How Our Dental Health Affects Our Body, Overall Impact To Our Wellness

Many of us often overlook our dental health status and sometimes just take for granted our oral hygiene. However, recent research shows that poor dental health such as tooth loss patterns is linked to higher risk of heart disease.
This is the results researchers found. Dr. Ryan Light further explained that there are numerous studies proved this to be a fact. However, there are still many research needed to be done to fully understand the pattern and the connection between the two.

To back this up, Dr. Light mentioned that “A connection between dental hygiene and heart disease does exist, but additional research is needed.” He later added that “Gum disease and tooth loss patterns are connected to an increased risk of heart disease, and an increased risk of infection in people who have had a heart valve replacement.”

Aside from a higher risk of heart disease, Dr. Light mentioned that higher blood pressure and tolerance to treatments is often caused by gum diseases. “Patients who had gum disease in the study did not respond as well to blood pressure medications.” He also elaborated that “Gum disease causes chronic inflammation and stress on the body, subsequently increasing blood pressure.”

Proper Dental Care

Now we all know the major risks and factors that can affect our body, taking proper dental care would go a long way and can be beneficial to our well-being. So how do we take good care of our teeth and gums? Here are few steps that can help us maintain a good and healthy dental habit.

Brushing our teeth twice a day is the first step to go. It is better to start up at an early age. For all of the parents out there, make sure our kids are well aware of how they can properly take care of their teeth while they are young.

Aside from brushing our teeth, using a floss once a day can also improve our dental health status. This will minimize all of the possible unwanted build-ups in between our teeth. Doing this will also give us that cleaner feel inside our mouth.

Professional assistance is also recommended so we are sure that our dental health is in tip-top shape. A semi-annual visit to our local dentist would be good if we are looking to improve the status of our teeth. Aside from the regular check-up, proper cleaning is also recommended.

Above all, dental health is only one part of our overall health status. As Dr. Light explained, “dental health is an overall indicator of general health and how well someone takes care of their body.” He also points out that “the effects of poor dental health can be improved with good oral hygiene which can reduce the risk of heart disease.” Just be sure to follow these guidelines and we are sure you are on your way for a healthier, cleaner you.