Did These Stars Undergo Gastric Bypass Surgery? See Their Shocking Weight Loss Here


After making some appearances in her early teenage years on television, Kaley Cuoco got her big break by playing Bridget on the sitcom “8 Simple Rules”. Though the show would eventually end in 2005, Cuoco landed her biggest role yet just two years later on the sitcom “The Big Bang Theory”. The series has been consistently one of the highest-rated on television for the past decade, making Cuoco one of the highest-paid actresses in the world right now.

In addition to lowering her eating, Cuoco would work out seven days a week. Cuoco also had to avoid a lot of carbohydrates, not eating any rice, bread or potatoes later in the day. Squats, sprints, barbell curls and planks were a big part of the workout routine to burn off the low amount of calories that Cuoco was eating, though it did pay off and Cuoco ended up even liking the training routine. Cuoco has maintained most of her eating habits since her weight loss, though she does eat more than almonds these days.


Kevin James has always been known as one of those actors with the “big size” and he wasn’t really bothered about it. Of course, you can’t request for personal loans without cogent reasons. Nevertheless, after he was tipped to play the role of a teacher in the movie “Here Comes the Boom” he opted for a protein-rich diet combined with tight fitness schedule.

This move was more of a miracle for the popular actor as it gave him the best physique he has ever had. His remarkable breakthrough physique didn’t last quite much as he gained weight back after playing his role in the movie. Currently, the actor is a little bit lighter but surely not as much as his perfect size which he had during the Here Comes the Boom movie. But at least, his weight is not as bad as it was during the early periods of his career. But the credit would still go to the movie that made him realize that he has the potentials to become physically fit whenever he is ready.

Megan Fox – Paleo Diet

Megan Fox is one of the most talented actresses and models in the industry. She became famous after playing the lead role in the Transformers franchise which was also her breakout film. Her beautiful figure and angelic face earned her a spot in several popular magazines such as Maxim and FHM. In 2012, after giving birth to their second child, Megan realized she was out of shape and like many celebrities on this list, she accepted the challenge to become healthy and fit again after giving birth.

In just two months, she was able to achieve her fantastic body after going on a Paleo diet. She had to completely remove bread from her daily meals. Aside from good weight management, Megan is also great at money management. She needs to handle the large amount of fortune she earns from her projects so that she can plan for her family’s future.

Oprah – Diet and Healthy Lifestyle

Oprah is considered to be one of the most influential women in the world. She’s also one of the richest personalities in Hollywood because of her smart investments. With her continued success in the 21st century, Winfrey became a billionaire. She co-produced the Broadway musical “The Color Purple” with others, created the website, and opened a 24-hour channel on XM Satellite Radio called Oprah Radio.

She was so busy that she had no time to properly look after her body, especially her weight management. With that in mind, she changed her lifestyle to achieve a healthier version of herself. Within a couple of months, she was able to shed thirty pounds and more up to this date. Changing lifestyle helps a lot when it comes to being healthy and Oprah is one of those people who took advantage of this.


Melissa Ann McCarthy is an American actress, comedian, writer, producer and fashion designer. She has received numerous accolades, including two Primetime Emmy Awards and two Academy Awards and two Golden Globe nominations. Adding to the list of heavyweight comedians who struggled with weight gain is Melissa McCarthy. Although she has exercise and strict diet program to thank for her current state, for me, I think she never took it seriously all this while.

Anyway, I’m glad she finally did and the result is like landing the best attorney for a legal case. She is doing fine and was able to shed more weight to a greater degree. Follow a ketogenic diet, which limits carbohydrate and glucose consumption while increasing fat intake. …In addition to changing eating habits, Melissa also attributes weight loss to a change in attitude.


KhloéAlexandra Kardashian is an American media celebrity, socialite, producer and businessman. Since 2007, she has starred in the reality TV series “The Kardashian Family” with her family. One of the world’s famous families is the Kardashians. If you have followed their reality TV show, you can see that Khloe is called the “fat sister,” and she did not tolerate any of it.

She even battles emotionally and mentally after her divorce with her ex-husband. She made a wise move and rehabilitate herself. She enrolled herself at a gym. Given her net worth $30 million, she did not even opt for weight loss surgeries. A very smart move of her is she had a TV show themed Revenge Body. Such a way to manage her finances and she off some weight as well. She became happier and healthier!


Jennifer Lesley Ellison is a British actress who was a glamour model, TV personality, dancer and singer. She won the National Ballet & Modern Dance Championships in 1996 & 1997. Ellison is probably best known for playing Emily Shadwick in the TV soap opera “Brookside” before 2003, and the adaptation of the film “The Phantom of the Opera” in 2004 Meg Giry. Since October 10, 2009, she has been married to Rob Tickle. They have 3 children.

Another celebrity who’s having difficulty in achieving a healthy weight is Jennifer Ellison. After finally deciding to shed the extra pounds, she underwent a strict diet program known as the 800-calories-per day Cambridge Diet and it actually works on her. Jennifer added: ‘I’d have a slice of apple and a six-mile walk and get back starving. I was told the perfect analogy for me about wanting to help your boy’s – like when you have to put on a flight oxygen mask, you have to put yours on first. She achieved her weight loss and her hard work paid off.

AMBER RILEY – Fitness and diet

Amber Patrice Riley, sometimes called RILEY, is an American actress, singer, writer, and activist. She has a net worth of $2 million dollars. She is best known for her role as Mercedes Jones in the Fox comedy series “Glee”. Given her beauty and confidence, Amber Riley followed her doctor’s advice to shed some weight.

She has decided to lose her excess pounds. She was then suggested different weight loss methods such as gastric bypass surgery. However, she knows how to manage her finances and opt to go for regular exercise and diet to control her weight. Losing all excess weight not only makes her healthier, but also enables her to wear any clothes she wants without worrying about cellulite. Now, no matter what she wears, she looks very elegant. So let’s see how she achieved this feat.


Delta Ramona Leah Burke is an American actress, producer and writer. From 1986 to 1991, she played Suzanne Sugarbaker in the CBS sitcom “Design Women”, for which she won two Emmy nominations for best actress in a comedy series. Delta Burke has been struggling with Type 2 diabetes and weight gain. She has lost 20 pounds, which helped her a lot.

Delta Burke decided to take Byetta, a diabetes drug that can help lower blood sugar after meals. These pills can help Delta suppress appetite and monitor diet. Fortunately, Delta is in actor Gerald McClany accompanied by a supportive husband. Thanks to this effective weight loss program, she now looks healthier and happier now. This also helped her save a lot of cash for at least she wouldn’t need to undergo a Gastric Bypass Surgery after all.

ROBBIE WILLIAMS- Fitness and diet

Robert Peter Williams is a British singer, creator and entertainer. He has a net worth of $300 million. Although he started his career as a member of taking That during the 90s, he became much more successful as a solo artist. From 1990 to 1995, he was known as the pop band Take That, but since 1996, his personal career has achieved greater commercial success.

One of the hottest singers that have been sought by a lot of ladies is Robbie Williams. Who wouldn’t? He has good looks and a hot body. However, the musician is no exception in gaining some extra pounds. Thus, he seeks advice and part of his routine is proper nutrition, fitness, and yoga. When following the WW lifestyle, Robbie Williams focuses on choosing healthy and balanced foods and exercising regularly. Weight loss means eating better, moving more, developing a positive mindset. It seems to work as he is currently back in shape.


Jennifer Kate Hudson, also known by her nickname J. Hud, is an American singer, actress and philanthropist. In her music and acting career, Hudson has won many honors, including Oscars, Golden Globes and two Grammy Awards. Jennifer Hudson got everyone in awe of her weight loss. Although it seems like she’s gone through gastric bypass surgery, all credits should only go to her dedication and discipline.

The Weight Watcher ambassador underwent a strict diet program that gave her that sexy body she now possesses. The singer and actress chose to use Hui Weight to reduce and avoid stubborn weight. Initially, Jennifer chose to lose weight when she was pregnant with her son. In the weight loss journey, Jennifer Hudson lost 80 pounds. Although studies have shown that most people who lose weight can regain weight, Hudson has maintained a slim figure.


Starlet Marie Jones is an American lawyer, journalist, TV personality, fashion designer, writer, and advocate for women and diversity. She was one of the most famous hosts on the ABC morning talk show “The View” from 1997 to 2006. Star Jones’ journey to weight loss has been one of the most controversial. Being one of the hosts of The View, having to go through gastric bypass surgery has become an issue.

Although she has lost 160 pounds now compared to her weight during the gastric bypass surgery, Star said she has not yet fully adapted to her new body. Thankfully, she didn’t go bankrupt when she had to quit the show. Credits to her financial advisor, she remained financially stable. Now that Star has a healthy weight, she said that she can finally become her true self. She is studying every day.

JONAH HILL- Fitness and diet

Jonah Hill Feldstein is an American actor, director, producer, screenwriter and comedian. Hill is known for his comedic roles in the comedy movie “Superbad”, and his theatrical performances in “Moneyball” and “The Wolf of Wall Street”, for which he won Nominated for the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. In 2020, it was discovered that his film swearing rate was higher than that of any other actors. As a screenwriter, he contributed to the story of the sausage party 21 Jump Street and 22 Jump Street. Hill provided the voice for Holden’s voice performance!

