Celebrity Kids Who Look Like Their Parent In Stunning Fashion – Don’t Think That These Are Throwback Photos

They say it takes a village to raise children, so raising a famous child may take a little more than that. From their birth, the world knew their names and their appearance, making sure that fame was all they knew. Of course, having a famous father has many benefits, but these famous children never asked to be famous, they just inherited it. Growing up in the spotlight, we watched these kids go through all stages of their lives, but what is everyone like growing up?

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree! As famous children grow up in front of the public eye, we see their first smiles, footsteps, and sandcastles. And just like our own children, they grow up before we know it. From birth to high school graduation, watch the transformation of famous kids. These celebrity parents, like Cindy Crawford, Jennifer Garner, and Tom Hanks, all share striking similarities – and features! – with their cute kids. Click through to see these stars (and more!) and their look-alike children!


Will Smith went from being a successful rapper to Hollywood A-lister, starring in ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ before directing films like ‘Independence Day,’ ‘Men in Black’ and ‘Ali. Smith has been married twice. His first marriage, to Sheree Zampino in 1992, lasted only three years, but produced a son, Willard Smith III (born 1992), also known as Trey. He has been married to actress Jada Pinkett Smith since 1997. The couple’s son, Jaden, was born in 1998 and their daughter, Willow, was born in 2000.

The simplest explanation to Jaden Smith’s excellent sense of fashion can only be traced to his father (Will Smith) in his youthful days. Not just did he inherit his dad’s role-playing skills and behavior. Envisaging the luxurious lifestyle Jaden enjoys every day despite the fact that his dad had to struggle to make a name for himself is quite easy! I’m happy Will keeps showing his kids all the love in the world because that is what being a good parent is. Can’t imagine how much influence he has on his pops credit card.


Denzel Washington first studied journalism at Fordham University, but later discovered his interest in theater. He made his film debut in the comedy A Carbon Copy (1981). Elsewhere (1982-88). He then appeared in several blockbuster films, including Philadelphia, Man on Fire, The Book of Eli, American Gangster and Flight, and won Oscars for his roles in Glory and Training Day. He received an Oscar nomination for his lead role in Fences in 2016. Washington Married Actress Pauletta Pearson in 1983; they have four children. His eldest son, John David, was recruited in 2006 by the NFL’s St.

After several years of consideration, JohnWashington eventually decided to go into acting. Interestingly, Denzel Washington’s eldest son’s initial interest was to build a reputable career for himself in college football which he almost did after securing a contract with NFL’s Los Angeles Rams. Little did he know of the pressure associated with the game and as he could not cope with the enormous pressure he kept receiving, he made a better decision this time. He’s been able to feature in few blockbuster movies with his latest, The Old Man and The Gun to be unleashed soon. With the degree of fame and affluence present in both father and son, John has everything to become a standout actor.


Bruce Willis’ career began when he played Detective David Addison in the 1980s television hit Moonlighting. In 1988, he became a true movie star with the hit action movie Die Hard. Appearances in later hits like Pulp Fiction and The Sixth Sense, as well as his marriage to actress Demi Moore, made Willis one of the best-known actors of his generation. In 1987, Willis married actress Demi Moore. The couple, who divorced in 2000, have three children together: Rumer Willis (born 1988), Scout LaRue Willis (born 1991) and Tallulah Belle Willis (born 1994).

On March 21, 2009, Willis, who remains close with his ex-wife Demi Moore (attended her wedding to Ashton Kutcher in 2005) and shares custody of their three children with her. Great credit should be given to Bruce Willis with his ever mind-blowing performance in the famous Die Hard series. It should not surprise you that the veteran actor’s daughter Rumer Willis enjoyed a well-embellished childhood. After ending things with Demi Moore, Rumer Willis had all the support and comfort she needed courtesy of her parents. She was featured in Willis’ The Whole Nine Yards and Moore’s Striptease as a child artist and has also performed in Dancing With The Stars, a popular reality TV show. With Bruce boasting a $180 million net worth, bankruptcy is the last thing you even want to think about.


Actor Michael J. Fox rose to fame for his role as Alex P. Keaton on the popular sitcom Family Ties. He went on to star in the teenage adventure Back to the Future and its sequels and Teen Wolf, before returning to television in the 1990s in Spin City. In 1999, Fox announced that he was battling Parkinson’s disease. He left Spin City in 2000 to start the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research and focused on family, and later became a guest on shows like Scrubs, Boston Legal, and The Good Wife.

Back to the Future, without a doubt, crafted Michael the “Marty McFly” nick which made him world-renowned. Before then, his performance in the NBC show Family Ties kick-started his rise to fame. Michael had one major challenge, though – his health. He was diagnosed with long-term degenerative disorder (Parkinson’s Disease) at the age of 29. But with his investment in encompassing life insurance, Michael enjoyed the best of treatment and medication – a factor which contributed to his unshakable presence in Hollywood. With his union with Tracy Pollen resulting in four children, his eldest son, Sam can be described as a cloned version of Michael. Despite the number of watchful eyes on Sam, the young individual seems to be enjoying his youth.


Actress Drew Barrymore gained early fame as a child star. She then struggled with drug addiction and notoriety, before re-emerging as a talented actress, producer and businesswoman. Barrymore has had a series of romantic relationships since her marriage to Thomas ended in 1994: in 2000, she became engaged to eccentric Canadian comedian Tom Green from MTV’s The Tom Green Show. After her relationship with Green, she dated Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti and actor Justin Long. Barrymore married Will Kopelman in June 2012. The couple had their first child, Olive Barrymore Kopelman in 2012.

If by now you are yet to discern the degree of similarity between Drew Barrymore’s childhood image and that of his daughter, you need to execute that task now! Drew attained a height of fame when she featured in E.T. – one of the best sci-fi movies in Hollywood’s record directed by Steven Spielberg. At some point in her life, she needed to spend some time at the rehabilitation center due to substance abuse. Fortunately, upon her release, she saw no reason to return to her old ways. She eventually had time to jolly in her success and Olive Barrymore, her five-year-old daughter who seems to be all set to be as remarkable as her mom.


Have you seen Coming to America or Nutty Professor? If yes, then you have met Eddie Murphy. Eddie Murphy started doing monologues as a teenager and later joined the cast of Saturday Night Live. At the age of 21, Murphy co-starred with Nick Nolte in 48 Hours and enjoyed more box office success with Trading Places, Beverly Hills Cop, Coming to America, The Nutty Professor and Shrek. He continues to star in many films including comedies, dramas, and family films.

Forget about his acting prowess, Eddie was never one meant for a single woman. His first wife, Nicole, happens to be the mother of his five kids while his other two sons are from past relationships. Eddie saw the need to appoint family lawyers in his marriages as he hated relationship troubles and didn’t taste much success in love. He is currently reported to be in a relationship with popular model Paige Butcher, with whom he has a child. Myles, his son from his marriage with Nicole, remains a constant target for paparazzi because when you see him, you see Eddie Murphy Jr. Will he be like his father? Let’s wait what happens!


Comedian and actor Jim Carrey was born in Canada in 1962. Carrey moved to Los Angeles to pursue comedy, eventually landing a spot on the comedy show In Living Color. He has achieved huge box office success in comedies, including Ace Ventura: Pet Detective and The Mask, and has performed acclaimed dramatic performances on The Truman Show, Man on the Moon, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Her latest films include Kick Ass 2 and Dumb and Dumber To. Carrey has a daughter, Jane, from her marriage to Melissa Womer.

Jane Carrey, like Jim Carrey, she’s had a taste of how rough life can be. She was the result of an affair Jim had with Melissa Wormer. Playing a supporting role at the moment, Jane saw no need to cling to a bad past and decided to focus on crafting a better future. And with what the world has seen of her, the top spot is hers to claim in no time. Although her dad lost quite an investment in settling divorces, he remains dedicated to supporting his daughter. Thus, trust me when I tell you Jane has every reason to reject the idea of money loans.


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was born into a family of professional wrestlers in 1972. An injury ended his college football career, so he entered the ring with the World Wrestling Federation. As “The Rock” he fought with wrestler Steve Austin and won the WWF / WWE Heavyweight Title on several occasions. Johnson then built his wrestling fame into a film career. In addition, he is currently the highest-paid actor in the movie industry; a function of his dexterity in diverse roles.

Johnson has a daughter, Simone Alexandra, from her first marriage. He and his high school sweetheart, Dany Garcia, tied the knot in 1997 and separated a decade later, though she continues to be their manager. The eldest daughter, Simone, is every guy’s dream girl. His enviable bank account and huge investments have presented his little girl with every opportunity to pursue her dreams. Simone is really beautiful and with a dad like Dwayne, she has the potential of becoming a star in the nearest future. Right now, she is focused on finishing college and you can ask Dwayne for permission if you’re interested in her.


Christopher Reeve had his greatest feature in the 1978 evergreen superhero movie – Superman for which he bagged a BAFTA award. After suffering a series of health complications between 2002 and 2004, he died at the age of 52. With substance abuse contributing immensely to his health status, his time at the rehab had little or no effect. At one point, he had to check in a rehab center but that didn’t help much.

After starting the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation in 1996, the actor merged his organization with the American Paralysis Association in 1999 to create a powerful advocate for people with disabilities to raise awareness, fund spinal cord research and forge medical breakthroughs. William, widely regarded as “Will” Reeve is the only son of the late actor and a brother to his two daughters. After several comparisons, we think the boy possesses all the features of his late father. All eye remains fixed on him to see if he deserves the same credit showered on his father


Angelina Jolie starred in the HBO biopic Gia before winning an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for Girl, Interrupted. Jolie has gone on to become one of Hollywood’s biggest names, with lead roles in films such as Wanted, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Salt and Changeling. She later had huge international box office success with Disney’s Maleficent, spawning a sequel. Jolie also directed the films In the Land of Blood and Honey, Unbroken and By the Sea, in which she co-starred with then-husband Brad Pitt.

