High-Intensity Short Interval Training Proves To Be A Better Option For Weight Loss

Are you looking for a more efficient way to effectively manage your weight? If that’s the case, you may want to consider looking deep in our fitness regime to make the most out of it.
To give it into perspective, a small burst of high-intensity exercise may give us better results if we are aiming for weight loss. Instead of the conventional consistent moderate workouts, it might be best if we switch it up to a better option. This was shown in numerous past studies and can help us achieve faster metabolism, which turns to faster weight loss.
The routine consists of short bursts of heavy exercise with a brief rest in between the sets. It is not only applicable inside the fitness gym but can also be done during our running, cycling, and swimming routines.
Even with all of the research points to this method of weight loss, many still believe that long periods of exercise is the way to go. However, with all of the scientific studies backing up the short-burst intensive exercise’s effectiveness, it is hard to just ignore it.

A team from the Federal University of Goias, Brazil conducted the experiment and were able to found out that this training is best for people who are looking to cut some of their excess weight.
Researchers from the Federal University of Goiás, Brazil, carried out a study to explore whether or not interval training is a preferable form of exercise when attempting to shed a few pounds. Their studies were published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.
The data they gather was from 576 men and 522 women coming from different segments of ages and fitness level. Participants did separate methods during a four-week window. Some went for interval training while others did the conventional way with a session lasting for 30 to 45 minutes.
All of the participants lost weight during the study but doing the high-intensity interval training shows 28.5% more weight reduction compared to others.
With that in mind, doing high-intensity interval training may not be suitable for everyone. The researchers said that “It is important to be aware of the possible risks and caveats associated with higher intensity training.”
To further elaborate things, they explained the reason why it might not be recommended for everyone.
However, the team noted that interval training may not be an ideal form of exercise for everyone. They further explained that “for example, it might increase the risk of injury and impose higher cardiovascular stress. Adherence should also be examined as higher intensity protocols can result in higher discomfort.”
Researchers also point that sprint interval was the most promising when it comes to interval training. They also mentioned that mixing the two methods together will give better results if a person is aiming for weight loss. Would you give high-intensity training a shot?