered to be one of the music industry’s most influential legends for having single-handedly popularized Caribbean music in the 1940s. Because he pioneered Caribbean music, he earned the title of “King of Calypso.” Belafonte did not just succeed in the music business but also had a very successful career as an actor, and as a producer which are already quite an accomplishment considering the 30 successful albums he has released throughout the years.

He is also one of the organizers and a mastermind behind the Grammy Award Winning song “We Are the World” He was also awarded a six-gold record after singing the hit “Swing that hammer”. To his credit, despite his old age of 93, he still shows no signs of slowing down as he has recently appeared in the 2018 movie BlacKkKlansman. With his dedication, Harry Belafonte is a living proof that passion in what you do is a sure way for someone’s success.


Dean Stockwell started his acting career when he was only 7 years old. He is known for his credit role in the 1989 television series Quantum Leap. As a child actor, one of his first few films was the 1947 film Gentleman’s Agreement, where portrayed the son of the legendary Gregory Peck in the movie. His last film appearance was the 2015 film Entertainment. With over seven decades in the industry and numerous acting gigs,

both major and minor roles, his wonderful journey in the industry resulted in a legacy that only a few actors have achieved. Needless to say, he received numerous awards and recognition for performances in TV and film. He is widely considered to be a veteran in the entertainment industry. Today, already in his 80s, we are pretty sure he was able to put up good investments from his accumulated savings and hard-earned paychecks that his family would surely enjoy.


Marsha Hunt is an actress who led a successful career in Hollywood. When she was younger, she decided to forego a university degree in the 30s as her parents thought she would and opted to pursue a modeling career instead. This eventually led her to a career in the movie industry. To name a few film credits to her name, she’s known to star in films like Johnny Got His Gun, Born to the West, and Pride and Prejudice. By the ‘70s, she chose to focus on her work with various progressive charities.

Together with her undeniable talent and perseverance in the industry, she managed to stay in the limelight for over 70 years and acquired numerous awards under her name. Marsha Hunt is also the only the last surviving actor from the Golden Age of Hollywood. At the age of 103, she is a proud supporter of UNICEF, The March of the Dimes, and The American Red Cross. There is no surprise that her purest heart is also the reason why she is still blessed today.


Lee Majors played the role of Colonel Steve Austin in the popular science fiction TV series The Six Million Dollar Man. He was so good at playing the role that he won the hearts of many people across America, making him an instant pop icon. Throughout the years he’s been in the industry, he starred in many TV series and movies. For each role that he gave life to, he gave something different for every character.

At the ripe age of 80 years old, he is not the type of person who slows down because of his age as he still accepts acting and voice-over projects. Lee Majors and his loving wife, Farrah Fawcett, created history in television when they both starred in a separated top-rated show back in 1976. Their child must be grateful to have a father like Lee. And would ultimately enjoy the fruit of his success.


Bob Barker is widely known to be the lifelong host of the popular game show The Price is Right, which ran for over three decades and eventually become the longest-running TV daytime game show in history. He also comes with the distinction of being the longest-serving host of beauty pageants, like Miss Universe and Miss USA, which he hosted from 1967 to 1987. Since his retirement from the industry, he recently made headlines after an accidental fall in his home,

for which he needed to be treated. This is where his decades of earnings from a hugely successful career paid off, although his insurance may have covered that already. Even though he already retired from show business, he remains active and is still known to be a generous donor and advocate of animal rights. With his phenomenal skills and pure heart, Bob barker indeed deserves to achieve all the success that he is indulging in right now.


Vera Lynn was an English singer who was known for her poignant song credits “There’ll Always Be an England” and “The White Cliffs of Dover,” which she dedicated to the troops fighting in the Second World War. Her heroic service did not limit her to the songs, however, as it also led her to tour the world to boost morale among troops.

This act earned her numerous medals after the war and was made a Dame by the Queen despite her modest claims that she was only doing her duty. Vera Lynn’s talent in terms of music is indeed exceptional. And so, I’m sure everyone would agree that she lived a glorious life. Vera Lynn died on June 18, 2020, at the age of 103. We are pretty sure that her fans and family will always have a space in their hearts that only belongs to her.