Angelina Jolie shares a daughter, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, with ex-husband Brad Pitt. Unlike Jolie’s five kids, only Shiloh can boast of a similar lip resemblance although Brad dominates most of her features. With Shiloh always tagging along with her mother on almost every red carpet event, the 12 years old is no newbie to the media. Trust me when I tell you Shiloh is the one kid you expect to have as many degrees as possible and I am quite sure her credit card plans are in place.


Tom Cruise is an American actor known for his roles in iconic films of the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s, as well as for his high-profile marriages with actresses Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes. After developing an interest in acting in high school, he rose to fame with his starring tricks in Risky Business and Top Gun. Cruise was later recognized for his work on the hit movie Jerry Maguire and the Mission: Impossible franchise.

We all hoped for a “together forever” for Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes but when a union hits the rock, there is little you can do. Although the bond never lasted, it gave us a lovely girl, Suri Cruise. With her parents being world-class celebrities, the level of media attention she receives outweighs that of a home flooring. She was spotted recently while attending Paris Fashion Week with her mother and this is proof she needs no financial advisor when it comes to spending. Suri means Rose in Persian tongue and roses are known to bring good tidings. We hope she does that in any career she pursues.


Actress Julia Roberts made her screen debut in the late 1980s in the Crime Story television series. He starred in Steel Magnolias in 1989, earning an Oscar nomination for his performance. One of her most iconic roles was in Pretty Woman, starring Richard Gere. Roberts ultimately won an Oscar for his lead role in Erin Brockovich. She is known to be one of the highest paid actresses and one of the highest-grossing actresses in Hollywood.

If Julia Roberts has one thing to be proud of, it is the fact that her daughter, Hazel Moder is her direct replica. After featuring in a series of blockbuster movies and becoming a member of the 50s’ club, mommy Julia seems to restrict her from public influence. Nevertheless, public eyes have made the most use of the little access they had by acknowledging the striking resemblance between Julia and her daughter who is often spotted with her mom. I am sure by now; Julia pays less for moving companies because, at her age, she needs to be more of a mommy than a celebrity. It is left to be seen if all the grooming Hazel enjoys will place her on a path like her mother’s. We hope she does better than her ma.


Anna Nicole Smith rose to fame as a model for Playboy magazine and Guess jeans. The curvy blonde has appeared in a few movies as well, but her reputation as a developing “party girl” has led her to become a staple in celebrity magazines and tabloids. She announced that she was pregnant in the summer of 2006 and gave birth to a daughter in 2006. She named her son Dannielynn and was thrilled to be a mother again. Her ex-boyfriend, photographer Larry Birkhead, claimed to be Dannielynn’s father.

Life was not totally fair to Dannie Lynn Birkhead as she lost her mother, Anna Nicole Smith to the cold hands of death at just 5 months old. With daddy, Larry Birkhead left with the duty of grooming the kid into a success, so many investments have been made. Although the 12-year-old already has a reality TV presence, she still has to pray like a fellow citizen in need of a business loan. Does she look like her mother? Oh yes! She does in a great way and as a result, Larry has every reason to be happy because she has all the attributes of becoming a prominent star in the nearest future.


Albert Lincoln Roker Jr. is an American meteorologist, journalist, television personality, actor, and author. He is the current weather host on NBC’s Today show. Roker also serves as the co-host for 3rd Hour Today, although the latter has not been officially announced by NBC News. It has an inactive American Meteorological Society # 238 television seal. Famous for his level of versatility, Al Roker’s success in forecasting, acting, and writing are what newbies should watch out for.

Old habits, they say, die hard and this remains the case for Al Roker who currently works two jobs like someone who needs to pay back a student loan. NBC and Nighty News can tell you more about the programs he anchors for. If he is happy about one thing, it is the fact that he had Courtney with Alice Bell before things went ugly. Courtney takes pride in her father’s hardworking nature which got his name on the Guinness Book of Record. With the smooth relationship she enjoys with Deborah Roberts (Al’s second wife), she has complete home security.


Actor Clark Gable initially struggled to land roles in Hollywood due to his big ears. However, after signing with MGM, he was cast alongside stars like Greta Garbo and Joan Crawford, and his popularity exploded. He reached box office gold with films like It Happened One Night and Gone with the Wind. Her last film, The Misfits, was also Marilyn Monroe’s last film. Clark Gable endured a rag to riches story which made “The King of Hollywood” famous worldwide.

Reports claimed his career started with being busboy who decided to try his luck in tinsel town. He saw an opportunity to appear as an extra in a few silent movies in his mid-twenties and took it. With his raw talent, he was spotted at an early stage by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer and was gradually refined into someone who fits into playing supporting roles. After his performance in 1930, he turned out into a leading actor. Since then, he has had every reason to smile as he kept improving on his skills. His grandson, Clark Gable III unlike his predecessors, has every form of insurance to become a great star.


Rock star David Bowie’s first hit was the song “Space Oddity” in 1969. He then co-wrote “Fame” with Carlos Alomar and John Lennon, which became his first US number-one single in 1975. As an accomplished actor, Bowie starred in The Man Who Fell to Earth in 1976. Bowie married Somali-American model Iman in a private ceremony in Lausanne in 1992. The wedding then took place in Florence. The couple resided mainly in New York and London, and owned an apartment in Elizabeth Bay and Britannia Bay House in Sydney on Mustique Island.

Alexander Zahra Jones was born into the royal family of music and beauty, and his Lexi or Lex relatives and friends all lead surprising lives. Lexi was born to iconic Rockstar father David Bowie and stunning supermodel Iman, with his own unique beauty and style. She was born in 2000, 8 years after the couple got married in 1992. Bowie married supermodel Iman in 1992. The latter claimed in an interview with People magazine that she “never fell in love with David Bowie” and then said: “I fell in love with David Jones”, Refers to her love for the man behind David Jones.


John Wayne was one of the most popular film actors of the 20th century, known for his roles in films such as “True Grit” and “The Alamo”. He received his first film lead role in The Big Trail (1930). Together with John Ford he got his next big break at Stagecoach (1939). His acting career took another leap forward when he worked with director Howard Hawks in Red River (1948). Wayne won his first Oscar in 1969 for his role in True Grit.

Wayne began working behind the scenes as a producer in the late 1940s. His seven children from two of his three marriages survived him. During their marriage to Joséphine Saenz from 1933 to 1945, the couple had four children, two daughters Antonia and Melinda and two sons Michael and Patrick. She is an actress famous for McClintock! (1963), The Alamo (1960) and Sacrée soirée (1987). She is the daughter of John Wayne. She was previously married to Thomas A. Gionis and Earl Lawrence Kuhle II.


Sandra Bullock made her first stage appearance at the age of five in an opera house in Germany. She later became well known for her role in the 1994 hit Speed. Since then, she has starred in many other films and won an Oscar for Best Actress and a Golden Globe for her performance in The Blind Side (2009), based on the true story of footballer Michael Oher. In 2013, he starred alongside George Clooney in the box office hit Gravity. She was named Artist of the Year by Entertainment Weekly in 2009 and 2013.

Little Louis was one of the victims of Hurricane Katrina. She lost her parents to the natural disaster and was lucky to be adopted by Sandra Bullock and Jesse James, who were still love birds at the time. The relationship went sour and the two went their separate ways, putting Louis in a not too good psychological state. This I am sure led her to the abuse of substance which prompted her admission into a rehab center. She is better now and Sandra keeps constant tabs on her to see if she is ready for a degree education.


O.J. Simpson is a former football star, actor and NFL broadcaster. Simpson was a college football superstar at USC, winning the Heisman Trophy in 1968. He went on to enjoy a record-breaking NFL career and huge popularity with his fans. Simpson and Nicole Brown married in 1985, the same year he was inducted into the Professional Football Hall of Fame, and they had two children together, Justin and Sydney.

Sуndеу Brооке Simрsоn is the daughter of him and Nicole. Even when she was under some heat and under the doctor’s attention, she never had her disabled children and always lived a life sheltered from the sun. Today she is fully mature and has a job that provides her with a decent amount of cool stuff. She still works as a planner and is very good at it too. She is also very happy and has a good time away from the spotlight.

Hank Williams III and Hank Williams

While most of Hank William’s kids took after their parent’s physical appearances and features, Hank William III is a pretty exceptional case since he resembles a relative further back in the family tree. Instead of inheriting features from his parents, Hank III is the spitting image of his grandfather, which we’re sure many in their family find to be endearing. He was a great man as described by his parents and someone that has inspired many people.

This is no different from Hank Williams III and his current career as a musician. He is able to touch many with his music, inspiring those who are able to listen to him. Aside from being multi-talented, he is described by family to be incredibly creative and down to earth, something that is apparent in how he handles the stardom that has been seemingly handed to him. Sure, he comes from a celebrity family, but his success is all his own and he deserves much credit for it.

Sophia Abraham and Farrah Abraham

Coming into the spotlight with the reality show, 16 And Pregnant, Farrah Abraham was a woman who was able to turn things around for herself despite the challenges she went through at a young age. Though getting pregnant at only sixteen wasn’t the most ideal, the event brought her all the motivation she needed to take matters into her own hands and change her fate.

She wrote her life story and published it, which ended up becoming a bestseller and also shows a lot of potential for a possible series. Her experience just goes to show that with hard work, proper planning, and a bit of luck—we can all change the course of our lives for the better. Sure, it had been controversial for her in the beginning, but it’s clear that Farah has a good head upon her shoulders and will do what is needed to create a good life for her family. She deserves much credit for it.

Sophie Von Haselberg and Bette Midler

After featuring in “The Rose” and proving herself to be an amazing singer, Bette Midler became a star over the world. She said “YES” to Martin Von Haselberg and the union gave us little Sophie Von Haselberg. Sophie, just like her mom, is a combination of beauty and brains. To complement this, she favored attending one of the best degree awarding institutions in the country – Yale University.