Appearing in movies, mostly comedy, everyone can see Jonah Hill is overweight. He even faced options which is a gastric sleeve surgery that would cost him $23,000 or a strict diet plan. He chose to have a strict diet plan, that could save him lots of money and not worry about his finances. According to reports, he said that a record of tremendous weight loss after asking for help from a nutritionist. His battle with overweight and the promising results has been an inspiration to many.


Keely Shaye Smith, also known as Keely Shaye Brosnan, is an American journalist, author, television host/correspondent, glamour model and actress. Smith met actor Pierce Brosnan on a beach in Mexico on April 8, 1994. They married on August 4, 2001, at Ballintubber Abbey in County Mayo, Ireland. They have two sons, Dylan Thomas Brosnan and Paris Beckett Brosnan. As the wife of Hollywood stud and heartthrob, Pierce Brosnan, Keely Shaye’s weight was always under scrutiny.

When her new pictures flooded the internet, it was clear that Shaye lost a considerable amount of weight. Reports say that Keely Shaye Smith lost a whopping 100 pounds! To sum up, eat healthily and follow a good lifestyle can reach your weight loss goal. Moreover, you won’t even feel that you are on a “diet” to lose weight. Let women like Keely Shaye be your source of inspiration-because losing 100 pounds is not more important than being a good person.


Alison Moyet is a British singer, songwriter and performer, known for his strong blues forbidden tones. She is well known for half of the Yazoo duo, but since then mainly serves as a solo artist. Her global album sales reached 23 million certified copies, and her single sales exceeded 2 million. All of her 9 studio albums and 3 compilation albums are among the top 30 British albums charts, with two albums ranking first.

On the UK singles chart, she also won 9 30 singles and 5 10 hits. Her latest album “Her Ninth Other” was released on June 16, 2017. Alison Moyet’s claim to fame is being ½ of the singing duo Yahoo. What really surprised her fans, though, was the fact that she cut off almost half the size of her body. While some may think she looks like she’s been stressed, let’s just give her credit for following a strict diet and exercise. She even doesn’t have any issues with bankruptcy at all.


Ethan Suplee is an American film and TV actor. The most famous roles are Seth Ryan in “American History X”, Louis Lustique in “Remember the Titans”, “Boys” Frankie in “Meet the World”, Randy Hickey in “My Name Is Earl”, Toby in “The Wolf of Wall Street”, Elwood in “No Paddle”, and his role in Kevin The role in the Smith movie.

Instead of taking the shortcut with Gastric Bypass Surgery, Ethan Suplee opted to man up and conquer his weight problems with a healthy diet and regular workout. Suplee started by putting himself on a liquid diet and estimates that he lost 80 pounds in two months, an extreme drop and lifestyle change that he would never advocate now. Just like paying off major debt, he lost a whopping 200lbs. Well, isn’t that really inspiring? This only shows how everything is possible with endurance and determination.


Aretha Louise Franklin is an American singer, songwriter, actress, pianist and civil rights activist. At the age of 18, she began her secular music career as a recording artist with Columbia Records. Although Franklin’s career did not immediately flourish, she received praise and commercial success after signing with Atlantic Records in 1966. Popular songs include “I never loved a man”, “respect”, “feel like a “natural woman”, “a chain of fools”, “thinking” and “I say a little Prayer” which made her surpass her peers in the music industry.

By the end of the 1960s, Aretha Franklin was known as the “Queen of Souls.”The Queen of Soul herself can do no wrong. But her weight got to a point where it was downright unhealthy and she was struggling with health issues. Aretha took control and lost an impressive 85 lbs to regain control over her weight, health and life. Aretha is 74 years old these days and the weight loss means that she is going to be around for far longer, which we are over the moon about!


Ricki Pamela Lake is an American actress, TV presenter and producer. She is best known for her leading role in the 1988 film “Hairspray” by Tracy Turnblad and she was nominated for Best Actress in the Independent Spirit Award. She is also known for her talk show, which was broadcast internationally from September 1993 to May 2004. When Lake’s show debuted, she was only 24 years old and considered the youngest person to host a joint talk show at the time. Lake won the talk show host’s Day my Emmy Award for the first time.

The then 300-pound teenager who played a major role in Hairspray is bothered about her weight. Ricki Lake attempted to undergo the Atkins diet, which reportedly costs around $100.52 a week. It is an investment for her as she loses a lot of pounds. With a net worth of $16 million, she can afford it. However, she had a remarkable weight gain after her divorce from Christian Evans. She then was bothered about the gain she goes for a workout schedule.


Kelly Brianne Clarkson is an American singer, singer, actress, writer and TV personality. After winning the first season of “American Idol”, she became famous in 2002, which earned her a record deal with RCA Records. Clarkson’s first single “A Moment Like This” topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the United States and became the best-selling single in the United States in 2002.

Following the top 40 singles on countless radio stations, such as “Since U Been Gone” and “Because” Album, has sold more than 12 million copies worldwide and won two Grammy Awards from Clarkson. The 2002 American Idol winner is not happy with her weight. Given the fact that she had captured the heart of so many fans, she decided to shed off some of her excess weight. Having a net worth of $28 million, she opts to go to online classes to physical ones after her engagement. She was able to lose many pounds, with her determination, discipline, and well-balanced diet.

SARA RUE – Fitness & DIET

Sara Rue is a famous American actress. Her performances are known as Carmen Ferrara in “Popular” and Claude Casey in “Less than Perfect”. She is also known for being Olivia Caliban in the second season of a series of unfortunate events. However, she is more popular because of her weight loss in her thirties. The super healthy lifestyle has made her lose 50 pounds of fat. This helped her regain her shape without getting sick.

Sara Rue is seen in the movie Less than Perfect. The actress also falls on the overweight list. But she wasted no time as she quickly asks a nutritionist to handle her weight loss journey. She underwent a proper weight-reduction plan that mainly revolves around proper diet and regular exercise. Her discipline and determination came out well as she achieved the desired results.


Kelly Rowland, a member of the famous girl group called Destiny’s Child, has gained some weight after childbirth. However, she went back to her slender shape through proper nutrition and advised exercise from online and offline classes. Now, her weight loss is reportedly around 70 pounds. She is not stopping until she gets the perfect physique. Her body transformation is certainly a great way for her to impress her fans.

Her career peaked back in the late 1990s with fellow Destiny’s Child members Beyonce Knowles and Michelle Williams. Some of their number-one singles were Say My Name, Independent Women, and Survivor. After 2001, Rowland pursued a solo career as a music artist, and one of her number one singles includes Dilemma, her collaboration with Nelly, Stole, and Can’t Nobody. Her second album was released in 2007, which has produced chart-topping singles as well. She has also debuted her acting career in commercially successful films Freddy vs. Jason and The Seat Filler.


Rachel Frederickson is one of the success stories of the reality show “The Biggest Loser.” Up to now, she has still maintained her perfect body. Although losing weight was not an easy journey for her, it only shows that hard work, discipline, and determination can hit the goal. Frederickson won as the “biggest loser” of season 15 of the show. She wowed the viewers and fans with a massive weight loss from 260 to 105 pounds.

However, as astonishing as her result was, many of her followers got concerned with how small she got. Some thought she might have lost a little too much than she should. Handling the public’s demand may have caused her a huge degree of stress as she reportedly gained 20 pounds again, and thankfully it didn’t exceed any more than that. So far, it’s all the latest we’ve got about her as she has been very private and careful with her updates since.


Missy Elliot is one of the highest-paid artists in the music industry. She was also one of those who did not care about her weight at first. But after the doctors told her the effects of being overweight, especially leading to cardiovascular diseases, she had an eye-opener. She opted to undergo regular exercise and healthy nutrition. Her decision had come a long way as it really paid off.

Last 2019, at the MTV Video Music Awards, she received her Video Vanguard Award, and she showed off her dramatic weight loss. The R&B rapper credited her new shape to months and months of strict diet, mainly focusing on losing soda and bread in her meals and snacks. In an Instagram post, the Get Ur Freak On singer-rapper revealed that she only drinks water and avoids soda and juice. She also shared how water has restored her glow, and she does not feel sluggish anymore.


Britney Spears is one of the hottest celebrities in the ’90s. In later years, however, she battled against her weight problems. She had a massive weight gain due to emotional disturbance and then decided to seek a weight loss program, which went really well as she got her healthy physique back. The pop singer got herself to work out, along with her boyfriend, Sam Asghari. Spears made the necessary investments that come with proper diet and exercise.

Her gravity-defying posts on Instagram are proof of how she sweats all the unwanted fats out. Home exercises are good, but the Hit Me, Baby, One More Time singer also hits the gym for an hour of intense routines with her personal trainer. Every once in a while, she also goes hiking to refocus her energy. Her fans are now happy for her as she looks like the Britney Spears we know in the ’90s.


Tom Arnold has always been a fan of junk food. Because of his bad eating habits, he got some unhealthy weight. However, he had a rapid turnaround when his first child was born. He probably wanted to be a good example for his son, so he decided to stop his junk food habit. He now adopts a fitness routine program, and it is actually working. With that said, it’s safe to say that the actor surely wants to become a good father!

It was not so long ago when Arnold used to not look at himself and prayed that others wouldn’t either. Yes, his weight problem got to that point. According to him, he hoped the audience wouldn’t see through his weight while watching him perform on screen. After earning more than 120 movie credits, nothing brought him to the moment of finally dealing with his weight other than being a dad. Now, he enjoys every bit of himself with his two children.