Mel Brooks is one of the most accomplished and prolific entertainers of all time. He is not only just an actor and a comedian but also an accomplished writer, director-producer, and the man behind the comedy blockbusters Robin Hood: Men in Tights and Get Smart. As an actor, he also earned the distinction of having won all four major awards in the United States: an Oscar, a Tony, a Grammy, and an Emmy,

which is considered to be an extraordinary achievement. And as an intelligent writer, he already sold best-selling books and shared his knowledge with his legion of fans. He is also known for choosing a male actor as his lead, and all of his movies featured a wacky song and a dance number. Today, Mel Brooks is one of the most respected artists in the industry and I bet his success is the reason why.


Tippi Hedren is the star of many iconic films such as The Birds and A Countess from Hong Kong. She is now 90 years old and with a unique Hollywood legacy not only for her credit roles and performances in iconic films in her time but also for raising generations of great actresses of their time. She is the mother of the actress Melanie Griffith, who, in turn, produced Dakota Johnson, who is arguably one of the biggest stars today.

She is also known for her activism in advocating animal rights and participation in its causes. Recently, in her 2016 memoir “Tippi” she then wrote that President Donald Trump is one of her celebrity friends. Despite being active in the industry, Tippi Hedren is also a former fashion model. There is no doubt that many people loved her because of her wonderful characteristics and her amazing talent.


Richard Keith, whose real name is Keith Thibodeaux, is an actor who is widely known as ‘Little Ricky’ for his credit role in a hit TV show I Love Lucy. The young Keith was chosen for the part because of his ability to play the drums at the age of 3 and his cuteness. He played the role of being son to Desi and Lucy in the show. Sadly, he is now the last surviving regular cast member of the I Love Lucy show.

Today, though he still plays music, he is no longer active in Hollywood because he is currently managing the Ballet Magnificat, a ballet company established by his wife, which he started prioritizing in 2015. His undying love for the music industry is made him who he is right now. We could all assume that despite his age, he still doing the thing he loves the most which are playing drums and spending time in his recording studio.


Clu Gulager is an American television, film actor, and director, whose real name is William Martin Gulager. His screen name is believed to be a nod to his being a Cherokee. It is said that his nickname was inspired by the club-clu birds that appeared at their home when he was born. Gulager is one of the handful of actors of Cherokee Indian ancestry.

He is famous for his TV credits in the hit Western-themed shows The Virginian and The Tall Man. Way back in 1960, Clu Gulager first became known for his television appearances in 62 NBC Television Series. He also appeared in popular movies such as The Killers, Winning, The Last Picture Show, and the horror film The Return of the Living Dead, which was a critical and commercial success. It earned nominations for four Saturn Awards and has also become a cult status over the years.


Bern Nadette Stanis was called the ‘first American TV darling’ after winning the hearts of the American people for her character, Thelma, on the hit sitcom Good Times. She also had great opportunities such as her credit and star roles in the shows The Cosby Show, The Love Boat, and even The Wayans Bros. Stanis seems to have settled into retirement somewhere around 2015 to e2016.

Although we do catch her on the red carpet from time to time, there are so many who wish to see her in the movies and TV shows, too. But her fans eventually respected her decision and just support her in whatever she plans to do with her life. Now at 67, she still has enough strength to pursue different careers if she would like to, and since she is a well-known personality filled with eventful experiences, she would surely succeed more in life.


Eva Marie Saint rose to fame through her credit role in films such as On the Waterfront, North by Northwest, and numerous others. Her career started to kick off when she first appeared in Ella Kazan’s On the Waterfront in 1954, where she received her first Academic Award for Best Supporting Actress. As the years went on, she began to be the leading actress in some of her projects and become one of the most famous actresses in the movie industry.

Today, even at 96 years old, one can still see vestiges of the young girl that Saint played in all her movie roles. Moreover, her Hollywood success is nothing compared to her hugely successful marriage to Director Jeffrey Hayden, who she remained married to from 1951 until he died in 2016. And right now, we are pretty sure that she is living her wonderful life together with her two children.