A fitting place for someone who is as competent, smart and diligent in her work no matter what it is. Sophie is definitely an amazing young lady and she has proven this to be true, time and time again with her accomplishments. She worked a regular job, as you would expect from a new graduate, before venturing into theater and movies. With the potential she carries and the current trajectory of her career, we wouldn’t be surprised if she ends up just as successful as her mother.

Georgia May Jagger and Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger remains one of the brightest musicians of both classic and modern entertainment and his daughter, Georgia May Jagger, is no different. Since she first began her career as a model, she has been the center of attraction for the media. Georgia May seems to be following Jerry Hall’s footsteps. Like mother, like daughter? Well, considering how successful her career is—we can’t help but agree. Aside from modeling, she is also an established designer who has worked with a number of different brands.

Georgie definitely has a knack for staying in front of a camera and the confidence she exudes might even be greater than her parent’s. Will she decide to give music a shot? If she ever does, we know very well that she’ll get the support she needs. No need to take online classes because who better to help her out than her music legend father, right? Her fans wish her the best and so does everyone who knows about the legacy of the great Jagger family.

Dakota Johnson and Melanie Griffith

It isn’t unusual for a particular talent to run in the family. Just take Dakota Johnson for example. Their family has had 3 generations of actresses becoming successful in their respective careers. Tippi Hedren, Melanie Griffith, and Dakota Johnson don’t just look alike (especially the last two), they also chose the same profession and it cannot be denied that each of them have managed to make their own mark in the industry. Of course, their beauty cannot be ignored, too.

People have been following the three celebrities since they first stepped into the limelight and now that they’re successful, what kind of performances will they show the world next? Will the next generation emulate this trend or will they choose a more critical role in society, such as being a lawyer or a doctor? Given the multi-talented genes that the family has, it’s not going to surprise anyone if they actually produce another star in the family. Let’s wait and see.

Ziggy Marley and Bob Marley

Bob Marley’s legend continues to lives on. His music which preached equality and emphasized the importance of democracy remains a melody in the heart of many. Although he passed away untimely, his son Ziggy Marley takes after him in appearance and seems to be crafting a good name for himself as well via music. Ziggy’s sound is comparable to his father’s but a little different in terms of who and what he writes for.

Wherever Bob is right now, we’re sure he is proud of the life Ziggy lives and the music he produces for the industry. Both father and son deserve all the credit they are reserving, after all, they have contributed much to music in general. While Ziggy is still slowly establishing himself, we don’t doubt that he’ll be able to create a legacy that equals or even surpasses that of his father’s. If he’s inherited one thing from Bob, it’s the ability to touch people through music.

Max Irons and Jeremy Irons

Oscar-winning actor, Jeremy Irons became famous for the role he played in the movie Reversal of Future. His popularity soared after the film saw global and critical acclaim. He received much praise for his performance. There is much to be said about how iconic Jeremy’s roles were in cinema and he has built a reputation for himself as a versatile artist. He is one of the most formidable performers in the industry and he has found much success over the years.

His personal life might be a little rocky in comparison, but he has since found much stability in his marriage with Sinead Cusack. Their union produced the talented actor, Max Irons who is steadily following his father’s footsteps. His name might still be unfamiliar to most viewers, but we don’t doubt that he’ll be a big star within a few years. Max currently works as both a model and actor, showing just how versatile he can be.

Benjamin Keough and Elvis Presley

Lisa Marie Presley has always been a doting mother to her children and it’s clear that there’s a degree of closeness within this family that keeps all of them bonded. Her son Benjamin is bonded to his legendary grandfather in another way. They bear such a striking resemblance that fans of the rock and roll legend can’t help but feel that Elvis lives on in him.

There must be some pressure to having him as a grandfather, considering the fact that Elvis’ influence on music can still be felt even today. He has inspired generations of artists and it many wonder if Benjamin would, one day, follow in his footsteps too. Sadly, Benjamin passed away on July of 2020. The musician was 27 years old at the time of his passing, which came as a surprise and devastated many. He was laid to rest in Graceland, alongside his grandfather and grandmother.

Patrick Swayze and Jason Swayze

It is no secret that many people mourned the passing of Patrick Swayze. Not just because he’s an amazing performer, but also because of his reputation as one of Hollywood’s most generous actors. He may have left us too soon, but he did leave behind quite the legacy. It isn’t without its share of controversy, however, and one that is still being discussed by both media and his fans is the possibility that he had fathered a son with Bonnie K. Whittle.

Born in 1973, many celebrity news outlets have been reporting about the actor’s supposed “secret son”. At present, everything is pure speculation, though it cannot be denied that there is great degree of resemblance between the two. Jason lives a non-celebrity lifestyle. The 44-year-old lives in Missouri and is a father of three. According to some sources, he is also seeking a DNA test, which should finally clarify the truth behind his parentage.

Jessica Altman and Lynda Carter

Most of us will know Lynda Carter as the original Wonder Woman. She embodied the strong female character so well that it remains the role most associated with her as an actress. Even with Gal Gadot now holding the title, many remain fans of her. After all, her portrayal is uniquely her own and is quite different from the modern interpretation. That said, Lynda Carter is also among the first to show love and promote her successor’s films.

The actress might be living a quieter life now, but her daughter Jessica is keenly following a similar career path. While she may not have entered the industry as an actress, she is establishing a name for herself. You might be surprised to know that she is both a lawyer and a singer-songwriter! It is such a rare combination, right? Well, Jessica is making it work her for, considering her most recent release, No Rules, has been received well by audiences.

Alexander Martin and Dean Martin

Dean Martin was no doubt a man of many talents — a feature which made him one of the mid-20th-century legends. If you went up to a father or an uncle today and asked them about Dean Martin, they would probably hold a conversation with you for hours. Sure, he had a bit of a rough start, but with endurance and strokes of luck, he became a star worthy of being immortalized in pop culture. Alexander Martin, his grandson, seems to have enjoyed a better childhood than his grandfather.

Like his predecessor, he has given impressive performance in movies like “Can Hardly Wait” and “21.” These are two very successful comedy films that helped establish him in the industry, proving that he has what it takes to become an even bigger star. Such a degree of talent certainly won’t go unnoticed.  At present, Alexander is happily married to Megan W. Martin and the couple have one child together.

Homer James Jigme Gere and Richard Gere

Home James Jigme Gere was born on February 6 2000 in NYC. It might surprise you to learn that contrary to first impressions, he was actually named after his parents respective fathers. Aside from having a unique name that’s bound to stand out, Homer also comes from a celebrity family. His mother his the beautiful model and actress Carey Lowell, while his father is the iconic actor Richard Gere.

While his parents did separate early on, he grew up close to both of them and is known to spend holidays with his father. He may have only been 16 at the time of their separation, but through co-parenting and a degree of understanding from both sides of the family, Homer grew up well. Unlike his father, who he resembles greatly, he seems to be set on keeping a low profile. This isn’t too surprising since he did grow up with some level of media attention already on him!

Shaqir O’ Neal and Shaquille O’ Neal

We know Shaquille O’ Neal as one of basketball’s most enduring icons. It may have been years since we last saw him play, but his influence and legacy still inspires many young players today. Not to mention, his own children. Among his six children, it seems that his youngest is the one keenest on following his footsteps. At only 15 years old, Shaqir has been winning people’s attention and many are expecting big things from him.

Whether he goes on to play professionally or not is yet to be seen, but it can’t be denied that he is showing much promise in the field. The future certainly is bright for the teenager and he’s got the security of never needing student loans, regardless of which path he decides to take in the future. That’s all thanks to his parents’ hard work when it comes to providing for the family. They certainly deserve praise for it too!

Tuki Brando and Marlon Brando

Known for his performance in the role of Don Vito Corleone in the Godfather films, Marlon Brando certainly is in a league of his own. Did you know the actor even declined an Oscar award for this particular role, which left everyone speechless and in awe? Why he refused the credit he was being given still remains unknown. The actor may have passed away in 2004, but like every role he has played throughout the years,

he has become an indelible mark on the industry. One which many young actors aspire to become one day. His grandson, Tuki Brando isn’t too far behind, though. While his work is mostly centered in modeling, his success is nothing short of impressive. In fact, he is also the face of Versace Menswear and exudes the same degree of charisma his grandfather once did. Tuki is the son of Cheyenne Brando and Dag Drollet.

Hailie Jade and Eminem

After numerous media speculation about the relationship between Eminem and Kim Mathers, their separation could not be avoided. They tried to mend things but maybe there were differences that they couldn’t settle no matter what. Before the enviable relationship became sour and took a turn south, they already had beautiful Halie who takes after her father in terms of looks. Their resemblance is uncanny, some have started to refer to her as the female Eminem!

Unlike her father, however, Hailie is opting out of the entertainment world for now and is pursuing and entirely different field instead. She has since received her degree in psychology and has been making headlines as a popular influencer on social media. Who said she can’t hit two birds with one stone, right? This father and daughter duo maintain a close relationship that is certainly enviable. They prove that despite challenges, the bond between families isn’t easily broken.

Allison Williams and Brian Williams

Veteran journalist, Brian Williams has kept up with his impressive performance after confronting his battles and landing on his feet. Trials and tribulations have haunted his career ever since he first started the journey but he was able to weather each one. Now, it’s his beautiful daughter’s turn in the spotlight. Allison Williams, who favored acting over attending college to become a lawyer, has now etched a name for herself in the movie industry.

Allison already has a respectable number of acting credit to her name but we’re curious to see if she’s willing to try exploring other talents she may possess. At present, she has appeared in a number of successful projects, including the popular HBO series Girls, her role in which even earned her a Critic’s Choice Award. Aside from TV, she has also starred in films such as Get Out, The Perfection, and A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Jake Hoffman and Dustin Hoffman

So far, we’ve seen many examples of acting talent getting passed down from parent to child. The Hoffman family is certainly no exception to this. We know Dustin Hoffman for being one of the most versatile actors in the industry, but did you know that his son Jake Hoffman is continuing this legacy? Like his iconic father, he is proving himself to be the total package. Not only is he able to deliver topnotch performances,

but he is also an established writer and filmmaker—things that only a few people can boast of. We don’t doubt that he must have picked up some of this skill from his father, who is equally as talented in both fields. Contrary to what most people might think, however, Jake earned his position in the industry through his own hard work. This isn’t too surprising given the kind of talent he possesses. We’re sure he’s bound to receive more credit in the future.