VALERIE BERTINELLI- Fitness and diet

Valerie Bertinelli became popular for her role in the movie The Promise of Love. She enjoyed the smooth sailing of her career until she started to add some pounds. In 2007, she had become overweight, which affected her career. She then decided on a weight loss schedule mixed with exercise and healthy nutrition. Currently, her efforts in her weight loss journey are evident. In 2009, Bertinelli lost about 50 pounds.

Thanks to Jenny Craig for the effective program that got the actress back to her usual shape and even made her form better. The 60-year-old actress also shared another diet she’s following, and she’ll walk through all of America into her weight loss journey on her new series with Today. Indeed, her insurance company will be very proud of her for keeping up with her daily diet and routines under her new program, no matter the challenges that come along her way.


If you’re a fan of the show How I Met Your Mother, you will surely know who Jason Segel is. Talk about weight problems, the comedian was never bothered about his weight at first. However, his assistant showed a picture of him, and after realizing how massive he is, he decided to cut off the extra pounds. After going through a strict diet and exercise, he was able to lose weight.
Segel went through an intense investment process on his physique, and we’re glad that he has finally earned his profits.

His journey to weight loss was not an easy ordeal. However, due to the demands of his movie project with Cameron Diaz, the 40-year-old actor-comedian was able to push himself to get into shape. The actor’s preparation included living healthy, eating right, and no more having midnight pizza. This goes to show that actors may be lucky for their high-paying jobs, but they also pay such great sacrifice most of the time.


If there is one thing that magicians can’t play a trick on, it’s probably health. The famous magician Penn Jillette had to go through weight loss after his doctor mentioned that he had a risk of cardiovascular disease. He decided to undergo a strict potato diet and regular exercise. He then was able to lose around many pounds of excess weight. Discipline really pays off! Jillette’s rigorous diet resulted in a 100-pound worth of weight loss.

And his doctor and the insurance company couldn’t be any happier for such a good improvement in his health. As he is a fan of doing things the hard way, he goes with his diet program the hard way too. He has proven himself successful and definitely, on top of his mountain. We all know magicians don’t really reveal their secrets, but he made an exception with this one. Other than his food diet, he also adopted an extreme form of intermittent fasting.


Sam Smith sure did lose a lot of weight. It was reported that the bulk of his weight loss amounted to 50 pounds. Aside from financial advisors, he probably got some help from health experts because of how good he looks now. Can you remember the chubby Sam Smith from when he started his music career? Well, that guy is far gone now, but though it has been years of him staying fit, somehow he’s made a reputation as the incredible shrinking Smith.

His weight loss may seem like an overnight transformation, but the truth is that it has been in the works the whole time with his dedication to his new healthy habits. Over time, he reaped the harvest and started losing weight. Before the impressive drastic change, he first started his journey two years before the media noticed significant changes. Looking at him now, you can definitely tell he’s done a great job keeping his desired body weight.


You would probably think that Kelly Osbourne has never gotten over her brat self by going through a gastric bypass surgery to look this thin. Nope, the rockstar’s daughter deserves all the credit for working really hard to get these results! Even though she opted for the surgery, she also made changes in her diet. Not only has she gone mature since The Osbournes, but she has also never looked this incredible.

Osbourne rocked a huge 80 pounds off her again, and it is good news! Despite the procedure she had to take, the British actress and fashion designer is proud of her move and the weight she was able to achieve. In an interview, she explained what the surgery does, and according to the E! Fashion Police alum, it just only reshapes your stomach, so you don’t have to eat more than you should. Though many people have a lot to say about it, as long as Osbourne is comfortable and satisfied with her state, we know all will be well.


Kate Winslet added the extra pounds due to her pregnancy. It was not an easy feat for her, like any other people who wanted to shed excess weight. She had to undergo long hours of exercise and a very strict diet. The good thing is that paying for the programs is not a problem for her as her finances are looking good. Being Britain’s top and one of Hollywood’s finest actresses, Winslet had to keep up with appearances.

The Titanic star who had always wanted to be in the industry knew the field she was getting herself into, and for sure, she has prepared to do whatever it takes to keep herself relevant and still in demand. To have started in Hollywood as one with striking good looks and a curvy figure, maintaining the appropriate diet and exercise is part of the investment planning. Thankfully, the actress found a good program for her to get back into shape after her pregnancy.


Since her pregnancy, it’s pretty obvious that Fergie gained a lot of weight. Just like how mortgage rates surprise people with their sudden increase, many people couldn’t believe how the Black Eyed Peas singer suddenly blew up. Thankfully, with a strict diet plan and exercise, the Glamourous singer was able to get back in shape. Fergie has been famous for her athletic body and her bling-bling fashion style.

As a music artist, she’s full of energy and is known to be the queen of Hollywood parties. For her to remain relevant in the field, she has to keep her rigorous diet and routine. She is known to follow a balanced diet, and her current shape is a result of it and her commitment to daily exercise. Some of her favorite meals are salads, lean meat, and yogurt. The singer-rapper also revealed that she enjoys her McDonald’s meal on cheat days.


Josh Peck’s current hot-o-meter is just as high as getting the perfect credit score. The Drake and Josh star has gotten rid of his baby fats. Thanks to diet and exercise, what looked like an adorable chubby adolescent in the 2000’s has turned out to be a fine-looking man. Most people are fond of discussing celebrity weight loss, which is exactly a topic Josh Peck can relate to. Although there’s more to him than his weight loss journey, his transformation is something remarkable.

His secret includes always having a motivation to lose weight, and for the actor, he wants to be a role model in fitness. He knew he couldn’t do it on his own, so he hired a professional to help him. With the program they were able to devise, Peck stuck to it and trusted the process. After years of keeping up with his diet and exercise, he has bloomed into the healthy and fit celebrity he aimed to become.


Unlike her sisters, Rob Kardashian has gone through a dark season where he has gained a lot of weight. Well, at least he didn’t follow Scott Disick’s steps in and out of rehab. After the birth of his first child, the only male Kardashian sibling has been doing a lot better. It looks like having a child does turn people’s worlds upside down. Kris Jenner posted on her Instagram account and showed off the incredible weight loss of her son Rob.

It has also been the first time Rob posed in a photo with his sisters in years. Fans of the Kardashian family were quick to notice the change and affirmed how he looked good. Some encouraged him to keep up as he also took more snapshots of himself with the family on his social media account. Khloe, the reason for the family gathering, revealed that her brother has been going to Kim’s place to work out. She further expressed how she’s happy for him and wish him to continue doing what makes him happy.


Drew Barrymore may have lost weight, but this isn’t a Santa Clarita Diet at all. The mother of Olive has remained this gorgeous because of a healthy diet and exercise. Despite having to consult some attorneys for her separation from Will Kopelman, the 50 First Dates star now looks like she’s ready for new love. For years, the actress struggled to lose weight, and quite recently, she wowed her fans with a 25-pound lighter version of herself.

Her new weight is for her role in the Netflix series, and she’s looking all toned up. In one of her interviews, Barrymore revealed how she lost the extra weight. Other than fighting hard to keep in shape, she partnered an exercise routine with a vegan diet. When she was working on the series, she hardly ate anything except veggies. The actress also shared that since it’s hard for her to keep a vegan diet, she also followed Kimberly Snyder’s method, including protein such as fish and chicken.


Hilary Duff was once America’s Sweetheart. However, her life took a major turn during the time she became a mother. She gained so much weight while taking a long break from her career. Thankfully, she decided to try out an effective healthy diet plan. Now, just like loans being paid, she is slowly beginning to get back in shape. The singer-actress has the mum’s body to die for.

Duff took it upon herself to journey back to her old physique after enduring the pregnancy weight. However, we all know that she probably won’t be back to her original state, but instead, she should work with her new body. The Lizzie McGuire star recently took to social media her appreciation post for her legs that carried her through, embracing body positivity. With it, fans noticed how she dropped 10 pounds, and she did so without doing cardio, and not cutting on wine. Way to go, Lizzie!


Jessica Mauboy became famous for being one of the contestants in American Idol. She wasn’t having any problems with her weight until one judge mentioned it to her. That moment motivated her to work out and stick to a healthy diet. Now, she deserves all the credit for looking good from the inside out. The Australian Idol recently surprised her fans with her tiptop shape. Her personal trainer is Luke Istomin, the co-founder of F45, who helped her get back in shape and sport her body with her to the beach and events.

The 30-year-old has been seen out and about with her boyfriend, and she seems to be at her best. Her trainer reveals that one of her secrets is consuming more water and eating five healthy meals daily. Her family sends her fish as she loves it, but she goes with lean meat and many veggies on other days.


Like interests and mortgages to some Americans, Deborra-Lee Furness started to feel bothered by her weight gain when she decided to shed it off. Although she can afford to go through gastric bypass surgery, she opted for a healthy diet and exercise instead. Nothing feels better than the taste of fulfillment, indeed. Furness has recently started on a keto diet and is just so annoyed with her husband Hugh for baking bread as his new isolation hobby.

The couple has this picture-perfect lifestyle in New York together with their two children. The couple often goes on walks and rides bikes around the city. However, just like most partners out there, they can find little things frustrating about each other. In her weight loss journey, it’s one of those. We are sure, though, that with their long years of togetherness, through thick or thin, they’ll always be there for each other.