If you are a fan of the second quarter of the 20th century, there is a high chance that you know about the American Actress and former children’s radio show host Jane Withers. She started acting in the year 1929 when she was only 3 years old. Since then, she became a very popular child star to the degree that she earned a film credit opposite Shirley Temple in Bright Eyes.

Growing up in the limelight, she was allowed to become a familiar household face for years, when she became Josephine the Plumber, who advertised comet cleanser in a commercial series. She also did the voice of the character of Laverne in the Disney animated film The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Since the decline of Hollywood’s Golden Age, she wasn’t able to act as much. However, I believe it is safe to assume that she is now a financially stable woman who is comfortably enjoying the fruits of working at an early age.


Tina Louise is an American actress who was given TV credit for portraying the movie starlet, Ginger Grant in the show Gilligan’s Island. Later, she was known for her performances in movies such as God’s Little Acre, The Stepford Wives, and The Wrecking Crew. At her age of 86, and though already in her supposed retirement, she still last appeared in what could be her last credit role in the 2017 movie Tapestry.

She studied various skills such as acting and singing under Sanford Meisner in Neighborhood Playhouse. Since then, she was offered to become a model most notably for magazines like Modern Man and Adam, Sir! Louise made her acting debut at Two’s Company in 1952 and four years later she made her debut on the big screen starting with God’s Little Acre. Despite being the mainstay of Gilligan’s Island, she refused to take part in the latter’s reunion films.


Marilyn Knowlden was a child star when she started her career in the industry. She participated in a beauty pageant for babies at the age of 3 back in 1929. At 8 years old, Marilyn played Jessie Pullman in the 1934 movie Imitation of Life. She is mostly known for her acts alongside Hollywood stalwarts, Humphrey Bogart, Bette Davis, and Katharine Hepburn. However, as she grew older in the industry, she thought she would still need to pursue a university degree if she were to make it work in Hollywood.

So she graduated from a university majoring in drama and music, which, eventually, led her to a successful career in songwriting and scriptwriting that contributed so much in enhancing her net worth. She also wrote an autobiography, which contains her experiences and thoughts on the so-called Golden Age of Hollywood. Knowlden considers herself a freelance celebrity because she worked on numerous movie studios without having a contract offer.


Loretta Lynn is an American singer and songwriter with a talent for country music. Before becoming known as one of the country’s music legends in the 1950s, she was a coal miner’s daughter. Having started her musical career in the 1950s, Lynn has come a long way from being the coalminer’s daughter to becoming a country legend when it comes to music. She began her country-singing career in clubs and later on she formed a band named Trailblazers.

Even at the age of 88, she’s out touring, producing music, and dropping albums. We can’t help but wonder if Loretta has discovered the fountain of youth, for she hardly looks her real age. Lynn was known to many people for her song credits such as One’s on the Way, Fist City, Don’t Come Home A-Drinkin’, You Ain’t Woman Enough, and Coal Miner’s Daughter. She was known as one of Patsy Cline’s friends and their friendship was depicted in the 2019 TV film Patsy & Loretta.


Toni Tennille is the other half of the famous husband-and-wife duo Captain and Tennille, who brought us some of the timeless songs known from the ‘70s. Some of the songs under their name credit that became the most popular were “Do That to Me One More Time,” and “Love Will Keep Us Together.” When Captain became sick, Tenille moved to Arizona to take care of her husband until his death on January 2, 2019.

However, Tennille is still very much alive today, at the age of 80. Just a few years ago, Tennille released a memoir, titled “Toni Tennile: A Memoir,” which was what kept her busy when she was taking care of her then sick partner. She was also known for providing backing vocals on the British rock band Pink Floyd’s single The Wall and on Elton John’s album entitled Caribou. She had a stint in hosting her program called The Toni Tennille Show.