Ben Stiller and Jerry Stiller

These days, we are more familiar with the name Ben Stiller. He is one of the industry’s finest comedians, whose talent and versatility means he can handle a variety of different genres. However, we know him best for his work in films such as Zoolander, The Wedding Singer, and The Heartbreak Kid. Not a lot of people know that he grew up in a celebrity family and had been in the limelight since he was a kid—

perhaps this is why he’s so comfortable in front of the camera, too. His father, Jerry Stiller is also a renowned actor, comedian, and author. His influence can be seen in his son, though their individual successes are both noteworthy. We’re sure fans would have loved to have seen these two work on more films together but, unfortunately, Jerry Stiller passed away on May 2020. His legacy will live on in his son, however.

Tracee Ellis Ross and Diana Ross

Beautiful, stunning, and talented are the right words to describe the daughter of Hollywood legend, Diana Ross. When it comes to music legends, Diana Ross is a name that cannot be missed. She has been in the spotlight since her time with The Supremes and found further success when she went solo. Her daughter, Tracee, is also a stunning lady with all the features that were descriptive of Diana Ross when she was in her prime.

Sharp and fierce facial features with an exquisite taste for fashion. Despite the pressure she receives from family and fans, Tracee Ellis Ross has managed maintain a good head upon her shoulders—a trait she must have inherited from her mother as well. The continued success she has been receiving in recent years is certainly well deserved, considering she’s one of the industry’s most versatile talents. Tracee is an actress, singer, television host, and producer who has received multiple credit for her work.

Riley Curry and Stephen Curry

Here’s the thing, Steph Curry was the NBA’s first unanimous MVP but the real show stealer in their family is his daughter, Riley. The second-grader certainly is used to the spotlight by now and suffice to say, she’s a natural in front of the cameras! Of course, Steph is more than happy to let his daughter take center stage and if you’ve seen different photos from the press conferences Riley has attended alongside him, you can tell he’s proud of his daughter’s hilarious antics.

While it is way too early to tell what career path Riley might take, we can safely say that she’d do well as an actress or, perhaps, even a sports reporter! For now, however, this young girl is busy with her studies. With most schools doing online classes, Steph has also stepped up and plays substitute teacher for his little girl whenever necessary. According to Riley, Steph is a three- star substitute teacher—not bad for the NBA MVP, right?

Bonnie Chapman and Beth Chapman

Are you familiar with the show, Dog the Bounty Hunter? This popular reality TV series aired on A&E and chronicled the adventures of Duane Chapman’s experiences working as a bounty hunter. While he may have been the star of the show, we cannot deny that the entire Chapman family added more entertainment and color to the entire series. This is especially true for the mother and daughter pairing of Beth and Bonnie Chapman.

Beth, the family’s matriarch passed away in 2019, and Duane has since remarried, but the closeness between this family is still palpable. Bonnie is still in her early twenties and is likely still exploring all the different options she has when it comes to her career. At present, she is working as a producer and make-up artist, with a reported net worth of $1 million. While a career in entertainment is a possibility for her, we wouldn’t be too surprised if she opted out of it and went for something more low-profile.

Jennifer Garner and Violet Affleck

While her marriage with Ben Affleck has since dissolved, we’re sure that Jennifer Garner is more than grateful for the gift of her children. The former couple have three kids together, who are all grown-up now and showing much potential towards becoming great individuals someday. That’s with credit to Garner and Affleck’s excellent co-parenting. Their eldest, Violet, has always received much attention from their fans and the media because of how much she resembles her actress mother.

Now that she’s in her teens, the similarity in their features has become even uncanny! Given her parentage and natural beauty, will she step into the spotlight someday too? In an interview her parents seem to be supportive of the idea, though they would rather she focus on her studies first and get a career before deciding on anything. A wise move, we must agree. After all, a Hollywood career will not last forever.

Moroccan Scott Cannon and Mariah Carey

Moroccan Scott is one half of Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s adorable twins. Along with his brother, Monroe, the nine-year-old is often the star of his mother’s social media posts where she proudly boasts about their achievements. They are with her during tours and performances as well, which means the twins aren’t at all shy about being in front of the cameras. In fact, they seem to have a knack for entertaining audiences—even at such a young age!

We like to think they inherited that from their parents. After all, their mom is one of the industry’s finest musical performers, while their dad is a comedic genius. With that in mind, it’s interesting to think about what possible career path these kids might take in the future. Whether they go into music or acting, we’re sure they will be well-supported. The best bit? They don’t even have to worry about student loans.

Lily Rose Depp and Vanessa Paradis

Vanessa Paradis and Johnny Depp’s union was like a fairytale for both of their fans. It seemed to many that the two were simply meant to be considering how well their personal philosophies and style aligned with each other. Their relationship also produced two beautiful children, Lily Rose and Jack. Many were saddened when the couple separated, but they proved to be responsible parents despite that—raising their children through co-parenting and ensuring a close to normal childhood for both.

Since then, Lily Rose has also made her way into the entertainment industry. A natural progression for someone as talented as her. From modeling for big brands such as Chanel, she transitioned to acting for which she garnered much praise. Lily Rose resembles her mother greatly, though she brings her own charisma and quirkiness to the table, which helps her stand out. She’s one of the most exciting talents in Hollywood nowadays and we look forward to what she’ll deliver in the future.

Ava Sambora and Heather Locklear

How Heather Locklear seems to maintain her good looks since she became famous has been a mystery to the world. The youthful aura, vibrant personality and skillful demeanor of Heather has always been the topic of many media outlets for years. Her daughter, Ava, as expected is into acting and with age on her side, you can look forward to great achievements from her end.

Ava shows a lot of promise for someone so young and her future is looking very bright given the fact that her family is a prominent name in the entertainment business. Our only concern is how good her money management skill is; reputation, wealth, influence are some of the things that are directly affected by money management and it is interesting to think about how she is brought up knowing the gravity of her position in life. What a time to be alive and curious!

Rene-Charles Angelil and Celine Dion

Reaching the spotlight early was a good thing for the legendary Celine Dion as this brought her close to the love of her life, Rene Angelil, who was initially her manager. The two saw an unexpected romance brewing between them and without actually noticing that they’ve fallen for each other, they took the leap of faith in expressing their feelings. The union gave us Rene-Charles who is now all grown up. This talented young man has a bright future ahead.

He may not be after a degree, but his skills will surely take him far. At present, he is steadily following his mother’s path into the industry, though in an entirely different genre. While his mother is well known for her powerful vocals, Rene-Charles is building a following through his rap songs—which are all available for listening on his Soundcloud account. We are certainly among those who are excited for what he’ll create in the future.

Kaia Gerber and Cindy Crawford

After rocking the modeling world consistently for years, Cindy Crawford seems to have passed on the same genetic make-up into Kala Gerber, her daughter. Kaia whose uncanny resemblance with her mother instantly shot her into the limelight. However, she’s been proving that she has her own set of charms, too, that makes her different from her supermodel mother. Over the years, her star has only continued to rise and we have to give credit to her determination and unrelenting drive to succeed in life, paving way for her definite future in the entertainment business.

Given her relatively young age, this is certainly impressive to see. If one day she opts to take a break and go back to school, this young lady wouldn’t have to worry about student loans considering her multi-million net worth. We’re sure her parents are more than proud of her achievements and as fans, we cannot wait to see more of her in the future. An acting gig, perhaps? Only time will tell.

Angelina Jolie and Marcheline Bertrand

Angelina Jolie is recognized around the world for her skill as an actress, her generosity as a philanthropist, and for her unfading beauty. Before there was an Angelina, however, it was her mother who was capturing everyone’s hearts. Marcheline Bertrand gets credit for instilling humanitarian beliefs in her children. This mother and daughter pair share a striking resemblance, too, not just in their looks but in their lifestyle as well.

The family might have gone through a rough period in the past, but Marcheline made sure that her kids grew up in a nurturing and loving environment. So much so, that Angelina often speaks about her late mother’s influence in the way she raises her own children. Marcheline’s passing was certainly a great loss for the actress, but it’s clear that her mother lives on in her. We cannot think of a better way to honor Marcheline’s memory than to continue what she had started.

Jennifer Aniston and John Aniston

Raise your hand if you knew that Jennifer Aniston is the daughter of a Hollywood legend. Unless you’re a super fan, it is likely that you were not aware of this fact. After all, Jennifer has become such a huge star on her own that she surpassed her father, actor John Aniston. Once you see them side by side, however, there’s no question that the two are related. They bear similar striking features, for one.

We wonder if John mentored Jennifer when she was just starting out. Surely he provided her with the support and inspiration to carve out her own path in the business—not an easy feat, of course. Thanks to her talent, hard work, and some luck Jennifer has cemented her place in the industry. She’s ranked among the highest paid actresses in Hollywood and despite her decades-long career, her star has yet to fade. A credit that solely belongs to her.

Willow Sage and Pink

Pink has always stood out from the crowd, not just because of her unique style but also through her music. She’s one of the most individual artists in recent years and is best known for her honest, sometimes tongue-in-cheek, lyrics. Pink is also one of the most outspoken pop musicians and is never afraid to let people know exactly what she thinks. While she’s had her fair share of controversy over the years, it cannot be denied that the degree of her influence is still palpable to this day.

After becoming a mother, however, she’s opted to live a more low profile life. Her daughter, Willow Sage, seems to have inherited her mother’s colorful personality as well. At only nine years old, she’s already a natural when it comes to being in front of cameras and has even done duets with her mom. Want a sample of her vocal talent? Just look up their interpretation of “A Million Dreams” and you’ll see why so many are impressed by this little star.