Lauren Goodger may have been bashed online because of her weight, but she didn’t let her critics just get away with it. The reality star proved them all wrong by losing a lot of weight. She even shared her weight loss journey by releasing a weight-loss DVD of her own. Just like how financial advisors share their wealth expertise, Goodger is determined to help those struggling with their weight and bullying as well.

Last March 2020, Goodger showed off her 7-pound lighter self with a plunging crop top, creamy body-hugging trousers, and high heels on a night out. Her attire screamed one thing: she lost weight! The 34-year-old was seen on a Saturday night at Essex Melin restaurant and in high spirits. She stopped and posed for the photographers sporting her curves and new weight, which she admitted to having achieved in only seven days. The astounding result can be due to a treatment she had at the Homefield Grange Health and Wellness Luxury Spa.


Tyra Banks is known for not caring about what other people think about her weight. But her recent appearance clearly shows that she had changed her mind and chose to lose some weight. It can be seen in her recent catwalk style that she lost around many pounds. She even admitted that she hired a personal trainer and nutritionist. With an estimated net worth of $90 million, she can surely afford this type of weight loss program, and her health investments are quite evident.

Though Tyra Banks has tried it all- modeling, acting, starting businesses, writing books- she continues to explore the right diet to maintain her body shape. Many times before, she has fallen for fad diets. However, she keeps her focus now on a balanced one. According to the former supermodel, she no longer believes in diets. Her weight issue has been solved by a lifestyle change and not about getting skinny.


Why would you not go through a gastric lap band surgery if your financial advisor gave it a go, right? Corey Harrison is looking really good now by being fit. He had to go through the surgery also to thwart preventive diabetes. Last 2014, the Pawn Stars star opted for the weight loss procedure and did not regret his decision one bit. He lost almost 200 pounds after, and he is looking handsome more than ever.

Had it not been that he was diagnosed with pre-diabetes, he wouldn’t have thought of taking charge of his health. Knowing that the surgery was important to address his health issues, Harrison reportedly saved a hefty amount for the procedure as he didn’t have that much back then. Now, he’s been sporting his new weight and for sure has been putting serious work on getting it under control. After all, health is still wealth!


Wendy Williams is known to be an inspiration because of her vibrant and curvy personality. The actress and TV presenter is also wise and knew great deals about business and money management strategy. However, her distinguished career asks her to be on the weight watch daily. Her diet seems to work as her last weight-loss session leads to a loss of many pounds! These past few months, while on lockdown, Williams shares yet again another impressive feat of weight loss during the pandemic.

The chat show host came out of isolation 11 kilograms lighter, and she looks so good. She shared how she lost more pounds and how there wasn’t any secret to share at all. Williams explained that it just so happened that food disgusted her while staying at home. She cooked anything from hotdogs to lobsters and having king crabs, but it turned out she was done with food.


Miranda Lambert is an award-winning country music singer and songwriter. She is also known to have been honored with more Academy of Country Music Awards than any other country artist in history. She popularized the songs The House That Built Me and Heart Like Mine. These songs topped the Country Songs charts when they were released in 2009 as singles from her album Revolution.

As a performing artist, Lambert knows that keeping up with physical appearance is a must. Despite her weight gain the past few years and her struggles to control it, she has finally reached her comfortable size. Last year, she opened about her feat and credited it to her strict adherence to her diet and exercise for the wonderful result. She also thanks her six-pack sporting husband, Brendan McLoughlin, for motivating her to go running or exercise. With her determination, she has lost many pounds and has found confidence that positively affects her music.


Lavell Crawford may have landed the role of Huell Babineaux in the Breaking Bad AMC TV series and its spin-off, Better Call Saul, because of his size, but that does not mean he had to remain that huge. He went through gastric sleeve surgery after the series run, for which he lost many pounds. But he’s not stopping there! Just like paying off home loans, Crawford is still aiming to lose more weight deposits.

The comedian is now making a reputation in weight loss. With 120 pounds on the lose, this former big guy deserves a standing ovation. If you’re wondering about his reasons behind his journey to change, you don’t have to look that far as his family has been his biggest inspiration for taking this step towards health and life. He explicitly shared how he wants to be around for his beautiful wife and son. That’s why going through the change is a huge step worth taking for him.


Patti Austin is a Grammy award-winning singer who seems to be still in demand in the music industry’s live performances department. All thanks to her legacy of great recordings, even from the year 1955, she has established herself well in the field. She gained prominence globally through her top-charting singles Baby Come To Me and How Do You Keep The Music Playing, which she famously duets with James Ingram.

Because of her battle with asthma and Type 2 Diabetes, Austin had to acquire insurance and undergo a gastric bypass surgery that helped her lose 120 pounds initially and some more. Now, at roughly somewhere 140 pounds, the singing sensation continues to be the Queen of Studio and showcase her remarkable singing abilities. It seems like she did not have any problems paying for the procedure as she has a huge net worth of $12 million. We think the surgery must have been worth it for her.


English singer, songwriter, and dancer Claire Richards was formerly a member of the pop group Steps. She became part of the group in 1997, and the band was famous for their songs, 5,6,7,8, Tragedy, and One For Sorrow. Richards was given a place in the band on the condition that she would lose some weight. However, in 2001, the group broke up and never reunited despite rumors of such. Until now, the band members continue to deny such a possibility.

Richards has the vocal range of a soprano, and in 2011 she became a contestant of Popstar to Operastar but was voted off in the semi-finals. Then again, she participated in Celebrity Big Brother in 2012, and in 2014 she became a regular panelist on the show Loose Women. Since her TV appearances over the years, the flooring singer got from a size 20 to size 12. Due to her self-discipline, she now enjoys her new figure and is empowered to share her weight-loss journey in her documentary Five Step Fat Attack.


Marshall Bruce Mathers III, known for his stage name Eminem, is an American rapper, songwriter, and music producer. His global success and acclaimed works led him to be named Billboard’s Artist of the Decade (2000–2009). He is also famous for popularizing hip hop in middle America and is highly-regarded for breaking barriers for the acceptance of white rappers in the field. However, in later years, because of his personal struggles, the rapper gained 230 pounds.

Thankfully, Eminem is out of the woods now and has an active lifestyle and a healthier weight. He shared that he lost the unwanted 90 pounds by strictly sticking to his diet plan of counting calories. With a net worth of $230 million, it looks like he is not going to be having problems with money management should he decide to go through gastric bypass surgery. We should also watch out for his upcoming music album.


It looks like Jessica Simpson is riding a weight rollercoaster. After giving birth to her children, the mother of three gained a lot of weight. She weighed 240 pounds, to be exact. The I Wanna Love You Forever singer had to shed off some pounds, and she revealed how she was able to lose a hundred pounds post-pregnancy, as evidenced by her multiple photo posts on Instagram. Like getting herself a good financial advisor, she, too, hired an excellent fitness instructor named Harley Pasternak.

In six months, they journeyed together, for which they yielded positive results. According to Simpson, her fitness instructor gives her five daily tasks: to hit her step goal, an hour of no technology, getting enough sleep, eating healthy, and exercising. These should be the five essential habits that she has to add to her daily routine. Knowing how effective these daily routines are, we’ll also give them a try soon.

Alec Baldwin – Diet and Exercise

Alec Baldwin was one of the fittest actors back in the day. If there is a specific role that requires him to be in top shape, he will certainly deliver without fail. He achieves this feat thanks to his healthy diet and strict exercise routine. He also has a fast metabolism that keeps his weight under control. Unfortunately, he needed his medical insurance when he was diagnosed with the condition that could lead to diabetes.

He had to overhaul his diet and meal plan totally. His second wife, Hilaria, a yoga instructor, also resolved and made it her life’s mission to help the 62-year-old actor prevent catching the illness. In four months, with his wife’s help, and after completely changing his eating habits, Baldwin lost at least 35 pounds. In 2019, he debuted his fresh look and new physique on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Since then, he has looked dapper than ever.

Melissa McCarthy – Diet

Melissa McCarthy is an actress, comedian, and a known fashion designer. As an actress, she has received numerous awards and nominations and was named Time magazine’s one of the world’s 100 most influential people. She has also been featured in the annual rankings of the highest-paid actresses in the world multiple times. Though she was successful in almost all fronts of her career, behind the scene, the comedian struggled with a history of having issues controlling her weight when she was still young.

After a few years, she started changing her food habits, and it helped her shed around 75 pounds. She did this amazing transformation after finding out that her cholesterol level may affect her future health. She achieved this great feat by getting enough sleep, drinking natural tea, and following a strict workout. As you can see, she’s now healthier than ever, and that allows her to focus more on her work and investments.

Rosie O’Donnell – Diet

Rosie O’Donnell is a famous comedian, TV personality, and author who had an issue with weight control back in the day. It was not an ordinary weight issue since it almost cost her everything. Back in 2012, she suffered a terrible heart attack that led her to change her lifestyle. It was so severe that her doctors and medical insurance partners advised that her artery was 99% blocked and that they needed to install a stent through surgery to help her blood circulation.

The View co-host shared how she has resorted to trying every diet imaginable due to her health scare. She even tried one of the diets of the former president Bill Clinton after looking it up from the internet. However, as soon as she recovered from that terrible incident, she decided to adopt a strictly plant-based diet instead, and she went on to announce it on her social media account.

