Proper Sleep Is Essential For Weight Control, Here’s Why

Summer is almost here and the race for that perfectly fit body is now in an all-time high. Many people are now jumping into their fitness routines while others indulge themselves in all sorts of diet plans just to achieve that beach-perfect body.

However, some of us are not lucky enough or are struggling from those unattractive belly fats. We often hear other people associate them as love handles or some times, our spare tires. With that in mind, changing our diets and doing a regular fitness routine can help but we can maximize the results.

How Sleeping Affects Our Body

There are numerous studies that point to the connection between sleeping and how our body reacts. This reaction often leads to an uncontrollable loss or gain in our weight. Also, the quality of our goodnight rest is essential for maintaining our desired body.

Lack of proper rest or sleep deprivation is a factor that we need to consider if we are looking to have a great body. If our body didn’t receive proper rest, it can ruin our weight planning for this summer. Aside from this, it increases the risk of other serious health issues such as higher blood pressure, heart disease, and obesity. In some cases, it also points our body to be highly susceptible to diabetes and sometimes even cancer.

How sleeping Affects Our Weight

According to a recent study, it shows that lack of sleep will cause to have an increased appetite. This is because of our hunger hormone known as ghrelin, which stimulates our food intake. Our body will produce more ghrelin as a reaction whenever our body feels that it didn’t get enough sleep.

Aside from the increased amount of ghrelin, leptin production will also decline. For those who are wondering what leptin is about, it is a hormone that regulates our hunger.

Other studies show that lack of sleep is also associated with our body’s calorie needs. Basically, when we didn’t get enough rest, our system will look for foods with high-calorie counts which will lead to weight gain.

Our Body’s Sleeping Needs

Typically, our body needs seven to nine hours of sleep for us to be on the most optimal self. However, there are many factors can also affect our body’s sleeping needs and the most common would be the age.

To sum it up, just make sure that our body gets an adequate rest so controlling our body weight. Along with a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle, anyone will achieve that perfect summer body that we all dream of.