Matilda Ledger and Heath Ledger

Fans all over the world mourned the sudden passing of actor, Heath Ledger. However, no one carried the weight of this loss more than his daughter, Matilda. Perhaps this is why many people consider it a blessing that he had done so many films prior, thus allowing his daughter to be with him through the characters he had played on screen. Sad as this might seem, Matilda did grow up to become a lovely young lady who bears quite a close resemblance to the late actor.

Thanks to the effort of her mother, Michelle Williams, along with some of her father’s closest friends Matilda did not have to worry when it comes to having emotional and financial support. Now that she’s fifteen years old and living in New York with her mother, the teen enjoys a more private life and will likely choose to focus on getting a degree instead of going into acting. This is something that we’re sure both of her parents would be proud of.

Tracy Nelson and Ricky Nelson

Tracy Nelson is an actress, dancer, and writer. As her last name might suggest, she comes from a long line of talented entertainers. She is the daughter of musician Ricky Nelson and of actress-painter Kristin Nelson. Tracy was born on October 1963 in Santa Monica, California. Even from a young age, she has shown much potential towards a career in the entertainment industry. This shouldn’t be too surprising considering who her parents are and the kind of upbringing she had.

In fact, even before she reached the age of five, Tracy already had an acting credit to her name! While coming from a family of performers does provide her with some advantage, her success is the fruit of her own talent and hard work. We’re sure being born into such a family and following their footsteps came with a certain level of pressure, but we praise Tracy for handling everything with grace.

Chris Pine and Robert Pine

There’s no denying the fact that good genetics run in this family. Our next father and son pair, not only share dashing good looks, but are also known in the industry for their talent and versatility. Of course, we have to give most of the credit to Robert Pine—Chris Pine’s father. He was the first in their family to have entered the business, leaving his mark in the industry through his role on CHiPs as Sergeant Joseph Getraer. His wife, Gwynne Gilford is also a former actress turned psychotherapist.

As for their son Chris, well, he’s doing great for himself. After graduating with a degree in English from Berkeley, he got into theatre, which later paved the way for big screen roles. These days, he’s one of the most sought-after male leads, with starring roles in films such as Wonder Woman and Star Trek. Who said you can’t finish school and be successful in Hollywood too? Chris proves you can do both.

Emma Roberts and Eric Roberts

The Roberts’ are one of the most recognizable celebrity families that are still active in the industry. From Julia Roberts, Eric Roberts, and now Emma Roberts. They have managed to establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with, not just because of their powerful onscreen presence, but also because of the versatility they hold. The youngest of the three, Emma, is certainly no exception.

While she started out with small roles in teen shows and movies, the talented actress has managed to move toward more serious projects as she matured. From teenybopper, she became a Scream Queen, and has also tried out lots of other genres in between. It’s safe to say that for the younger generation, she is the most popular member of the Roberts family. Even surpassing the popularity of her father and aunt in this case! When it comes to industry investments, this family certainly has it all figured out.

Zoe Kravitz And Lisa Bonet

One glance at our next mother and daughter pair might have you thinking that they’re just sisters. Lisa Bonet’s youthful looks certainly belie her age. Add the fact that these two closely resemble each other in appearance and it’s easy to see why some people get confused. For those familiar with Lisa Bonet, however, they’ll remember her best for The Cosby Show. She delivered a remarkable performance on the series and remains one of is most popular former cast members.

She later married Lenny Kravitz and have one daughter together. Unfortunately, their union eventually led to a separation. In this case, all’s well that ends well because despite the fact that they are no longer married, the two maintain a close friendship. This likely helped Zoe while she was growing up, too. These days, however, it’s Zoe who owns the spotlight. In fact, she is set to appear as Catwoman in the upcoming Batman film, alongside Robert Pattinson.

Patrick and Arnold Schwarzenegger


It seems that most Hollywood marriages aren’t meant to last, even the ones that feel like they might. Such is the case with Arnold Schwarzenegger and his former partner, journalist Maria Shriver. They spent many happy years together, before finally deciding to part ways. Celebrity or not, matters such as this one is never easy—not for the parents and certainly not for their kids. Fortunately, the former couple handled the situation in the best way possible.

Not only did they maintain closeness with their children, but they were also able to raise them to be fine individuals. Just take a look at their son, Patrick Schwarzenegger for example. He inherited much of Arnold’s good looks, but also Maria’s eloquency. Like a number of other celebrity kids, he has given the business a try as well. Earning modeling and acting credit along the way. It’s quite exciting to see what the future has in store for this young talent.

Scott Eastwood and Clint Eastwood

Hollywood isn’t always about the clean cut, suited debonair who can seemingly sweep every woman off her feet with just a few words. In fact, Clint Eastwood has proven throughout the years that it’s the cowboy who always wins everyone over. He is best known for his rugged good looks and for taking on morally gray characters when it comes to his roles. Clint Eastwood is the antithesis to stereotypical male leads, which helped him carve a niche all to himself.

Starring in Westerns helped him build a name, but his later career as a filmmaker solidified his status as an industry legend. Few can reach the same level of experience he has had over the years and his son, Scott Eastwood, certainly has a lot to live up to. Fortunately for the younger Eastwood, he has everything it takes—from good looks to talent.  At 34 years old, the actor has appeared in successful films such as Gran Torino, Trouble with the Curve, and The Forger.

Dylan Frances Penn and Sean Penn

Having parents who are established in the industry doesn’t always guarantee success. It is important for any celebrity child who wants a piece of the Hollywood pie to deliver in terms of talent as well. Fortunately, Dylan Frances Penn has all of that and so much more. The daughter of Sean Penn and Robin Wright started her career as a model. She appeared on the cover of various magazines and was even the face of for big brands such as Gap.

The model was also among the stars included for Stuart Weitzman’s short film, which was shown during Paris Fashion Week. Dylan Frances first forayed into acting through her appearance in Nick Jonas’ music video for the song “Chains”. This was followed by her first film role in Eli Morgan Gesner’s Condemned. Almost immediately she caught the public eye, thanks to her gorgeous looks. At 29 years old, she remains active in the industry and reportedly works mostly on independent films.

Aquinnah Fox, Schuyler Fox and Michael J. Fox

Michael J. Fox started making waves thanks to his role as Alex P. Keaton in the NBC drama Family Ties. However, he received further popularity after he starred as Marty McFly in the Back to the Future films. Not only did this firmly cement his place in the industry, it also made him a pop culture icon. Even today, decades after the first film was released, his performance is still referenced by many. The truly amazing thing about the actor, however, is how he has handled his battle with Parkinson’s disease.

It is not an easy illness to manage, but he proves that it can be done. Of course, he had the help of his family and their investments toward making life easier for him. He has been married for three decades to Tracy Pollan and they have four kids together. Like their parents, Aquinnah and Schuyler are slowly following their parents’ footsteps into the industry. Considering their background, we’re curious to see how they fare in Hollywood.

Dylan Brosnan and Pierce Brosnan


We know Pierce Brosnan best for his turn as the suave spy, James Bond. He may have since passed the role onto younger actors, but his influence on the character cannot be denied. Did you know that his version of James Bond was a non-drinker? That’s just one of the traits he added to 007, to make him more relatable and real to the viewers. These days, while he’s still starring in a few blockbusters such as Mamma Mia!, the actor prefers to live a more low-profile lifestyle.

It isn’t too farfetched to think that he’s creating room for a new generation, one that bears not only a striking resemblance to him, but also carries part of his legacy. We’re talking about his son, Dylan Brosnan. At 23 years old, the young actor is certainly making waves in both Hollywood and the fashion scene. We wouldn’t be too surprised to see him among the biggest stars within the next few years.

Jason Ritter and John Ritter

It is always sad when a child loses a parent at an early age for it deprives them of both time and an opportunity to learn from said parent. Such was the case with Jason Ritter and his father, John. The veteran actor left behind an entire of legacy of film roles, including his first role in Three’s Company. Aside from his work in the industry, he had also made prior investments in the event that something did happen to him.

Thanks to his forward-thinking, Jason and his mother, Amy Yasbeck, did not have to worry about their finances. It also gave Jason the opportunity to follow his own dream and try his hand at becoming an actor. Since then, he has done plenty of work, including providing the voice of Dipper Pines on the Disney Channel show Gravity Falls. Jason is also known for his appearance in TV shows such as Sean Walker in The Event.

Olivia Jade Giannulli and Lori Loughlin

Only those who had access to movies in the 80s can tell you what it feels like to see Lori Loughlin perform a role. Her admirable movie career, though, is nothing compared to her interesting love life. After ending things with her investor husband, she journeyed with fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli. The existing union is blessed with two kids which seem set to take over the entertainment industry in no time.

Olivia looks more like her mother and spends most of her time keeping her Instagram fans updated on diverse makeup tips. Looks like it’s her greatest investment right now, but don’t fooled. Olivia Gianulli was educated and graduated from Marymount High School in LA. She later enrolled in University of Southern California along with her sister. Her mother is best known for her role in Full House, while Olivia is known for being a YouTuber. This shows that talent and beauty runs in this family.

Colin Hanks and Tom Hanks

It is one thing to be the son of a legendary actor and it is another to be able to cope with the pressure that comes with it. Colin Hanks has handled both brilliantly by becoming a writer, director, producer and actor. Although he still has a long way to go to attain his father’s status, his start has not been bad at all. He handles his credit card billings well and doesn’t look like the type to go bankrupt in the nearest future. Colin once said that comparing his career to his father is like “hitting your head against the wall”.

But he is lucky enough to grow up without experiencing difficulties, being Tom’s eldest son. He was also able to showcase his talents to everyone and found a relatively easy entry into the industry. Like his father, he appeared on numerous films like King Kong, Jumanji and Orange County. Colin would surely continue his father’s remarkable reputation someday should his father decide to retire at some point.

Aviana Oleo Le Gallo and Amy Adams

Amy Adams, who is currently one of the highest paid actresses in the movie industry isn’t just a combination of beauty and brains. Her onscreen performances continue to wow audiences and she has so many awards and nominations to show for it. Little Aviana, on the other hand, seems to have inherited her mother’s look. She is only 8 years old, but even her mother’s fans can see that she has great potential for a career in the industry.