Tom Hanks – Diet

Who doesn’t know the name Tom Hanks? This legendary actor starred in movies such as the critically-acclaimed Forrest Gump and Cast Away. His breakthrough as an actor came when he landed leading roles in the ’80s movies Splash and Big. Hanks won his first Academy Award for Best Actor for his most controversial role as a lawyer in the film Philadelphia. Throughout his career, he had exhibited an extreme amount of dedication to his craft, even if that means gaining some or losing weight.

Back when he was filming the movie A League of Their Own, he was required to gain at least thirty pounds, which he successfully committed to. One time, he needed to trim down approximately fifty pounds during the middle of a shoot! So he did and achieved this feat by only eating fish and vegetables and drinking plenty of water. Kudos to the award-winning actor for his hard work!

Mo’Nique – Physical Activities

Critically-acclaimed actress Mo’Nique is best known for her role as Mary Lee Johnston in the 2009 American drama film Precious. Most people see her as an inspiration for their weight loss journey. Since she debuted on CW TV show The Parkers in 1999, viewers witnessed her open struggle about her weight. The actress found herself in a tight spot and struggled to control her expanding size. In fact, her accumulated weight amounted to 300 pounds at the time she was filming Precious. For a long time, she maintained her weight at above 200 pounds and struggled to reduce it.

More than reducing weight, Mo’Nique realized that good health is the best investment of all, and that’s when she decided to finally change her lifestyle. She engaged herself in physical activities such as hiking, yoga, boxing, and weightlifting. With these activities, she scrapped 100 pounds from her weight, and the actress couldn’t be any happier to finally weigh less than 200 pounds for the first time in her adult life.

Matt Damon – Exercise

Now, this guy is a unique celebrity on this list. Matt Damon is a bonafide action star who needed to gain weight instead of losing pounds for a role he was working on. The 2009 crime-comedy movie The Informant required him to add an extra layer of body weight to his frame. Matt gained an additional thirty pounds during the movie. He ate more meals per day to reach his goal, and he was always seen eating a to-go meal from a fast-food chain.

Credits to his hard work, he was nominated for a Golden Globe Awards for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture. He was able to get his normal form back after the movie by following a strict exercise routine. However, this kind of stunt for Hollywood actors is becoming more of a health concern as years pass. In fact, Damon joined in with other actors to warn about the dire effect of sudden weight changes.

Al Roker – Gastric Bypass

Every American knows and loves Al Roker. The Today weatherman has won over every American’s hearts by covering daily weather forecasts and by heaping off good-natured humor. For his outstanding performance as the weatherman, he has won 3 times the daytime Emmy’s Award and was also named twice as the Best Weatherman by New York magazine. However, throughout his career, he has struggled with his weight issues.

Al Roker once peaked at 340 pounds on the scale, which led him to consider dramatically losing weight. After talking to some experts, he decided to do something about his priced investment- his body. He searched for options, and the viable choice was gastric bypass surgery. The procedure was done in 1990, and it was a huge success. In fact, his weight of 340 pounds became 190 pounds! He got his ideal weight, and he lowered the risk for any illness brought by excess body fats.

Sharon Osbourne – Gastric Bypass

Sharon Osbourne is a famous TV personality, entertainment manager, and author. Being married to the heavy-metal singer and songwriter Ozzy Osbourne made her a prominent figure, especially when she starred in the reality TV series The Osbournes. Sharon has some unknown affection when it comes to cupcakes. This habit of hers caught up and added a few extra pounds. Although, it hasn’t been entirely the cupcake’s fault as the mum of three has always had a long and private battle with her physical appearance.

But because of her unhealthy lifestyle and self-loathing, she decided to change her habits and use her credit cards to go under the knife- not for plastic surgery but another procedure. Sharon had a gastric bypass in the early 2000s, and the operation was a huge success. She shed at least a hundred pounds from her body. She went to the gym afterward to help maintain her weight.

Teresa Giudice – Undeclared

Teresa Giudice is a famous television personality who rose to fame after appearing in The Real Housewives of New Jersey. In 2012, she was also featured on The Celebrity Apprentice. There was a low point in her life when she needed help from lawyers for a case filed against her. Her body weight was still acceptable during this time, but she gained a few pounds while facing these problems.

After she overcame these troubles, Giudice decided to do competitive bodybuilding, which helped maintain her overall body weight. At the age of 48, her body is comparable to women in their late 20s. For her diet, she started eating high-protein foods such as chicken salad. High-fiber foods are also on her regular menu. As a fitness competitor, she also does 45-minutes of weight lifting of at least 30-pound weights and another 90-minutes for cardio every day. Now, she is known for writing multiple New York Times bestseller cookbooks.

Fern Britton – Gastric Band

Fern Britton is best known for her work on ITV and BBC. The former This Morning presenter is also famous for her best-selling books and novels that feature short stories and non-fiction genres. Britton is the figure behind the daytime cooking game show, which ran from 1994 until 2000. It gave her a wide selection of food that she can use for her health journey. Unfortunately, she had terrible eating habits that led to a slight increase in her body weight.

She took the liberty of getting a procedure, not plastic surgery, but a gastric band operation. Not all of her fans approved this move, but the result showed a huge improvement in controlling her body weight. At the age of 63, Britton looks sensational with her new appearance. She has proven that weight loss is still possible at her age as it resulted in her looking and feeling healthy. Now, she’s able to maintain a good credit score.

John Bradley – Workout and Diet

John Bradley played Kit Harington’s right-hand man in the hit television series The Game of Thrones. In the show, he portrayed the wise Samwell Tarly, who was famous for his wits and round appearance. After the show ended, Bradley indulged himself in a workout session to control his weight. He sees his body as an investment for the future, so he needed to take care of himself. Not many people know that he has been ridiculed for his weight over the years by friends and fans.

While filming for the popular HBO series, he was already starting to lose some pounds but had to keep in character, which is why many didn’t notice the change. Although he hasn’t announced his method for achieving his ideal weight, many fans and experts say that it was because of his diet and exercise routine. Whatever it is, it looks like it is working well for him!

Holly Madison – Workout and Low-carb diet

Holly Madison was one of those celebrities who rose to fame after being featured in a reality show. She also starred in the British television sitcom The Peep Show. As one featured on numerous TV shows, she is used to having her figure scrutinized. As a result, there’s constant pressure to keep her body in check. As a matter of fact, she lost approximately twenty pounds in just eighteen months after doing pilates and yoga.

This routine is on top of her regular workout habits and low-carb diet. The model gave up eating bagels and instead ate healthy alternatives like fruits and protein bars. She also focused her food intake on grilled chicken and avocado. Madison revealed her diet techniques in her books titled The Vegas Diaries: Romance, Rolling the Dice, and the Road to Reinvention. Now in her early forties, she is ready to gas up her career and take on new roles.

Jason Alexander – Low-Calorie Diet

Jason Alexander is famous as George Costanza in the hit television series Seinfeld. His performance led him to be nominated six times for a Primetime Emmy Awards and three times for Golden Globe Awards. He is also famous for playing poker, and one time, he was able to cash in half a million dollars. Instead of keeping the pot money he won as part of his investment planning, he donated it to his selected charity.

After being made the new spokesperson for Jenny Craig, his wife Daena asked him if he ever gets nervous about being humiliated if the plan didn’t work. Alexander’s simple answer was that he has already made a career out of being humiliated, which is funny but true! The big-hearted fellow also lost a huge chunk of his weight by cutting his calorie intake from 4,500 to 1,500 per day. He also completes his daily workouts, which helped maintain his desired shape.

June Shannon – Gastric Sleeve Surgery

June Shannon was part of the hit reality television show Toddlers and Tiaras. She and her family also appeared in Here Comes Honey Boo Boo back in 2012 until 2014. If you remember her from old television shows, you have probably seen Shannon in her worst condition regarding body weight. The reality star has peaked her weight at 460 pounds. Though she knew her diet could be as simple as just applying portion control, she opted for another weight loss strategy.

After speaking to health and insurance experts, a clinical procedure called gastric sleeve surgery did the trick for her. Through the procedure, she was able to shave off a staggering weight of 300 pounds. Some people thought she underwent plastic surgery or liposuction because of the drastic changes, but people close to her know the truth. To our curious readers, gastric sleeve surgery induces weight loss by removing part of your stomach, leaving a narrow gastric tube that allows you to have a lower appetite.

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi – High Protein and High Fiber Diet

Nicole Polizzi, or widely known by her nickname Snooki, is a famous television personality, host, author, dancer, and professional wrestler. She is best known for her breakout starring role in MTV’s Jersey Shore in the late 2000s. Before she became famous, she had trouble controlling her weight, and some people said that it was because of her drinking and excessive eating. So she started working out as a replacement for her bad habits, and it paid off big time.

She was able to shed off around 42 pounds in twelve months. Snooki indulges herself in grilled chicken and veggie-filled meals, which helped her achieve the wonderful figure she has right now. Though she needed help from lawyers in the past, she now seems to be enjoying her life free from those unwanted excess body weight. Snooki is no longer the same person she used to be, and today, she has a lot of different things going on in her life.

Lena Dunham – Low Sugar and Low Caffeine Diet

American actress Lena Dunham is well-respected by her peers and colleagues in the industry. She is also capable of working behind the scenes as a writer, producer, and director. Similar to other celebrities in this list, Dunham also had issues in maintaining proper body weight. Her journey in achieving her ideal weight focused on a balanced diet. She probably took online classes about proper nutrition to get the body that she wanted.