Warren Beatty was able to serve and increase his fan base and desirability for decades. He is known best for his movie credits in Bonnie and Clyde, Citizen Kane, and Shampoo, to name a few, all of which have been certified blockbusters because of him. In 1992, he got so smitten by actress Annette Bening that they ended up getting married in the same year. To this day, they are still going strong and have raised four children: two sons and two daughters.

He is also known for his roles in films like Dick Tracy as Dick Tracy and Bugsy as the Jewish American mobster Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel. Before he appeared in those films during the peak of his career, Beatty first appeared on the episodes of TV shows such as Westinghouse Studio One, Suspicion, and Kraft Television Theater. In 2016, Warren was reportedly reprising his role as Dick Tracy in the sequel of the 1990 film but there is still no update as of now.


Cicely is a beloved actress and fashion model who is known for portraying strong African-American and women-oriented roles on the silver screen. Her unforgettable performance was from her credit role as Constantine Bates in the movie The Help. Her tear-jerking scenes from the said film earned her multiple-nominations and award. After her stint as a fashion model in her younger years, Cicely Tyson’s acting career kick-started with NBC’s Frontiers of Faith in 1951;

then five years later she made her movie debut when she appeared on Carib Gold. Her fame skyrocketed when she took up her role as Rebecca Morgan in the 1972 movie Sounder. Even at the age of 94, there is no stopping her from doing what she loves best. At her age, you might think she’s set to retire soon; but her looks may deceive you, as she looks way younger than her age. As years pass by, Tyson is still active on show business and was one of the regular casts of the recent TV show How to Get Away from Murder.


Shirley MacLaine started her acting career in the year 1955. Her name came from fellow actress Shirley Temple. Maclaine used to be a cheerleader when she attended and studied at Washington Lee High School and at the same time, she also tried her best in acting at her school’s theatrical productions and later moved to New York during the summer and tried her acting skill on Broadway.

Her first movie appearance was in Alfred Hitchcock’s film The Trouble with Harry. Since then, she was nominated, won, and recognized for many awards, including an Emmy and an Oscar. At the age of 86, she is still very much loved and respected in the industry for her contributions and movie credits. Despite her old age, she still managed to land in a new film project called Noelle. Her net worth improves over the years. However, her projects have never been about earning the big bucks, but for the sheer joy of the art of acting.


Barbara Walters is no doubt one of the most influential TV personalities of all time. She is known for many years as an accomplished journalist and broadcaster, having hosted distinguished news programs like Today, ABC Evening News, 20/20, and The View. In 2004 and after her retirement, she continued to be a reporter and contributor until 2015. She also became a successful author and publisher of several articles to her credit, as well as writing her autobiography.

In 2010, news broke out about her successful treatment for a faulty aortic valve; but now at 90 years old, there has been less talk about her health. Before becoming a veteran journalist in America, she started her job in journalism by writing press releases on WNBT-TV and as a producer of a children-oriented TV show entitled Ask The Camera and the Eloise McElhone Show. After that, she began working on CBS’ The Morning Show and the rest was history.


Leonard Whiting had a brief but distinguished movie career. His big break was when he starred as Romeo in the 1968 Franco Zeffirelli film Romeo and Juliet, for which his movie credit led him to win a Golden Globe award for New Star of the Year. News has spread that the acclaimed filmmaker personally handpicked him out of 300 young men who auditioned for the role. Though his career in movies did not progress much, it was, however,

in theatre acting that he was best lauded for, especially in his role as the Artful Dodger in the London production of Oliver! Now in his 70s, he lives with his wife in his native London. Whiting later reunited with Olivia Hussey in the British psychological film Social Suicide, after many years since both of them worked together in 1968 with Romeo and Juliet. Whiting currently lives peacefully in Steele’s Village, London.


Jamie Farr is an American actor and comedian known for his TV credit character, Corporal Klinger, in the long-running TV sitcom M*A*S*H. As Klinger, he became a truly loved figure in the series and became a fan-favorite throughout the series’ airing, where he was widely known for his fondness for women’s dresses. After the hit TV sitcom, Jamie continued to take on acting jobs mostly on TV, with guest appearances on some other hit TV series like The Love Boat,

That ’70s Show, and many more. At 86 years of age, he has still been promoting his show M*A*S*H, and other classic TV series by being the endorser of the MeTV network. But that’s not all, because Jamie Farr appeared as Dudley in Fox’s situational comedy program The Cool Kids. With his $6 million net worth, it is already enough investment money for him to survive and sustain his needs or even pay his insurance regularly.