Aviana is also often spotted with her parents while attending different events. Including the Hollywood Walk Of Fame ceremony when her mother was honored with a star in the Hollywood Walk of Fame on January 2020. It certainly was a great moment not only for Amy Adams and her spouse Darren Le Gallo, but also for their daughter. It made her more comfortable in front of the camera. Fun fact: Did you know her name was derived from Amy Adams’ birthplace? Aviano in Italy!

Bindi and Steve Irwin

The entire world mourned after Steve Irwin’s passing, but his legacy continues on in his children. That doesn’t mean it’s an easy job, though. Bindi describes it as challenging since it requires large scale maintenance which even small details like dealing with the roofing. Fortunately, her career seems to be going well. She has served as an anchor for various shows and even made an appearance on Dancing with the Stars Season 21 been her latest appearance.

Of course, she’s also done work for her father’s show, The Crocodile Hunter Diaries. This isn’t too surprising that she has followed her late father’s footsteps. In fact, even as a young girl, she had already hosted her own program called Bindi the Jungle Girl. Let’s not forget that she even took part in a television special entitled My Daddy The Crocodile Hunter, in which her father posthumously featured. In 2020, Bindi was married to Chandler Powell, a professional wakeboarder.

Albert II, Prince Of Monaco and Alexandre Grimaldi-Coste

The relationship which started in 1989 between Nicole Coste and Prince Albert gave us Alexander. Although his birth was outside wedlock and despite the fact that he has no right to his father’s throne, the same cannot be said of his father’s $1 billion. Currently 15 years of age, he lives a secured life and has enough time to plan his future without including any form of loans. Born on August 24, 2003 and originally named as Eric Alexandre Stephane Tossoukpe but was later changed to Coste via her mother Nicole Coste,

who was a former flight attendant of Air France before she met Prince Albert II. Under the Monegasque constitution, Alexandre Grimaldi-Coste is not eligible for the succession of Monegasque throne but the former spouse and illegitimate children of Prince Albert II’s $1 billion fortune is still inheritable but if the prince chooses to remarry her, Alexandre Grimaldi-Coste will clearly become an heir and change his name to Prince Alexandre.

Gunner Vincente Calaway and The Undertaker

Mark Williams, widely regarded with his wrestling Nick “The Undertaker” is no stranger to anyone. He is one of the most formidable athletes when it comes to wrestling and has been in the business for years. We’re sure he has made a fortune from the WWE Universe and the luxurious life his four kids live is an indicator. Gunner, his eldest son seems to be interested in everything except wrestling and while this might surprise fans of his father, it might be the best career move for him.

We hope his money management skills serves as a good example to his siblings. As opposed to his father’s profession as a wrestler, Gunner wanted to work on video game industry instead and dreamed of being a video game designer. He received a bachelor’s degree from Full Sail University as a video game artist. They might have taken different paths, but we don’t doubt that his father is just as proud.

Coco Arquette and Courtney Cox

Courtney Cox proved to the world how brave she can be after she overcame the depression she encountered after giving birth. On top of that, she bounced back gracefully—a true inspiration to women who might be experiencing the same. While we may never know her real beauty secret, suffice to say that her inner and outer glow has a lot to do with her confidence as well. Something that is reflected in her daughter, Coco, who is pretty much her carbon copy.

The mother and daughter tandem often make posts on social media, but one that caught people’s attention is their cover of the Fleetwood Mac song named Silver Springs. Courtney Cox accompanied Coco by playing piano, while her talented daughter sang. While there are no reports about Coco entering the same business as her mother, she certainly has the investments she’ll need if she plans on doing so in the future.

Jamison Belushi and Jim Belushi

Combining a career in music with acting is not an easy task. When you make landmark achievement with the two, calling you legendary is an understatement! Although he is still in the business, his daughter Jamison Belushi seems pretty determined to sweep Hollywood off her feet with her awesome writing and singing skills. Will she venture into acting? We can’t say for now but she’s definitely going to take over her father’s investment.

Wonder no more about her acting career because Jamison appeared on films such as According to Jim where her father Jim Belushi was featured as a lead actor, The Last Summer and The Talk. Jamison also has her own Youtube channel under the name Jami Bess, which it contains music videos of her songs like Angel From Montgomery and Here We Go Again. These shows that she will focus more on music instead of following her father’s footsteps.

Morgan Ritchie and Richard Burton

Richard Burton was, without doubt, one of the greatest actors of his time. The extent of his talent qualified him for several Oscar nominations. Being one of the highest paid comes with benefits, of course. Fortunately, Richard had a good financial advisor and as a result, he was able to maintain his net worth and ensure the security of his family. Morgan Ritchie’s childhood is proof of this.

Thanks to his multi-talented, who also happens to be great at investing his earnings, he was able to enjoy a childhood that’s free of financial worries. Perhaps there’s something to Morgan resembling his grandfather greatly, too. It’s not too great of a leap to imagine him following in the elder’s footsteps. It might have taken him a bit of time to find his footing, but we’re glad to see that Morgan is slowly establishing himself as a reputable actor. We wish him the best in the future!

Princess Eugenie and Sarah Ferguson

We certainly didn’t expect another royal wedding soon after Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the knot. Of course, as they say, nothing can stop love—not even old customs or in this case, time constrictions. It may seem a little too soon, but Princess Eugenie and her fiancé saw it fit to wed as soon as possible. If you’re unfamiliar with Eugenie, she’s the lovely daughter of Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York. She is also one of the grandchildren of Queen Elizabeth II.

She became an ambassador for the New Museum’s Artemis Council in 2017 and in the following year, she became an ambassador for Project 0 charity with Sky Ocean Rescue as its partner. In 2020 she also volunteered with The Salvation Army to prepare food. Needless to say, like her mother and her grandmother, Eugenie is active when it comes to social causes—befitting of the credit given to royalty.

Titan Witherspoon and Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland’s message of not giving up on yourself was clearly sent as she is a living example. After quitting Destiny’s Child, her journey as a solo artist became enviable. In addition to this, she runs a successful business in the makeup industry, which most sources think was started with a small business loan. Irrespective of people’s notion, the fact that she has done well with herself, maintained her marriage and has a good kid in the person of Titan Witherspoon cannot be denied.

One of their memorable moments as mother and son was on 2017 Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park, the season opener of 2017 Formula 1 Season where Rowland and her son Titan watched the action packed race. Rowland credited her son for being a good critic and honesty when Rowland recorded a song and asked if he liked that song then Titan responded and said he liked the parts of her mother’s song while staying on the recording studio.

Joely Richardson and Vanessa Redgrave

Between Joely Richardson and Vanessa Redgrave runs a thread of immense talent. Not only are they some of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood, they are also two of the most prominent, and are able to take roles in a variety of genres. In her personal life, Vanessa Redgrave has gone through a number of challenges, including the passing of her sister Natasha. She spent a period of time mourning, but has recovered with thanks to the help of her family, particularly her daughter.

The two are also bonded with actor Liam Neeson, given the fact that he was married to Natasha prior to her passing. Joely and Neeson were also featured together in the film Shining Through. Redgrave and her daughter Joely also worked together on films Anonymous, Sea Sorrow, The Charge Of The Light Brigade, Wetherby, and The Aspem Papers. The tight-knit relationship of this mother and daughter pair is certainly heartwarming.

Ava Phillipe and Reese Witherspoon

After featuring in movies like Sweet Home Alabama, Legally Blonde and Walk the Line, which she won an Oscar for, Reese became a force to be reckoned with in the movie industry. She went ahead by taking her career to the next level when she signed a new deal with the producer of A Wrinkle in Time. Reese and Ryan Phillipe may have married young, but these two surely have no regrets. After all, their union gave life to their beautiful children.

Ava, in particular, is the spitting image of her mother. So much so, that she can easily play a younger version of Reese should there be a need for it. Their resemblance didn’t escape media attention, too. It isn’t just their looks that are alike, these two also have a close bond that’s quite enviable—spending holidays together, whenever Ava is free from her school duties. This is because instead of acting, she chose to pursue a degree instead.

Alexa Ray Joel and Billy Joel

We all know that popular Billy Joel’s marriage with top model Christie Brinkley ended in them parting ways. Before that occurred, the union had a wonderful daughter in the person of Alexa Ray Joel. Everything worked out well for Alexa from the start. Besides owning her mother’s look and enjoying her music career, she knows no level of bankruptcy. The father and daughter pair made a duet with her father’s song hits like New York State Of Mind, Baby Grand and Christmas song White Christmas.

Alexa praised her father’s trait of giving priority to the real fans by placing them in front row seats on her dad’s concerts, calling him “A Great Mensch” and Mench means a good person if you translated it in English from Yiddish language. Billy should be proud and lucky enough on his daughter’s quest on inheriting his passion, making his legacy alive and well as years passes by.

Maggie McGraw and Faith Hill

The thing with Maggie is that in terms of looks, she’s a mix of both her parents. Some might say she resembles her mother, Faith Hill more, since they do share similar facial features. Beyond that, however, she also inherited much of her parents talents—from singing to their talent in song-writing. Before she decided on stepping onto the stage, however, this bright-eyed young woman opted to complete her degree and graduate from the prestigious Stanford University.

We’re sure both Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are proud of her personal achievements. Over time, she has released a few songs, which were met excitedly by fans. Another thing of note is her generosity. While she may have been born into a life of privilege, she isn’t the type to waste it. Instead, it has been reported that she fed many frontliners and people in need through the organization Feed The Front Line.

Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn

Goldie Hawn without doubt already had Kate with Bill Hudson before asking her lawyers to file for a divorce. Taking 80% of the credit for her child’s beautiful look, she remains stunning as ever! Now that she is about to be a grandmother, I guess Kate will be glad that her mother’s support won’t be missing when she needs it the most! Many people look at Kate Hudson as Goldie Hawn’s carbon copy during the latter’s younger days as evident on Hawn’s early films and

when Kate shared her mother’s (Goldie Hawn) throwback photo of her wearing t shirt and was barefooted on her 75th birthday last November 21, 2020 on instagram as one of her birthday gift. Hudson considers her mother’s current spouse Kurt Russell as his father because she didn’t knew Bill Hudson right from the start. She praised her mother by saying that she learnt a lot from her.

