Nail Condition Helps Determine Our Health Status, Things You Need To Know About Our Body

Most of us didn’t know that our nails are good indicators of what our overall health status is. If we take a minute or two examining our fingernails or even our toenails, we might see an early warning on what body is feeling inside.
Let’s take a look at some conditions of our nails that will tell us what’s happening inside our body. Just take note that the best course of action for determining our overall health status is with the help of our family doctors.
Nails Can Determine Our Body’s Stress Levels

Just like our hair, fingernails and our toenails can exhibit symptoms of a prolonged period of stress in our body. In most cases, we’ll see a side-to-side line that will appear on our nails if the stress level that we are experiencing is a little bit too much to handle.
Nails Can Sometimes Determine Arthritis
In some cases of arthritis, the person affected could see a few small cysts that appear near or on their cuticles. I know some people are scared of cysts but almost all of it is considered benign and not cancerous. The best course of action in case we see these would be seeking help from our local hand surgeon.
Nails and Melanoma
If we happen to see any discolorations in a form of a line that goes from our cuticle to the tip of our nails, it might be an early sign of melanoma. If we notice a strange dark line, take a trip to our local dermatologist just to be on the safe side.
Nails and Some Kidney Disease
Some kidney diseases can cause some abnormalities on our nails. A Beau’s line or a deep-grooved line on our nail can be pointed out by a trauma or an injury that happened to our body. In some instances, it also tells that our body is suffering from acute kidney disease.
Koilonychia or spoon nails can also exhibit some form of kidney diseases. It is also an indicator that we might be suffering from hypochromic anemia or widely known as iron-deficiency anemia.
Nails and Darier’s Disease

A poorly-formed fingernail with vertical striations are sometimes can be considered an early form of DAR also known as Darier’s Disease. It is a genetic disorder that causes dark patches on our skin and mostly appears during our teenage years up until we reach our thirty’s.
It is a condition that usually causes red, scaly patches on our skin. If we notice a yellow or red discoloration on our nails, we suggest going to a dermatologist to make sure that it is not an early sign of psoriasis.
How to Take Care of Our Nails
Like what you always hear from our doctor, a healthy lifestyle paired with a balanced diet is the way to go. If you’re looking to take care of your nails, we suggest you get enough Vitamin B and Zinc as helps our nails to become stronger. Having plenty of liquids also keep nails in tip-top shape.
Above all, the best way to determine our body’s condition is to seek guidance from a professional. Just always remember that any abnormalities on our nails may not always point to any health issues. However, it is good to know that we have an early warning so we can prevent any unwanted things that may happen to our body.