Nature Helps Improve Both Our Mental And Physical Health, Here’s Why!

Going outdoors and spending time with nature is a good outlet especially if we are dealing with stress in our daily life. However, if you don’t have the time or for some reason you can’t really go outdoors, you can just look at a photo of a beautiful nature and that will do the trick as well. This is according to Danielle Lachence, a Trent University master’s student during the last Forestry Conference in Alliston.

Images of luscious scenery that features the rich green nature improve the mood of a person. Being close to green spaces also help our mental health to improve. Aside from these benefits, they will also feel an improvement with their vitality and get a sense of satisfaction. Just keep in mind that this is a lesser alternative if we can’t find time to go out and. She backed this up stating that “benefits appear to be heightened when people are immersed in nature.”
Aside from these benefits, it also reduces the stress level in our body and greatly improves our happiness level. Despite this information, many people still can’t find any time to go out to the woods and have that relaxing feeling, free from our daily routine.
Technology plays a great role why many individuals choose to stay indoors instead of going out. To point this out, she mentioned that “People are spending over 90 percent of their time indoors… actually interacting more with technology. Connecting with nature is good for us, but more people are getting disconnected.”
Many specialists agree with Lachence’s thoughts, one of them is Dr. Myles Sergeant. Dr. Sergeant is a family physician who works with the Shelter Health Network in Hamilton and St. Peter’s chronic care hospital.
Some of his patients are dealing with a complex pattern of addiction, trauma, and abuse. During this time, he later found out that spending time with trees as a therapy greatly affects his patients’ health status.
Over the past couple of years, there are numerous studies that debunk the health benefits of nature to one’s body and mind. Mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and ADHD can also be helped by spending time with nature.
This thought is actually not foreign to the medical society. A study conducted in 2008 reveals that there is a significant increase in serotonin when a person is in the proximity of nature. It also points out that doing a workout in a natural environment is more beneficial comparing it with working out inside a fitness gym.
Gear up our bags and put all of our stress and troubles away while we enjoy ourselves in a beautiful forest filled with green and tall trees. Doing this is not only beneficial to our mental state but as well as our physical body. Plus, you get to spend a nice bit of your time away from your stressful world.