There is a New Trend In Fitness by the Gym Giant Technogym with Live Digital Flatform

Have you ever gone into a gym before? Did you see or try those types of equipment inside? Or did you at least seen a Technogym product? Technogym is a manufacturer of fitness product that is based in Italy. They are the one who produced the world’s most popular gym equipment and made a name in the well being of fitness.

Nerio Alessandri is the company’s CEO and he started from scratch and even did his own business in his garage 25 years ago. Now, it has grown into the imperial domination of the world. The most interesting parts to Alessandri’s approach to wellness promotes as a lifestyle and helps in your activity to improve the quality of your life, positive mental attitude, and a balanced diet. It is one of the examples of their concept. Around this very philosophy, He is the one who designed the company’s corporate program and even its headquarters in Italy around this philosophy.

Alessandri, the fitness giant now made a new trend and focus more on giving people health and wellness in the comfort of their homes. The company launches Technology live, it is a digital factor that provides people that always go to the gym the chance of getting their own fitness classes at their own house, at work, at the gym and even in hotels on smart bikes, treadmills and rowers.

The Technogym Bike is the first product that is integrated into the platform. It is a connected spin machine with a digital screen for the streaming class. It is like a real feeling that you are on a road cycling even if it is just a stationary product. It also offers accurate data tracking and a smooth and safe movement. Technogym said that it is made to the needs of all potential riders. It also has a scientific tracking of their power output (watts) with a +/-2% accuracy, patent on-the-fly system that enables four-way adjustments with just one simple touch. And it is all to provide a user-friendly and optimal cycling positions for all riders.

Technogym Bikes will be available to purchase from homes and gyms in the coming months. As said by the company. The bike is just the first of it but Technogym will offer more new products and training experiences. Examples of these are Running Bootcamp, Group Cycling and Rowing and Boxing.

The company said in its new release that “We are living in the 4th industrial revolution, the digital transformation, which is based on sharing and subscription economy,” In this type of scenario, it has already been chosen by important operators because of the innovative Technology Live platform. The operators like Rumble New York, 1Rebel London, and Virgin Active Revolution Milan and other operators show their interest in these products.