Liza Minelli and Judy Garland

When it comes to this mother and daughter pair, the talent flows freely. Judy Garland is one of the icons of Hollywood’s Golden Age, whose name still resounds with many people. She may have passed on, but her influence and popularity has never really faded. Sure, her early beginnings were difficult and she started in the industry very young, but considering everything she has achieved then—we feel it is all worth it.

The same goes for her daughter, Liza Minelli. Her role in Cabaret cemented her as one of the industry’s greatest and she deserves all of the credit she has received since. In this case, both mother and daughter were able to achieve a height of fame that’s challenging for most. Their names alone are synonymous with all the possibilities that Hollywood has to offer. It’s no wonder each of them are considered icons in their own right.

Sunday Rose, Faith Margaret and Nicole Kidman

We all know Nicole Kidman as one of the finest actresses in Hollywood. Not to mention the fact that she is also one of the highest paid for years now. This success isn’t just limited to her career, however, because Nicole is also enjoying a harmonious life with her family. Few people are aware of the fact that she adopted two children together with her former-husband, Tom Cruise. Those kids are all grown up now and have respective careers of their own.

We’re sure both Nicole and Tom are proud of their individual achievements. Nicole also has biological children of her own together with Keith Urban. Sunday Rose and Faith Margaret will soon be in their teens, but it doesn’t seem as if they are interested in the entertainment business. Fun fact: Nicole once dedicated her Best Actress Award she won last 2017 Emmy Awards to her children saying “I am also a mother and a wife. I Have Two Little Girls, Sunny and Faith. This is yours”.

Lila Grace Moss and Katie Moss

Fame, they say, comes with a degree of burden. For Kate Moss, she went through a lot of personal struggles just to be able to cope with everything that comes with it. Fortunately for her, she had family and friends who stood by her as she sorted everything out. This one has a happy ending, however, as Kate Moss has since recovered and is enjoying the fruits of her investment.

The same goes for her lovely daughter, Lila Grace Moss who is set on following the same career path as her mother. In fact, she’s already making a name for herself—even winning awards for her work as a model. She is signed with the agency her mother established and it’s no secret that she is one of its top stars. Lila made her modeling debut at Paris Fashion Week, which was held last October 2020. We’re sure her mom and dad looked on proudly.

Jessica Capshaw and Kate Capshaw

Kate Capshaw is the wife of big-time movie director Steven Spielberg, but she is also a successful actress in her own right. She has one daughter from a previous marriage and much like her, Jessica Capshaw is also beginning to establish herself in the industry. Before she entered the business, however, Jessica received her degree from one of the best schools in the country. Only then was she able to really focus her effort toward building her acting resume.

From small roles, she worked her way up—not once relying on the influence that her parents have on the industry. You might know her best for her role as Arizona Robbins on the TV show Grey’s Anatomy. We don’t doubt that she’s got a pretty bright future as an actress, though it seems that Jessica is in no rush to make it big. For now, we’re curious as to what project she’ll appear in next.

Spencer Grammer and Kelsey Grammar

Family is forever and this is something that Spencer Grammer knows well. Even after she parted ways with her partner James Hesketh, she still maintains a good relationship with both her parents. As her last name might suggest, Spencer is the daughter of famed actor, writer, and producer Kelsey Grammer. You’ll remember him best for his role as Dr. Frasier Crane on the show Cheers and Frasier.

He is also the voice of Stinky Pete in Toy Story 2. When it comes to Spencer, she also does voice over work like her dad. In fact, she provides the voice of Summer Smith and Casey Cartwright for Rick and Morty. Compared to Kelsey, Spencer is still in the early stages of her career and we don’t doubt that she’ll find her pace soon enough. With a talent such as hers, she’s bound to land bigger acting credit for her work in just a few years.

Dhani Harrison and George Harrison

The name George Harrison should be familiar to you if you are a music lover. Being one of the originating members of the Beatle with a series of top-class collaboration, George made a fantastic career out of his music. His son, Dhani doesn’t just resemble him physically, he has also inherited his father’s legacy. One that he is able to carry with ease, considering he is equally as talented in the realm of music.

Sure, there is some pressure involved given George Harrison’s contributions to music, but Dhani’s experience is prowess certainly speaks for him. Despite doing his best to maintain individuality, he isn’t averse to participating in work related to his father. Such is the case with the documentary dedicated to George that he appeared in. George passed away in 2001, but we’re sure he left investments to ensure the financial security of his family. After all, the Beatles each had multi-million net worths thanks to their massive success.

Sailor Brinkley Cook and Christie Brinkley

Many supermodels from previous generations went on to have children of their own, who also followed in their footsteps. We’ve seen such examples from the likes of Kate Moss and Cindy Crawford. Our next mother and daughter pair are no different. Christie Brinkley was among the most sought-after models of her time, landing projects for some of the biggest brands. Of course, modeling isn’t a job that one can keep forever and eventually, even Christie went into retirement. Her legacy isn’t completely lost, however, because her daughter Sailor Brinkley is steadily following in her footsteps.

In 2016 alone, she managed to capture everyone’s attention by speaking out against body shaming. In her words, “No body type is superior to another. Everybody is different and each and every one of those (bodies) are beautiful and strong and important and worthy of great things. Don’t freak out if your stomach doesn’t look like theirs. Don’t hate yourself for your thighs. Embrace your body type, work hard, set goals, be healthy and constantly remind yourself that you are good enough!”

Oz Perkins and Anthony Perkins

After playing his role brilliantly in the movie Friendly Persuasion, for which he won an Academy Award, Anthony Perkins became one of Hollywood’s go-to actors. As if that was not enough, his role as Norman Bates in Psycho added more gas to the trajectory of his career. Unfortunately, he passed away unexpectedly in 1992. His legacy continues on in his eldest son, Oz Perkins. Osgood Roberts Perkins II is an actor, screenwriter, and filmmaker.

Did you know that he appeared in Psycho as a twelve-year-old version of Norman Bates? Since then, he has starred in Six Degrees of Separation, Legally Blonde, and Not Another Teen Movie, among others. He also received credit for writing and directing The Blackcoat’s Daughter, which stars Emma Roberts. Needless to say, like his father, he is contributing much to the industry in more ways than one. We’re sure Anthony is more than proud of his achievements.

Gigi Hadid and Yolanda Hadid

One of the big names to reckon with in the modeling world now are the Hadid’s. Yolanda Hadid kick-started the modeling race but her two lovely daughters seem to have made a better career from modeling compared to their mother. It might surprise you to learn that Gigi Hadid was actually a pursuing a criminal psychology degree before she postponed her studies and began modeling. WHEN she was only two years old, Gigi was discovered by Guess’ Paul Marciano.

Not a bad start, right? These days, however, she’s leading a more profile life, following the birth of her first child with former One Direction member Zayn Malik. It’s no secret that Yolanda is already a doting grandmother to the baby girl and regularly posts photos of them to social media. Will Gigi return to modeling soon? She doesn’t seem to be in a rush and we’re sure she has more than enough investments to take a longer break, so she can be with her child.

Katherine Waterston and Sam Waterston

Sam Waterston’s career has been nothing but brilliant and remarkable. Her daughter Katherine Waterston who share a degree of facial similarity has been getting it right as well. Her performances in TV shows and mainstream movies proves to us that she enjoys what she does and if her career beats that of her dad, so be it! So far no pressure is involved. Born in Westminster, London, Great Britain.

Waterston made her first movie appearance at the 2007 film Michael Clayton and is also known for playing as Steve Jobs’ love interest in the 2015 film Steve Jobs. Since then, her career accelerated and as a result, she successfully followed her father’s path. Will we be seeing these two in a project together soon? Only time will tell. What’s certain is that they deserve credit as two of the most hardworking actors in the industry and this kind of work etiquette was something that Sam had taught his daughter early on.

Lily Mo Sheen and Kate Beckinsale

Being an only child sure has its perks and Lily Mo Sheen knows this well. After all, she gets all the love and affection from her parents Michael Sheen and Kate Beckinsale, despite the fact they parted ways years ago. We are yet to be sure what her choice of profession would be as she still has a long way to go. She might opt to pursue a degree or follow her parents into show business. It’s not too farfetched too imagine that she might get inspired by their careers and we all know the draw of the spotlights can be strong, too.

Kate and Lily both appeared on movies Underworld: Evolution with Kate as the lead star. Lily has also starred in Robert De Niro’s Everybody’s Fine, and Adam Sandler’s movie Click. In all three films, Lily played as a child version of her mother’s characters played. Despite being an actress in the making, Lily Mo Sheen puts education first. In 2016, she was admitted to her chosen college making her mother Kate proud of her.

Henry Gunther Ademola Dashtu Samuel and Seal

Singer Seal’s union with Heidi Klum brought Henry Samuel to the world in the year 2014. Although the marriage never lasted, a gifted boy has been unleashed and with the look of things he is well poised for a great future alongside his adopted sister. Forget about loans, they don’t need it! Henry Gunther Ademola Dashtu Samuel was born in 2005 in Los Angeles hospital to German actress Heidi Klum and British singer/ songwriter Seal.

The Gunther on their sons name was derived from Heidi’s father Gunther Klum while Henry and Adeola came from Seal’s real name. We are not sure if Henry Gunther would make her way on show business just like his parents. Klum and Seal separated in 2014 and we hope Henry Gunther is still doing well and we wish him luck in the future to reach whatever dreams he had but more importantly, he must prioritize his education first to make it easier.

Naomi Deluce and Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth remains one of the most legendary Hollywood has ever welcomed! She started at a tender age with little or no knowledge of how the industry works. At the time, she opted out of getting a degree, but the sacrifice she made was well worth it. It seems that even from the beginning, Elizabeth Taylor was simply destined for stardom. She had the talent and the beauty to round everything off, after all. Even today, her influence is palpable and she’s remains an icon of the industry.

