Things We Need To Know On How We Can Improve Our Team

Many people will agree that mental health issues are a common occurrence in our current society and the working class is the most susceptible in this regard. More often than not, people who are affected usually hides in the shadow and have that distinct fear of discrimination from their colleagues.

Even minor clinical condition can quickly escalate into an uncontrollable frenzy of events if left unchecked. This is one of the challenges that many employers and employees face, which is why it is important that the higher-ups have a plan for helping their employees in situations like this.

Career-oriented individuals that always strive for greatness could also fall prey to this. Ignoring early signs of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD could make even the most decorative individual sulk in a corner of a room. This may lead to less productive work and worst could end up an entire career. Same goes for people who are experiencing anxiety.

Having good managerial support can help these individuals that are experiencing challenges in their mental state. A boss that understands the circumstance of their employees will play a huge role in keeping their workforce sharp and on the top of their game. For all managers out there, here are some pointers on how to extend a helping hand to your co-workers.

Look Out for Words

Words can impact an individual both positively and negatively. In our work area, I bet you heard these phrases once or twice from one of your colleagues. Words such as “Miss OCD strikes again!” or “He’s such a psycho!” These are prime examples of words that sometimes can affect an individual, especially if one of our colleagues is challenged by mental health conditions. We need to be aware of our language and our colleagues’ status so it wouldn’t hurt your team’s target productivity and their emotions.

Medical Leave

Sick leave is not only for physical illness, but this also applies to our employees’ mental and psychological needs. Business owners and managers should keep in mind the balance between business needs and their manpower’s condition. Remember, business is like an engine that runs fully when the gears are properly oiled up.

As an employee, we also need to be aware of the idea of requesting a time off. It is very essential so we can improve not only our mental health but as well as our physical state. By doing this, we also do our employers a favor. With proper rest and a strong mind and body, your company can make the most out of you.

Empower and Encourage Your Co-worker

Discrimination is one of the last things every person needs especially if they are suffering from any mental conditions. With that said, our workplace should be open to honest conversations while considering other person’s status.

It is also recommended that every employee should share a little bit of their life experience to lighten up the mood. After the session, all parties involved will have a better understanding of one another and will lead to better team cohesion.

Knowing our employees’ needs both physically and mental will have a significant impact both in our team’s productivity and overall performance. Aside from all the positives that you can give to your colleagues, just think about the impact you’ve made to those who are suffering from any mental challenges and it will surely brighten up your day.