The 34-year-old actress also reduced her sugar intake and her all-time favorite drink, coffee. That is her wonderful secret for shaving the extra pounds off her body. Although she may have gained a few more pounds while on quarantine, we are sure that she’ll be back on track again after enough time of normalcy. As seen on her recent Instagram posts, the actress was pressured to live up to the quarantine fitness to-do list, so she decided to jump on the bandwagon.

America Ferrera – Active Living

America Ferrera started her professional career by performing on stage plays and musicals. Given her talents, it is no wonder that she’s great on and off the screen as a competent actress and respected producer. During her childhood years, her body was a bit bigger. After her drama project with The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants back in 2005, she decided that it was time to make a proper investment in her body, so she started to look after it.

Nowadays, the actress is also gaining a name in the health and fitness department for her weight loss, losing a good amount of weight for the last ten years. After finding out that she is overweight by 30 pounds, she got herself to drop the typical diet routine and started living actively, which helped her reduce her body weight. She currently makes positive changes in her health and fitness routine.

Jenna Dewan – Workout

Jenna Dewan started her career as a backup dancer for the electrifying Janet Jackson. She also worked alongside famous entertainers such as Missy Elliot, Pink, and Christina Aguillera. The powerhouse dancer’s hustle eventually bore fruit when she started to gain recognition after starring in the film Step Up back in 2006. With her active lifestyle, you wouldn’t think that she’ll have any issues with her weight. Like all women who get pregnant, however, Jenna gained weight— specifically around thirty-three pounds.

After giving birth, the celebrity poured her time and effort to get back into shape with her 80/20 postpartum diet plan. It involved eating everything in moderation and making sure that 80% of the time, she stuck to her healthy choices, including her green smoothies. For 20% of her time, she was allowed to eat anything she wanted. Jenna also slipped into an intense workout schedule to regain her ideal body weight. Credits to her hard work and dedication, she was able to reach her goal.

Charlize Theron – Diet and Exercise

Charlize Theron is an award-winning actress and producer. Her dedication to her craft earned her prestigious awards from the Academy Awards and Golden Globe. She was even named one of the most influential people of 2016 by Time magazine. As an actress who is a recipient of numerous accolades, it makes her one of the most sought-after celebrities. Because of her busy schedule and strict commitments, she allowed herself to lose track of her weight and gain extra pounds.

As part of her preparation for her character, Charlize had to gain weight. The few extra pounds became apparent to her fans in the comedy-drama movie Tully back in 2018. Eventually, the committed actress realized that she needed to double her efforts to get back into shape. Charlize knew she’d commit again to diet and exercise after the movie. Through a good diet plan and intensive workout routine, the Snow White and the Huntsman star’s time investment paid off with a remarkable body.

Tyler Baltierra – Healthy Diet

Tyler Baltierra became famous after his appearance in the reality show VH1. He is also the better half of the 16 and Pregnant star Catelynn Lowell. After a few years on the show, his body started showing signs of increased weight. That was how he realized that he needed to do something to get back into shape. The TV personality began by controlling his eating habits, so he probably took online classes for cooking since he started preparing his own meals.

Tyler mentioned in an interview that he felt great, making this decision and changing to a healthier lifestyle. After dropping 43 pounds off him, the Teen Mom OG star looked better these days. With his incredible weight loss feat, he took to his social media a before and after photo of his now 6-pack-abs and definitely a chiseled body. The 28-year-old reality star is totally on a roll and rocking his dad bod.


One of the prominent Hollywood celebrities is Renée Zellweger. As an actress who can play a range of characters, she has to change her appearance to fit her character’s physical attributes for several of her roles. Like for example, during her stint for the titular Bridget Jones role, Renée had to add more weight for her part – and she did not think twice to eat as much as she can to reach her ideal weight.

Shortly after playing her credit role, the Hollywood sweetheart needed to shed off the excess fat, which she did by submitting herself to a weight loss program designed for her body type by her nutritionist. Though very little information is known about her diet and exercise program, she effectively got back in shape. Renée’s eagerness to lose the extra pounds she gained for her role is seen in her commitment to her diet and some stretching and exercises.


The South African-American actress and singer-songwriter Sasha Pieterse is known for starring in the hit show Pretty Little Liars as Alison DiLaurentis. She also starred in a supporting role as Amy Loubalu in the Disney Channel film Greek Charming. In 2017, she finished 10th place in the 25th season of Dancing with the Stars. Just like many girls, she’s been suffering from the polycystic ovarian syndrome or commonly referred to as PCOS, which explains her weight gain.

Just like how people are determined to pay their debts, Sasha was intent on shrugging off the extra layers. She deserves all the credit for her self-discipline. In fact, the celebrity lost 37 lbs by following a strict diet and an effective fitness program. Having been in the reality TV competition for only two weeks, Sasha has already started to lose 15-pounds worth of weight following the intense dance training she’s getting on Dancing with the Stars. The actress is grateful to be part of the dance competition show saying that she is feeling like herself again and to be able to focus on getting herself healthy and showing results is all she could ask for.


Anna Gunn became even more famous after playing the role of Walter White’s wife in the highly-rated TV series Breaking Bad. Unfortunately for her, she underwent some health challenges that have resulted in a cortisone-type of treatment. It is quite expensive that one might be pushed to make some personal loans to be able to keep up with treatments. Other than money, her therapy caused her a significant weight loss.

The effects were seen in 2013 when the actress collected her Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. Now that she has slimmed down, after falling ill and treating it, we can be sure that she’s up and about, back to her acting projects. Her fans wish her the best and hope she wouldn’t have another bout of her sickness again. The mom of two is surely keeping healthy by balancing her work and other life activities.


Perez Hilton has earned quite a reputation for his blogs and posts criticizing celebrities online. The famous blogger, other than what he has to say about people, events, and other issues, also has captured the public’s eyes with his recent significant weight gain. We may think that it may be because the media personality needed to save himself from comments he would surely receive in connection to his weight gain, but his swift decision to reduce weight is for his best.

Rumors about Perez’ weight loss spread that it seemed that his body transformation showed signs of liposuction, but he argued against it like a good lawyer would and confessed how it was because of his consistent dedication to his diet and exercise. If the rumors were true about the blogger’s deal with liposuction, then good for him because we see that he is well able to afford the procedure anyway with his net worth of $20 million.

Drew Scott – Diet and Exercise

Drew Scott is a reality TV personality known for his TV series Property Brothers, which he co-hosts with his twin brother Jonathan. His success in hosting has resulted to several spin-off series such as Buying and Selling, Brother vs. Brother, Property Brothers: At Home, and Property Brothers: Forever Home. Back in 2017, he joined and took center stage on Dancing with the Stars – even reaching the final four!

Despite not winning the Mirrorball trophy, the TV host was grateful for losing 34 pounds worth of excess weight. Despite his healthy lifestyle, Drew admits that he’s one who never made time to do his cardio. With his time invested on the dancing show, he has thankfully jumpstarted shedding weight off with exercise. The reality presenter vowed to get more exercise by doing sports and continue putting on muscles as, according to him, his wife Linda Phan loves it.

Soleil Moon Frye

Soleil Moon Frye gained popularity after she landed the lead role as Penelope “Punky” Brewster in the Punky Brewster sitcom series. The overall performance of the sitcom didn’t mesh with the masses, but her character became famous to children. She also ventured into directing films, and her first credited project was Wild Horses back in 1998. Now in her mid-forties, Soleil is aiming to get back into shape after having four children.

The actress has opened up about her weight loss ordeal after having baby no. 4, but she has successfully gone through it alright. Her epic comeback to shape has been brought about by Nutrisystem, which is a fitness program that helped her shed off some of her unwanted baby fats. Credits to her fitness program, the star was able to drop around forty-two pounds. Although we recognize that every woman’s postpartum experience may be different, Soleil has matched with her program and yielded good results.

Jen Widerstrom – Keto Diet and Yoga

Even if she was one of the trainers in the hit television show The Biggest Loser, Jen Widerstrom was not in her top shape during the early days. In fact, right after she graduated from the University of Kansas with a degree in sports administration, she gained a lot of excess weight that she needed to work on. The fitness trainer put up on Instagram her own physical transformation story and shared her struggles in starting to work out regularly.

It involved her in changing her attitude towards losing weight as she engaged herself in healthy and nutritious diets. Not long after, Jen started to see results and see herself becoming one of the fittest people in Hollywood. With such powerful testimony in keeping in shape, it just makes her even more credible as she cheers on contestants of the hit reality TV. Recently, she’s engaged with the Keto diet and familiarized herself with that new trend, along with yoga sessions.

Jonathan Van Ness – Workout

Jonathan Van Ness is a famous Hollywood hairdresser, podcaster, and television personality who also had his share of problems when it comes to weight loss. As a grooming expert in the Netflix series Queer Eye, he needed to be presentable at all times, and controlling his weight is one of the most important things he needs to do. At one point in his life, Jonathan gained almost seventy pounds in just three months, and when this happens, it’s time to focus on proper health and body investment.

