Choosing The Best Retirement Plan

As we age, it is better to have a retirement plan. You can pick whether you like the traditional retirement plan or ROTH. Here are some tips to help you choose what’s best for you.

Similarities of Traditional IRA and ROTH IRA:

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  • If you and your spouse file taxes jointly, you can contribute if you have income.
  • The contribution is up to the amount equal to your annual income.
  • You and your spouse can both have an account.
  • If you made withdrawals before you turn 59 ½, it will be subject to taxes and has it will going to have a 10% penalty.

Difference between the Traditional IRA and ROTH IRA:

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  • Most Contributions in traditional IRA are tax deductible but ROTH contributions are not.
  • Traditional IRA doesn’t have annual income limits on contributions. ROTH IRA can contribute if the modified adjusted income is less than $117,000 for singles and $184,000 for couples.
  • In traditional IRA you have to make annual withdrawals after you turn 70 ½, but it ROTH there are no required withdrawals if you are the original owner.
  • Traditional IRA requires you to pay taxes on withdrawals in retirement. In ROTH IRA, you don’t have to pay taxes on withdrawals retirement.

ROTH IRA’s TAX Benefits for (most) of us.

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It’s very important so you to make sure you catch the last difference. When you retire the money withdrawn in traditional IRA is taxable while the money you withdraw from ROTH IRA is tax-free.

According to a recent research from T.Rowe Price, he mentioned that “Even though the Roth IRA contribution doesn’t qualify for an income tax deduction, decades of compounding tax-free money can generate more spendable income in retirement.”

He later explained that “For investors nearing retirement, there isn’t enough time for the money to compound at a rate to counter the significant reduction in their tax bracket during retirement.”

Just to make sure that you choose the right type of IRA. If you need help in choosing, you can talk to your investing professional to know more about the pros and cons.

Conversion Considerations

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It is possible to jump from Traditional to ROTH regardless of marital status or income. It is not that complicated though, if you convert your account, you’’ owe taxes on the entire balance. So if you want to make sure that the conversion is worth it. You’ll need to cover that tax. However, using funds from IRA itself to pay the taxes is not a good idea. The amount that goes into your ROTH IRA will reduce.

Consulting With An Investing Pro

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Investing professionals can really help you decide on the right timing of conversion. Ask them what the best mutual funds is so you can take advantage of all the tax-free growth. You can chose many investing professionals and find the best one who will partner with you as you make important decisions about your retirement plans.

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