Contrary to what some might assume, however, her daughter Naomi Deluce has no plans of venturing into the entertainment business. Instead, she’s opting for a career in fashion design. Naomi also owns and runs Wilding Cran Gallery in Los Angeles, California with her husband Anthony Cran. They assisted when it came to the planning and organizing an auction for arts that would benefit Elizabeth Taylor’s AIDS foundation.

Quinton A. Reynolds and Burt Reynolds

Loni and Burt after years of ruling the movie world tied the knots in a remarkable fashion. While some claimed that the movie world brought the two love birds together, the same cannot be said for how the marriage ended in divorce. However, before this occurred, they already had Quinton who like his parents, has become famous in his behind the scene roles. His bank account can sustain itself without loans. Born in 1988 to Burt Reynolds and actress Loni Anderson.

Quinton worked in film industry but instead of being a celebrity like his father does, Quinton worked as an assistant cameraman on movies like Ouija: Origin of Evil, His Double Life, Paint It Black, Sniper, High School Possession, Officer Downe, Starving in Suburbia, Fatal Acquittal, and more and besides that, he worked as a digital imaging technician on movies such as Christmas in Palm Springs and Mercenaries, while his father was known for his movies like Stroker Ace and The Longest Yard.

Damon Wayans Jr and Damon Wayans Sr.

There’s no quitting when it comes to the Wayans family. Wayans Jr. has featured in diverse TV shows and broadband productions. For a time, we were not able to see Wayans Sr. due to the fact that he was looking after his health. It gave his son the opportunity to really propel his career forward, however, filling in the gap that his father had left open. That said, Wayans Sr. did bounce back and, in fact, he’s still going strong these days.

Damon Wayans Jr. appeared along with his father in the 1994 film Blankman as the young version of Kevin which was played by David Alan Grier. Damon Sr. is known on his role as Roger Murtaugh in the reboot of the classic TV show Lethal Weapon, and for his celebrity impressions on both Saturday Night Live and In Living Color. Meanwhile, Damon Jr. is known for the role of Brad Williams in Happy Endings and also provided the voice for Wasabi in Big Hero 6.

Justin Timberlake and Silas Randall Timberlake

Justin Timberlake’s rise to stardom came when he was a member of the 90s boyband N-sync. Nevertheless, he continued trend after becoming a solo artist. His business and money management skill has been outstanding. Justin’s union with Jessica resulted with Silas, who in the real sense, is a carbon copy of his father. Silas Randall Timberlake was born in April 2015 via his wife Jessica Biel. Silas was not often seen in the public eye because they didn’t want some paparazzi to disturb and follow them where they go or even interfere with their privacy.

His name Silas means “Of The Woods and Forest” and was derived from Justin’s late grandfather Bill Silas Bomar, keeping the name and the legacy of Justin’s grandpa alive. Did you know that Timberlake and his wife Jessica kept their son Silas’ gender secret. Now that it’s been revealed, however, we’re sure many are excited for this young boy’s future—whichever path he chooses.

Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley

There are many celebrity families in Hollywood and among them, The Presleys are the most recognizable. Of course, their legendary last name greatly helps with this. However, many of their members are all successful in their own right. Such is the case with Priscilla and Lisa Marie. Despite experiencing personal setbacks, this family isn’t one to stay down for too long. Aside from the fact that they will never experience bankruptcy, even after facing financial issues some years back.

Elvis Presley’s investments and remaining assets are more than enough to keep this family afloat. That’s on top of all the businesses that the mother and daughter currently handle on their own. It’s quite amazing to see how they work as a family unit and just how much trust there is within this brood. No wonder they are also among the most admired. We’re sure Elvis is quite proud of what they have achieved.

Ireland Baldwin and Kim Basinger

They say time heals a lot of things and this rings true when it comes to our next family. They went through a tumultuous time before, but have managed to bounce back better and stronger.  While reconciliation between Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger is no longer a possibility, with lawyers having made sure of that, it’s no secret that they remain a family even after parting ways. We can see this in relationship Ireland Baldwin shares with her mother, Kim Basinger.

Like her famous mom, she ventured in modeling and made her debut in April 2013 on New York Post’s swimwear editorial and the following month she was placed on W Magazine’s It Trend, It Girl. On the same year, Ireland made her acting debut on the movie Grudge Match starring Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro, where she played the young version of her mother’s character Sally Rose. Irene Baldwin is a clear carbon copy of her mom and we are sure she inherited her mom’s passion on modeling and being an actress as well.

Selena Gomez and Mandy Teefey

Talk about a woman who has worked hard and has managed to raise her kids right, despite all the challenges their family had been faced with. Aside from teaching them important life lessons, Mandy Teefey also taught her kids the value of hard work. It’s no surprise that her daughter, Selena, managed to stay grounded even when she became famous at a very tender age. Right now, her worth is in the range of millions and we’re sure her financial advisors are really working hard on how those figures will keep increasing.

Now that she’s an adult, arguments between mother and daughter are inevitable. However, the relationship between Selena Gomez and her mother Mandy Teefey proves that no matter disagreements they have, it is all because of their love for each other. In any family, it is important to listen and communicate to resolve difficulties—even if this might lead to a difference in opinion.

Stella McCartney and Paul McCartney

Besides the looks she inherited from her father Paul McCartney, Stella’s career has been a success story in the fashion world. She has created a niche for herself and currently does not need a loan to sustain her business need. Instead of taking her father’s path on the way to being a musician, Stella McCartney has chosen to pave her way into fashion designing and began designing clothes during her earlier years and even designed her own jacket.

Her fashion designing journey grew up as she studied Fashion at Central Saint Martins and graduated in 1995. She made plenty of branches of her fashion line on places like London, Manhattan in New York, West Hollywood in Los Angeles, Palais Royal in Paris France, Passeig de Gracia in Barcelona, Spain, Milan and Rome in Italy, Houston Texas and Miami Florida. Both Stella and Paul were staunch supporter of animal rights that is why Stella keeps on advocating on using alternative of animals on fashion.

Grace Gummer and Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep during her days was a mixture of beauty and brains. She has three daughters and they all chose the entertainment world. Grace Gummer, her second daughter, made sure to complete her degree studies before she stepped onto the stage. Luckily, she was immediately featured in a number of productions. Grace Gummer made her debut for Broadway with Arcadia in year 2011 and made her film debut back in 1993 as a young version of Clara Del Valle which was played by her mom Meryl Streep.

She appeared on numerous TV shows like Gigantic, Zero Hour, American Horror Story, and Mr. Robot where Grace was one of the main stars, playing the role of Dominique DiPierro. She was also featured on National Geographic’s Miniseries entitled The Hot Zone. Grace was married to Tay Strathaim in 2019 but their relationship ended in March 2020. We hope Grace Gummer continues to be a successful actress, whose achievements are no longer measured against those of her mother’s.

Jessie James Combs, D’Lila Star Combs and P. Diddy

Popular singer, rapper, entrepreneur, songwriter, and actor P. Diddy remains an icon in the entertainment industry. His biggest investments, however, is in his six children. Considering the fact that they get the best of everything, we don’t doubt that P. Diddy spares no expense when it comes to their care. In particular, his lovable twins seem to be the center of attraction of the family and we’re sure the rapper is proud of them. Jessie James and D’Lila Star Combs were both born on December 2006 to P. Diddy’s former spouse Kimberly Porter.

It looks like the twin sisters inherited their father’s fashionable side because they have been seen wearing a number of expensive designer garb on their Instagram, rivaling the styles of top celebs. It’s no surprise then that they have garnered quite a following online. Given the trajectory of their “career” at the moment, being fashion influencers even at such a young age, we see a bright future ahead for the twins. Modeling? Acting? Music? Anything is possible!

Michael Jackson and Prince Michael Jackson II

When Michael Jackson passed away, everyone around the world mourned his passing. Not only was he an icon in the industry, he has also inspired many to chase after their dreams. This includes a number of celebrities who give him credit for giving them the motivation needed to really go after what they want. While the sadness was heavy for fans, we cannot even begin to imagine the effect his passing had on his remaining children.

This includes the youngest of the brood, Prince Michael who is also affectionately referred to as Blanket by fans. He’s no longer the small baby whose image has been capture by media countless times. Now all grown up and making waves on his own, the once shy teen is slowly coming out of his shell. While it’s clear that he prefers a private life, we’re still curious as to which path he’ll take in the future.

Ronan Farrow and Frank Sinatra

It surprised many to learn that Ronan Farrow is, in fact, not Woody Allen’s biological son. While the two had been estranged for a while, we’re sure that for a period of time, these two had a really close bond. With that in mind, one of the foremost personalities that people talk about when it comes to the topic of his real father is Frank Sinatra. Unlike his parents, Ronan went on a different path instead. He eventually graduated from college with a degree in law and has, without a doubt, become a successful in his chosen field.

Ronan also became UNICEF’s spokesperson for the youth from 2001 up to 2009 and became a special adviser for Humanitarian and NGO Affairs in the Office of the Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan under Barack Obama’s administration. Farrow also had a brief stint as a voice actor when he provided English voice on both Japanese animated films such as From Up to Poppy Hill and The Wind Rises.

Victorie Franklin and Aretha Franklin

Widely known as the Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin’s passing will never come easier to her fans around the world. After waiting several years for who is going to pick up the mantle she left, Victorie Franklin, her granddaughter eventually did. Although she acknowledged the fact that the major source of her inspiration has been from Aretha, her performance at the BET Honors proved to the world that she is on the path to becoming a successful singer.

We don’t doubt that wherever Aretha might be, she’s proudly looking down upon her granddaughter. It really is heartwarming to bear witness to the rise of Victorie, who is more than deserving of the credit she has been receiving from audiences and critics alike. She is surely keeping the legacy of her grandma alive. We’re sure that we are not the only ones who eagerly anticipate all the future projects she might come up with.

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