He went to the gym and achieved his fit body after pouring time and effort into his weight loss journey. The Netflix celebrity’s Instagram photos documenting his transformation sends out a powerful message of encouragement for people who shared the same struggle. Recently, his workout also included a crash course of figure skating training, which for sure worked out his core strength. Today, the grooming expert is far from the guy who gained weight from the loss of his stepdad— he is definitely happier and more fit now!

Caleb Hutchinson – Exercise

Many of his fans didn’t know that Caleb Hutchinson auditioned for the ninth season of The Voice, but he failed to get the judges’ attention. After proper training and probably online classes about singing, he showed up as one of the contestants on the sixteenth season of American Idol. From there, his career took flight and Caleb became a runner-up in the competition. After a year, his fans started to notice that the musician was gaining weight a lot faster than usual. Caleb also noticed the changes in his body, so he took the initiative to stay healthy.

The singer shared his journey of losing around eighty-five pounds with his fans. His most valued secret, we believe, is learning to like himself. Though Caleb admits to having always been overweight throughout his life, he didn’t let his circumstance get in the way of being healthy and staying fit. Since realizing self-love is important, he has impressed his fans with his healthy lifestyle and confidence.

Meghan Linsey

Meghan Linsey started her career as part of a duo and won season two of the singing show Can You Duet. The music artist then joined The Voice, where she became a runner-up. After all the hard work and stressful hours, Meghan decided to treat herself. She was determined to lose unwanted pounds from her body. When she finally did, the singer admitted she felt more energetic to conquer more in her music career.

While she’s been just in Nashville, building up her career by becoming one of the correspondents of Today in Nashville, she’s been up and about not just building fame but also her frame to earn more credits in her music and TV career. Meghan tried various diets and workouts before, but none were effective for her. Most fitness trainers agree that workout routines are not a one size fits all process. That’s when she decided to join a fitness program, and she immediately shed off twenty-five stones!

Jay Pharaoh – Fitness Training

The Saturday Night Live American rapper, actor and comedian, Jay Pharaoh knew how hard it was to lose weight, and he believed that there were no shortcuts for achieving this. Though he is well-known for his top-notch jokes and impressions on TV, he also made waves on his incredible weight loss. He lost forty pounds using the conventional way, which was training and hard work. The famed TV star achieved his goal thanks to his motivation for his upcoming role.

Though it may seem to be a move mainly for career, the comedian’s commitment to his health and fitness is serious. Jay also expressed his desire to help his fans get into shape. He posted a picture on his Instagram saying that his fans can do it too. Other than fitness training, the comedian recently shared how juicing has also helped him through. Now that he had reached his ideal body weight, Jay can focus on his investments and projects in Hollywood.

Gordon Ramsay – Diet

Gordon Ramsay is best known as a brutal, swearing, and world-class celebrity chef that owns multiple investments such as restaurants that are located all over the globe. His global restaurants all across the nations have received a total of 16 Michelin stars and hold at least seven to date. Who would think that an English chef and world-renowned cooking show host serving some of the best and healthiest foods would have issues when it comes to weight.

Though he still looks fit on television, his weight has captured his wife’s attention. Apparently, Gordon was a little bit overweight and so was challenged to shed around fifty pounds in a few months. He conquered the challenge by cutting a few dairy products from his daily diet and consumed fruits and water. The celebrity chef also managed to control his weight by eating more frequently in small amounts rather than having a few big meals.

Sarah Michelle Geller – Pilates

Sarah Michelle Geller is a famous actress and producer. On top of that, we best believe she is also capable of money management because of her business ventures. Sarah found global fame after landing a role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Even if she’s already looking fit and healthy in her current state, she still wanted to shed some unwanted fat from her body. The actress does Pilates and treadmill to achieve her ideal weight. For her diet, Sarah likes to eat fresh and organic foods, especially meals rich in omega-3.

She is now over 40 years old, but because of her diet and exercise routine, she looks like a lady who just entered her mid-20s. With her recent interview about how she’s been while on lockdown, the celebrity revealed how she’s mostly focused on being a mom and keeping her children healthy. Sarah also credited her husband Freddie Prinz Jr. for being her number one support, especially in times when body weight became an issue and was subjected to public scrutiny.

Josh Kelly – Exercise and Proper Diet

Josh Kelly is an American actor who is famous for his role as Cutter Wentworth in the ABC soap opera One Life to Live. He also appeared in the Transformers franchise. In one of his projects called UnREAL, fans went crazy because of the significant transformation that happened to his body. In fact, he lost a whopping seventy pounds for the thirds season of the Lifetime series.

This could also probably because of the requirements of the project where he will have to portray the internal struggle of his character as to whether he may have killed or not people as the story progressed. It is not clear how it happened, but it looks like that only by having extensive exercise and a proper diet, one can attain this positive and natural body alteration. Regardless of what he did for weight loss, Josh still definitely deserves the credit due to him for his stellar acting chops.

Lisa Marie Presley – Organic Diet

Lisa Marie Presley is an American singer and songwriter who is the direct descendant of the King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley. Similar to women all over the world, Lisa Marie gained weight when she got pregnant. After giving birth, the music artist decided to devote her time to become healthy and fit since she sees it as an investment for her body and overall wellness. Lisa opted for an organic diet and only ate half of what she was given. If you ask us, taking care of her little twins can be considered a workout.

The singer’s family history is an even more pressing reason for her to shift to a healthier eating lifestyle, seeing as her father, Elvis, passed away at the age of 42, and she admits that her family on her father’s side has always had that unhealthy eating habit which if she’s not careful, she could also inherit the poor health and end up being gone too soon. Understanding her family’s history is a good start for a healthy change in Lisa’s lifestyle.

Russell Crowe – Sports Activities

Russell Crowe is not only a certified professional actor, but he is also known for producing films and being a competent musician. He started gaining international success after his role in Gladiator and depending on the role, the actor can either gain or lose weight for it. His dedication and commitment are considered the best investment in his professional career. A prime example of this was when Russell needed to shave off around fifty pounds for his role in the movie Nice Guys.

He did that with just physical activities such as biking and playing sports. He also gained weight for his role in Boy Erased, but we’re sure that he can get back into shape immediately. As a famous and award-winning actor, it wasn’t the first time Russell worked to gain or less weight for his character roles. We just hope he does all these the most natural and healthy he can.

Michael Weatherly – Low-carb Diet and Sports

NCIS star Michael Weatherly seems to get slimmer and fitter throughout the years, most noticeably when he was preparing for season 12 of the hit show. By the end of season 11, he turned to trainer Juliet Kaska for cross-training of sports such as a combo of ocean swimming and boxing. The actor also turned away from carbs and definitely removed processed foods from his diet. Soon, his fans noticed that he lost over forty pounds after imposing such discipline on his daily meals, which means no junk foods and potato chips for this actor.

Michael achieved this healthy physique by also cutting away pasta, bread, and rice. He’s also saving a bit of gas consumption since he is engaged with sports activities such as biking. The actor also participated in a triathlon in Malibu a couple of years ago. It’s mind-blowing how he was able to carve time for his health as a father of two young children.

Debra Messing – Green Juice

You probably know Debra Messing for her role in the successful series Will and Grace. While filming the long-time running sitcom, however, she felt pressured to lose and maintain her weight for the show’s duration. The seasoned actress revealed that she felt fat and ugly back then. While building her long and successful career in Hollywood, Debra also graduated summa cum laude and earned her degree in theater arts. We now know how she improved her acting skills!

Now that the reboot of her famous show is up, many fans noticed a glaring difference when it comes to Debra’s body weight. She shared her secrets and told them that she starts her day with green juice. It is usually a mixture of kale, spinach, ginger, celery, lemon, and a bit of cucumber. She also mentioned that starting the day strong is essential if we are looking for a healthier version of ourselves.

Jennie Garth – Diet

Jennie Garth was one of the sexiest actresses in the ’90s, and she can still be considered on top of this list until today. The celebrity’s journey for achieving her desired body weight started when the former Beverly Hill, 90210 stars noticed that she showed some unwanted fat while she was participating in season five of Dancing with the Stars. Even if Jennie reached the semifinals, she was sad that she was forty pounds over her desired weight.

The prominent figure then started eating small portions of her food. She credits her weight loss to eating Greek yogurt, salad, coconut water, and salmon. It may seem tough that a heartbreak kick-started her weight loss, but it was for her good. Currently, she is slimmer and 30 pounds lighter. Definitely, she is healthier physically, mentally, and emotionally. We wish her nothing more but more successful TV and movie projects, now that she’s just morphed out of her cocoon.

Chris Daughtry – Avoiding Mid-Night Snacks

Season 5 American Idol third runner-up Chris Daughtry had his fair share of tales when it comes to weight loss. After joining the singing contest, it opened the way for many opportunities for the artist, and his contracts and signing brought in a huge chunk of income. Of course, it also meant sleepless nights that led to eating junk foods and midnight snacks. This was Chris’ wake up call to get back into shape— and he did just that.

He exerted extra effort to control his midnight cravings, which allowed him to shave off around twenty-three pounds from his body weight. A ripped body is the last thing expected of a rock star, but we did see it on Chris, and it rocked! Getting into shape changed the former life of the thick, asthmatic boy. Now, he is fitter than ever, and his determination and self-care are definitely awe-inspiring. If he can do it, it means that we can all do it as well.