James Drury started his acting career in the mid-’50s when he was only 12 years old. He was best known for his credit role in NBC’s The Virginian, a nine-year running series from 1962 to 1971. He was also known for his roles in a handful of Walt Disney movies like Ride the High Country. News reports revealed that he recently made a fortune from his investments in oil and natural gas in Texas.

We only know little information about his life in recent decades. However, he has a talented son, Timothy Drury, who is the vocalist, guitarist, and keyboardist of The Eagles and later, Whitesnake. His last appearance was reportedly on one of the episodes of the TV show Tales of the Cap Gun Kid. Although he died on April 6, 2020, he is still set to appear posthumously in the upcoming film Billy and the Bandit.


Marge Champion was known for her dancing career in Hollywood. She started as a dance model for Walt Disney Studios’ animated movies, and it did not take long before she was on the big screen for credit roles as actress and dancer. She and her second husband, Gower Champion, co-led a dance team for a long time that eventually opened for them an opportunity of co-starring in musicals shows,

like Show Boat, Mr. Music, Three for the Show, and more. They also had the opportunity to star in their TV series The Marge and Gower Champion Show. Although already out of the spotlight, she last appeared in a short film in 2001 about dancers in senior care, when she was 90 years old. She reached 100 years of age on her birthday last September 2, 2019, and died peacefully on October 23, 2020, at the age of 101.


Jacqueline White was then attending college classes at UCLA and was all set to earn her university degree when she was discovered by a casting director who offered her first role in the movie industry in 1944. She further went on to star in classic films such as Crossfire, The Narrow Margin, and many more. However, when she got married in the 50s, she was forced to retire and live away from the spotlight.

Jacqueline had worked during the peak of her career in RKO films and Metro Goldwyn Meyer (MGM). During her time at MGM, the majority of her roles were only minor and were uncredited. When she started under RKO films, she first appeared on Crossfire and The Narrow Margin and marked her first western film with the movie Return of the Bad Men, which was released in 1948 and was also made by RKO pictures. In 2013, she appeared at TCM Classic Film Festival.


Lindsey Wagner is widely known for her credit character of Jaime Sommers in the TV series The Six Million Dollar Man. With the show’s success, she had the opportunity to star in a new show called Bionic Woman, which was written primarily for her. For the role, she became the recipient of an Emmy Award in 1977. It seems, though, that retirement is still not a topic for this actress, as just recently, she’s been a regular guest on different TV series, with the recent one being Grey’s Anatomy,

as Helen Karev. She is not only known for her roles on TV, but she is also an author and published many books such as Lindsay Wagner’s New Beauty: The Acupressure Facelift, 30 Day Natural Face Lift Program, and High Road to Health: A Vegetarian Cookbook. Wagner appeared on commercials like Ford Motors, where she became a spokesperson of Ford dealerships in Southern California from 1987 up to 2000 and was credited for its rising car sales in the region.


Ann-Margret is known for her beauty and her credit roles in movies such as Viva Las Vegas, Bye Bye Birdie, and The Cincinnati Kid. Aside from her timeless beauty and grace, she also showed an exquisite talent for singing, dancing, and acting. Even now, in her 70s, she still exudes the same grace and elegance, which were undeniable when she appeared in the TV series Ray Donovan. Ann-Margret was often dubbed and compared as Elvis Presley’s feminine version.

She began as a singer with her first album And Here She Is Ann-Margret. She was known for covering Elvis Presley’s hit single Heartbreak Hotel and during the Academy Awards presentation, she sang the theme song of the 1961 film Bachelor in Paradise. Aside from movies, she appeared on various TV shows like The Flintstones where she provided the voice of Ann-Margrock, the fictionalized version of herself in an episode named “Ann Margrock Presents”.

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