Lorraine Bracco – Cut off Sweets

Lorraine Bracco is best known for her role as Dr. Jennifer Melfi on HBO’s famed series The Sopranos. She also played Karen Friedman Hill in the critically-acclaimed movie Goodfellas, where Lorraine got nominated for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Recently, her fans noticed that she started to look leaner than before, and they were surprised that she shed around thirty-five pounds from her weight.

The star achieved this feat after cutting out her intake of sweets. After a while, her bitter investment paid off, and she started to lose excess weight from her body. She even mentioned that some sweets are too sugary for her nowadays. Losing weight isn’t for vanity for the actress but was inspired in her when she took care of her ailing parents. Thankfully the 66-year old actress arrived at the realization of how important good health really is. For sure, her daily journey to excellent health will result in more project opportunities for her.

Raven-Symoné Pearman – Exercise and Diet

Actress, singer, and songwriter Raven-Symoné Pearman, or professionally known as Raven, started her career when she was young. She appeared in classic shows such as The Cosby Show and Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper back in the 90s. With her busy schedule and hectic lifestyle, Raven gained unwanted fat, so she started to worry about it. Her habit as a kid to finish what’s on the plate was carried over until she was a young adult. Raven decided to cut her old habits and started working on controlling her food intake. It worked for her, and she started losing weight in just a few months.

She also did a few sessions of exercise to keep her body in tip-top shape. Breaking the habit requires a certain degree of dedication, and it certainly helped the actress achieve her body goals. Though weight hasn’t been much of a big deal now than it was way back then, there are still people who judge others by their size, and the former child star is no exception to that. Thankfully, she handled it positively and decided to grow from these experiences.

Boy George – Diet

Boy George’s name was one of the pillars of the pop band named Culture Club that received international fame and recognition back in the ’80s. This brought in lots of income for Boy George and his bandmates. Over the years, he didn’t notice that he started getting those unwanted fats, so he decided that he needed to lose some weight. With that said, many were surprised that he lost over eighty pounds in just a few months.

His well-kept secret for incredibly losing those pounds was just simply by cutting his food intake and only treating himself with almonds. He also consciously ditched out carbs and sugar from his meals. After tipping the weighing scale at 107 kg, the voice coach is now maintaining 30 kilograms lighter and is filled with more energy, and he even ventured into the fashion industry with his investment in his own line.

Reza Farahan – Workout

Reza Farahan is known for his signature mustache and appearance in the reality television show Shahs of Sunset. A few months ago, Reza was seen by his old friend and was told that he might be struggling with his body weight. That instance seemed to be his wake up call to get back into shape, and he did just that. The Hollywood personality lost about forty pounds in merely four months, and he revised his meal plan and fitness schedule, which we can credit for his achievement.

Now, the star wants everyone who struggled like he did to take a shot at transforming their bodies as he did. He is regularly seen in local gyms lifting weights and burning fats. Reza seems to be enjoying the changes that happened to his body since he is also more energetic than before. We think we all need that kind of friend that the star has, just to be honest with us and even spur us to the right direction.

Adrienne Bailon – Exercise and Protein Drinks

TV host, actress, and singer Adrienne Bailon shocked the world when she wore her wedding dress. Adrienne delivered a stunning figure, and she apparently lost around twenty-two pounds in just two months. Her fit body resonates perfectly with her gown as she walked down the aisle. Adrienne’s secret was a 90-minute fitness routine per day! Her trainer gave a sneak peek of what this TV host does per day.

First, Adrienne does a full cardio exercise for half an hour, then a full hour exercise with little to no rest in between. We also need to credit her food intake as she drinks two plant-based protein drinks – one in the morning and the other one before going to bed. Just as when people start to think that her losing weight was just up to her wedding, they should think again. The Real co-host is in it for the long haul. Just recently, she announced that she wasn’t dieting anymore but really have changed her lifestyle and went full green. Way to go, Adrienne!

Rick Ross – Portion Control

Rick Ross is a respected rapper and record producer. He gained a massive following after releasing his hit single Hustlin back in 2006. After that, the musician received a multi-million dollar contract with Jay-Z and Def Jam Records, which earned him more income since his debut album reached one of the highest ranks on the U.S. Billboard 200 charts. In 2011, he decided to get rid of his bad eating habits because his doctor said he was having health issues.

He cut his soda intake and opted for portion control, which helped him transition from almost 350 to a whopping 150 pounds. Up to this day, Rick is working on being healthy, and that might be one of his best life choices ever. The rapper also credits healthy balanced eating as one of the primary reasons how we able to transform physically and able to maintain a 100-pound weight drop.


Anne Hegerty, 60, won herself a legion of fans during her time in the I’m A Celebrity jungle, as she showed her funny side to the nation and formed a bond with co-stars, including runner-up Emily Atack. Every year the celebrities taking part in the three-week jungle challenge endure physically demanding challenges and a minimal amount of food. While each of the stars dropped the pounds after just a matter of days during the reality show, Anne lost a whopping one stone during her jungle stint, according to The Sun.

The TV personality who now returns this year as yet again the famous chaser for the new spin-off game show Beat the Chasers and her appearance on screen cannot deny the impressive and significant weight loss. Credits to the TV icon’s appearance as a contestant in the 2018 game show, it has definitely sparked in Anne the desire to lose more weight and may eventually get back into the dating market.


After becoming famous for her appearance in Britain’s Got Talent, Susan Boyle gained a lot of fans. On top of this success, everything just became better for the flawless singer when she made headlines with her incredible weight loss. For sure, her insurance company is pleased with her health progress and how she was able to shed off significant unwanted weight. Now her reputation isn’t only limited to impressing the judges of the singing contest but also fans and spectators with her impressive slimming down project.

In fact, she has never looked as good as she looks now! With a net worth of $35 million, all is definitely well for her health and wealth. Not only that, we are sure that many doors have opened to her now that she has also taken the necessary steps to package herself well. That’s beside her already released seven albums and currently booked gigs, of course.


Thanks to effective nutrition investment planning decisions and exercise courses, Gabourey Sidibe seems to be able to get there. If you want to be sure what I’m talking about, please compare and contrast her appearance in the two films Precious and Empire. This is obvious with cash loan interest. Because of the stomach surgery she underwent in 2017, her weight loss has been more pronounced. As sure as the sun will go down in a day, her new weight hit it big and made waves in the media world.

The actress reportedly went from 300 pounds to almost 150 pounds. Nothing can be more incredible than that. With her blossoming love life with Brandon Frankel, we can’t blame the actress for blooming physically as well. We hope she fights this on-going struggle to keep in shape by sticking to her diet and exercise routines. We’re quite positive she’ll only get better and more confident by the year.


Rachael Ray is one of the globally-acknowledged famous cooking show hosts. Unknown to many, she was also in a battle with being overweight. The celebrity culinary expert was struggling to achieve an average weight, so much so that she entered weight loss programs numerous times. At first, the much-admired celebrity cook tried to follow a low-carb diet and regular exercise. She did drop down a little, around two sizes.

A few months later, Rachel gained around 37 lbs. Now, the author of many cookbooks and the 30-Minute Meals cook said that she is ok with her current weight. Still, she said that undergoing a weight loss program is still an option. What can we say? This celebrity cook loves food and gets all child-like at the face of it. Anyhow, money isn’t a problem for her anyway with all her cookbook recipe royalties and earnings from top-rating TV shows she is credited for, such as $40 a Day, Tasty Travels, and Inside Dish.


At first, Anthony Anderson has no plans of changing his foodie lifestyle. Unfortunately, he has to, as the celebrity was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes mellitus. Despite living under such a medical condition for more than a decade, it took quite a while before he finally took a shift to a healthier lifestyle. According to the Black-ish actor, it was back in 2001 when he was diagnosed having the condition but admitted to not being the best patient earlier on.

It wasn’t until his father passed away from complications of Type 2 diabetes that Anderson finally responded to the wake-up call. For a long time, he struggled to put his blood sugar under control, but after subjecting himself to a strict diet and regular exercise, his health started to turn around. Thus, Anthony was able to lose many pounds, and he now looks healthier as ever. Undoubtedly, investing in your health is never a bad choice.


Inspired by her mom, Mama June, Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson has just also recently announced that just like her family, she, too, is embarking on a weight loss journey of her own. On her recent Instagram post, many of her fans have commented on how the Here Comes Honey Boo Boo star has already started to lose some of the weight. She went on from size 24 to 4. We wonder if going under the knife is also an option for the former beauty pageant contestant of Toddlers & Tiaras.

Just in case, we hope she sticks more to the natural remedy, which has already brought a positive result to the teenager’s appearance lately. All the credit belongs to her “no-grease diet” for two months. Now, the only thing you can call “fat” is her bank account. Maybe her new look would come with more TV projects soon. Let’s tune in and see for ourselves!

Serena Williams

The 23-time Grand Slam winner Serena Williams admits her techniques in shedding the pounds. Williams says that the secret to losing the baby weight after welcoming her first child last year was just working out, eating healthy, and having a real healthy lifestyle. Hormonally, nutritionally and emotionally, things can take time to restore themselves. Everyone has to be healthy to lose weight, not the other way around.

In the meantime, one should focus on taking care of themselves. By providing the nourishment and support it needs for great health, one can be assured that the body will naturally settle at the right weight. Williams also stated that everybody is different, and no matter how much she worked out, it just didn’t work for her. With the net worth she has accumulated throughout her career, we are sure that she does not need any money loans to hire a personal fitness trainer.

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